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  1. lucky the lard didnt catch fire
  2. feedback was about being shortchanged on the distance and the reporter did not cover that in the aricle. organizer did not address the concern of being short changed on distance or reporter did not ask.
  3. ExEDMW

    freak of nature, Hainanese chicken rice

    vandalized food
  4. ExEDMW

    300 Status Update

    please grant access to moi. thanks
  5. ~28k paid and got back 20+k. sounds like a raw deal. minimally, he lost 20 years of interest.
  6. ExEDMW

    SIA plane hits aerobridge at Changi Airport

    tug driver problem, happened during push back
  7. ExEDMW

    WTF train station so much people

    HK lah, typhoon caused mtr distruption. not train fault
  8. https://courses.nus.edu.sg/course/geoywc/henry.htm
  9. https://courses.nus.edu.sg/course/geoywc/henry.htm
  10. ExEDMW

    zehzeh cancel her mobile data plan and rely on WIFI

    who will call or watsapp her?
  11. ExEDMW

    51yr old Vivian Chow

    still fap fap and fapped. countless troops lost to her since young
  12. moi served 2.5 years of ns to be ready to protect my country's honor. seeing the Flag being vandalized like this breaks my heart.
  13. ExEDMW

    boon lay mrt pawnshop tio rob !

    kum gong kia did not follow protocol,. should just use a note and then go airport