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  1. did they mess up singtel wifi with wirelessSG? Did they register on wirelessSG app? Did they know when reach another destination, you need to re login again?
  2. Choosy of customer, customer must suite their location. a lot of black apple out their that spoil the taxis market. Rain don't drive, sit at kopitiam drink coffee.
  3. Their fried chicken is dam hot, at least 2 time more spicy den local mcspicy
  4. stupid, they build the eco link bridge above BKE but gate it, if not the deer could have travel through there
  5. Adam Warlock will be the main key for phase 4
  6. The agents there also a bit new than there are no Underwriter there to confirm the policy for 'High risk' carnival rides, don't dare to sell me cause it will affect MAS regulated Balance Score Card. He/She can be suspended. lololol
  7. Just pick whatever you like to read la. End of the day, its your life, your thinking. A lot of people always mistreated agents, (TBH, you must choose a agent wisely, he/she can help you in a lot of stuff. Don't just look for pretty faces and wanting to have 'alone' time with them so you anyhow buy, at the end of the day the person changed job just like Banks RM) When things happen and eventually received a large payout. They treat them like god. lol
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