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  1. Might as well sign paper and dun treat
  2. XianGe

    woman fatally stabbed @ AMK ITE

  3. XianGe

    Official 2018-2019 Football season

    Dun wan pay to watch reserves play...
  4. Gud ma.. gotch healthy sex life... While in sinkieland.............
  5. XianGe

    Zzzz Buona Vista escalator uplorry again

    Songbo... @sinkiesfault
  6. XianGe

    TP buy BMWs to replace WRX

    If wan BMW catch other car huai notch M3/M5
  7. XianGe

    Lady anyhow bite guy

    Suarez's wife or sister?
  8. Too many studio liao... They need build bigger units
  9. He should just drop the citizenship