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Everything posted by XianGe

  1. XianGe

    Heavy Rain

    Nice and sound aslp
  2. No... Too tired to wake up
  3. XianGe

    Heavy Rain

    From light become big lain.... Tonight will be nice to slp
  4. XianGe

    Do you crave malt foods e.g. Horlicks drink?

    Horlicks still can buy from NTUC ma
  5. Maybe shifted here since ish 18yr old...
  6. XianGe

    chao ang moh throw plates coz dunno how to chope seats

    Botanic gardens also got choose seat rule?
  7. XianGe

    24 tenants crammed into 4rm flat, HDB sleeping?

    Wtf.. no inspection? They should straight confiscate the unit and do something abt the mastermind...
  8. Oh no... No more public holiday sls open thread
  9. XianGe

    what happen?

    Constructicon wanna take bas
  10. Heard landlord take back unit. Maybe they cannot find any low cost shop nearby
  11. XianGe

    grab enter ah long + vermin business

    Grab $$$ grab life
  12. Those fighting game usually got airport scene so they making it real
  13. XianGe

    will u jiak her????

  14. XianGe

    X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer

  15. XianGe

    heatwave lai liao, sinkieland now 34 degrees

    Down under weather lo
  16. XianGe

    heatwave lai liao, sinkieland now 34 degrees

    That might happen next time
  17. XianGe

    Taiwanese work in SG complain long Working Hours

    Tot Taiwan work till late oso?
  18. XianGe

    [Movie Review] Captain Marvel

    I watch cos wanted sarpot tis character replace CA...