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Everything posted by XianGe

  1. Actually button wrong lunch alone but everyday lunch alone oso not good... need balance... Used to butterfly...
  2. XianGe

    Police searching for wounded AWOL NSF in Woodland

    Kgk... Sinkieland so small he wun b able to Siam forever
  3. XianGe

    reservist injured by howitzer in NZ

    Additional MC can claim?
  4. XianGe

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Neber has interest in gng there.... Only went there to visit customers....
  5. Whose gonna enforce it? Since now everywhere ERP parking can redeploy the parking auntie to catch speeding escooter/bikers
  6. XianGe

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    No matter wat Sb70 will come up wif reason not to vote... he too old, can't work long term, nid prisch slots/blahblah...
  7. XianGe

    41 zeh zeh murdered in woodslums. 34 didi arrested.

    Tot title saying 41x zz uplorry
  8. XianGe

    Toobiantai guy asking lady for raw fun

    Sinkieland overpriced
  9. It's true I am the supermarket....
  10. XianGe

    3 cheekons, 4 ducks arrested!! [cheongster news]

    Tot there ish ah gua place
  11. Lai liao lai liao... Electricity tax coming soon
  12. XianGe

    GPGT I fly sq economy flight to hk

    Guailan abnn... He got smell the pen after tat?
  13. XianGe

    Singaporeans cancel CNY shopping trips to Johor

    Dun tink is true