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  1. dXter

    Viagra Overdose Killed Young Boy

    Wah lan died cock stand and all those cum....🤮
  2. Family name also can change👎
  3. Really out of touch. Serve for money.
  4. dXter

    Giant 18-kg durian put on auction

    Thai liulian? mlmlwm
  5. dXter

    Most S'poreans still use NRIC number as SingPass ID

    where to change ah?
  6. dXter

    Thief got pwn

    Oldie but goodie
  7. Baby doesn't recall anyway. Somemore the duration of the cries is so short
  8. Have to go through spring mark, the price of PMD will rocket
  9. sinkieland increased prices to earn more
  10. dXter

    why twmm so easy to hit on?

    it's like lottery, no buy, no win.
  11. if at end or near end of shelf-life, still have these condoms in box, can considered behkan?
  12. dXter

    big fire in chinatown !

    Wow the corner kopi tiam tio fire.
  13. dXter

    中国好声音 is buck, anyone from sinkieland?

    Acquired taste