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  1. The honkie gal looks like the sinkie jazz singer in one of the voice china series
  2. Think the duo hulks is they time travel back the 1st avenger time.
  3. dXter

    JOKER - Teaser Trailer

    Looks good
  4. dXter

    [GPGT]JHK scolding ICA officers sleeping

    ica enjoys jhk pwn jhk. can sleep well.
  5. dXter

    brave man challenge ang soon tong tiger boy

    the f he reveal his own infor...
  6. The pre-fab never dry properly?
  7. Use other ISP also need to pay $15 more.. the f, just sub netflix more economical
  8. That was it's second time closing iirc. It opened in the 90s before and left early 2000s
  9. dXter

    Who Pang Sai at hougang mall?

    this one is call lao sai
  10. dXter

    BTABNN caught

    WTF!!! Report!
  11. dXter

    Heavy Rain

    Any ponding?
  12. dXter

    abnn throw beer bottles in amk

    Sham to expand red zone soon
  13. dXter

    Louis Koo new sci-fi movie

    robo cop + terminator?