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  1. XianGe

    Official 2018-2019 Football season

    Looks like a gd match... Many action
  2. XianGe


    No wonder
  3. XianGe


    Yday and today alot pikachu
  4. XianGe

    Should i go to uni?

    Do full time.. part time not for everyone
  5. Kgk .. should not hv sexpose he simi line... should jz use all the array of curse he has on the AT
  6. XianGe

    Should i go to uni?

    Go for it... Jz dun choose those SPU... SIM alot grads still get jobs.. even tho lose to those better top U but still better than no U .. end of day getting jobs u got guanxi already get higher advantage than those sinkie U
  7. Ya... Can't believe the parents actually believe and follow the hype
  8. XianGe

    Should i go to uni?

    Got U better than no U... Go for wat chiu wan...
  9. XianGe

    Should i go to uni?

    Yup dun take the course u dun like
  10. XianGe

    Should i go to uni?

    Should've gone in right after u ord... Faster apply ..
  11. XianGe

    Mustafa investigated by MOM, song bo

    Old trick to get pass
  12. like tat oso can... maybe he could've asked for seat change