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  1. What about ice creams and other desserts? Did MOH consider that?
  2. dXter

    RIP Tumblr

    Apple killed tumblr, gxgx
  3. dXter

    Can anyone explain this antenna radiation?

    Low power, low radiation https://www.hsa.gov.sg/content/dam/HSA/News_and_Events/Press_Releases/2001/EMF-HealthSafetyGuidelines-final.pdf
  4. dXter

    Maid made 11 boy addicted to the sexual acts!! [JAILED]

    fwah, if no getting raped by ceca, ceca woman rapes young bouys?
  5. dXter

    Gaint Cow

    It's a castrated bull, no sexytime for it
  6. dXter

    Kgk take upskirt video of ZZ fren jailed

    Didn't read the leadership qualitites... knn OCS's occifer ah? toobiantai
  7. Saving humanity one flipflop at a time
  8. dXter

    yishun aunty moan so loud so inconsiderate

    Link does not exist.
  9. dXter

    Kgk take upskirt video of ZZ fren jailed

    The gal was right, that guy is low EQ. Even crazy too... whole forest but must stick to the tree.
  10. The returned units' source is from sqarefoot (sic) ?
  11. dXter

    Heng Swee Keat only 1.55m how to be PM ???

    Prime minister very apt what
  12. dXter

    Thai woman claims breast implant ruptured during sex

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BDCAHMYqjuE/?hl=en Click above for samples
  13. dXter

    i wonder why she drive into the water

    Woman drivers, do they read road signs?
  14. Think the guy at the bottom of the screen kena KO