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  1. Nice.. How about no sitting on walkway?
  2. evilyun

    Spize Food Poisoning Fadli Salleh uplorry

    Need to punish the owner
  3. Old Uncle very rich.. so many phones
  4. Looks like the parents IQ are also low for giving their son access to their account
  5. evilyun

    Updates on edmw.life

    Heartfelt thanks for the past few years
  6. evilyun

    Serangoon Gardens house up for sale at $11.5m

    Win Toto also cannot buy
  7. evilyun

    HKmm perky pigu kym?

    very ky to me
  8. evilyun

    Vivian Lai CEO hubby tio pok-ka

    Took them long enough There is absolutely no reason why his own wife is ambassador of the company
  9. Attention seeking antics