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  1. Basically the sinkieland old timers easy to fool so believed whatever the media dishes out... Can pretty much say 70% r thinking Trump is bad and bro xi is God's gift
  2. https://deffinition.co.uk/spider-man-back-in-the-mcu-disney-and-sony-come-to-an-agreement-with-tom-holland-instagram-post-and-new-deal-update/ Deal rched... Spidey will play bigger role... Venom joins mcu + f4 + X-Men will feature
  3. R&f got wat shops? Got supermarket?
  4. Ya... Tink will watch angel has fallen
  5. + Satay stall in middle row (wait 30mins to 1hr) + Rojak stall facing road (see your affinity if open anot)
  6. Tink now ish Disney who wan more $$... But Sony down the line should sell back it's marvel rights back to Disney... Their current characters too little and under utilize...
  7. Chiu no comfort her... Should be when the laopei up lorry
  8. Sfi can cook better than tis
  9. Same family.. gotcha hyenas to rep doge
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