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  1. someone forgot to lock server room again..
  2. really is tl;dr sia. come here post WOT, no evidance no picture. piang eh
  3. so fast released? for how many millions again? really is worth it
  4. really is jin kumgong. tio atb gongtao still shasha. wahaha
  5. knn want to poh just poh la. kpkb so much like guniang. really is si gina
  6. BuZhiDaoLeh

    Massive Leak

    jin satki man. which fish tank break this time
  7. chilling with family, relatives and gf. home is still the best place to celebrate.
  8. heard from friend that its not bad. but i think quite ex..
  9. i would say he deserve it. knn ride like grandfather road. make guailan faces and still dare to throw something at the lorry (which i believe made the lorry think he hit something / someone thus maybe panic?). no pity
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