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  1. Yes for city cos this wasn't a deliberate hand...
  2. For manc it's the 2nd time they Kenna against Spurs...
  3. Goal should've stood... It was ball to hand... Ref must b Spurs fan
  4. Now leading Liao... Should be easy
  5. Defence problem not solved yet
  6. Tot season jz start not long nia
  7. Dun waste on endowment... Better off doing investment yourself
  8. New wife ish chio from tis peekture... Got jdrama actress level...
  9. They can sing all they wan cos its something they wun get.... The clock is ticking for them...
  10. Ya... Should be newbies.... Singpost one is best... Still enjoying freedom
  11. Dun tink West has so much budget... Sounds more like diversion tactics...
  12. So how it got leaked? Hack or former partner use her pw?
  13. Weekday can siam there cos the traffic will be bad wif plq up...
  14. Plq managed to secure few mnc tenants so will sexpect something different...
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