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  1. My relative has a > 100 yrs old table.
  2. mediacorp, going back to stone age. fewer and fewer offerings
  3. dXter

    Bird Lovers of Bedok

    If they really love the birds, set them free.
  4. dXter

    Motorcycle Air Bag

    Airbag pumped from the balls there. if malfunction, balls also gone
  5. dXter

    Kung Fu Hustle 2 is Currently in the Works

    The "modern" version would be Shaolin Soccer.
  6. Don't see what's wrong with it.
  7. dXter

    former IT manager now sell bak chor mee

    Fwah, the kopi tiam just reno only after big fire last August. He kkkk went choped a stall place
  8. Last time pple play musical chairs with latte all around at that star bucks
  9. dXter

    tanjong pagar old flat left 57 yrs got people buy

    The unti bery familiar, been on channel 8 reno show before
  10. dXter

    WTF Using 0.5cal of less then 3-4m still can miss

    she qualifies to be a stormtrooper.
  11. Probably mostly yuppie food
  12. I think OP more perverted