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  1. arty rds cheaper than cruise missle ba
  2. dXter

    Thank you Amy Khor

    Will likely say investigate, all above board. then llst
  3. dXter

    Zika spreads rapidly in India, with 94 cases confirmed

    Likely no consequence. Seems only south americans gene will tio problem with zika
  4. A little too small for a 20yr old croc. Stuck in long kang, cannot grow,
  5. This one is scary. Everyone is a money tree to her "Another recipient, Lynette Lau Ka Yee, a Business Administration student at NUS Business School, was described to have “caught the entrepreneurial bug when she was young” as she sold snacks her mother bought overseas to her primary school classmates."
  6. remember the old long range flight the premium economy seats per row were only 2-3-2. now it's 2-4-2
  7. dXter

    Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels empty

    wasted my time...
  8. dXter


    Prime area, not rop infested (yet)
  9. That was his bucket list. he's 68, not young anymore.
  10. dXter

    Fighting fire with missile launcher for sky scrapers

    US and russia make and use multi-rocker launchers for war. ah tiong use fire fighting to test their rockets, jin innovative
  11. dXter

    Japan has overtaken Singapore!!!

    JAV goes places
  12. dXter

    List of Movies

    Either sequels or remake. No original story.