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  1. gravity

    Updates on edmw.life

    no free forum for us to lurk?
  2. what kind of organiser got no money to pay even 1k? sibeh xia sway
  3. most likely she put the pad in herself to gain fame and extort for compensation
  4. i thought this consistutes damaging of ones property ? if a man does this on a woman he will be charged for assault.
  5. gravity

    WTF train station so much people

    sooooo slow the forum
  6. its an honest mistake.
  7. gravity

    Man's 'cheap and rude' tipping method goes viral

    if he had put $50 bills instead of $5 i think the situation would not be so bad for him
  8. gravity

    Dengue fever outbreak stopped by special mosquitoes

    pap government never think out of box to solve problems. its always fine... spray insecticides.
  9. TSL ownself said sometime back during election rally.. Liew Lian boh bao jiak one!
  10. gravity

    Lawless London

    sadiq khan says londoners must accept terrorism as part and parcel of life. maybe they used to suicide bombings in middle east... but certainly not london!