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  1. unclefcuker

    red dragon fish uplorry while trying to eat Centipede

    Yes, you are right. I got it mixed up.
  2. unclefcuker

    yishun blk 666 jumbo 600k got change?

    How much are they selling?
  3. unclefcuker

    red dragon fish uplorry while trying to eat Centipede

    The centipede like to big for the fish to handle. Did they remove the tail of centipede before feeding it to the fish? Seems like the fish not immune to venom.
  4. unclefcuker

    When is the happiest part of your day?

    When i can wake up naturally, 自然醒, when there is no need to work.
  5. Desmond must be thinking “Knn, should have tekan ah neo more when I was still CDF last time.”
  6. His own data not leak of course say no worries. With the stolen data, can easily open accounts with ease.
  7. unclefcuker

    jumper @ tanjong pagar plaza

    What cause him to jump? Money, health or family?
  8. unclefcuker

    [GVGT] Chicken Farmer laughs like a .....

    His laughter brings all the hens to the yard.
  9. unclefcuker

    Longtime M1 CEO Karen Kooi to retire on 6 December

    Towards the end if her term, can feel that she bochup already when she started selling her shares for months.
  10. unclefcuker

    Work begins on China’s first floating nuclear power plant

    Gg. The next fukushima.
  11. unclefcuker

    [Breaking] NSF dies during training

    Up two rank to Cpl. Bionix driver gonna kenna charge?