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  1. unclefcuker

    WTF: powerbank turn guy into Human Torch

    This case stop drop roll got use or not?
  2. They should come up with cheesepie recipe
  3. unclefcuker

    So many ATB, which one to choose

    Gotta piak them all!
  4. unclefcuker

    WTF train station so much people

    Train to hung hom
  5. unclefcuker

    edmw.life jodless club

  6. Someone lost package and will have to pay for it
  7. First 60k can have bonus int
  8. unclefcuker

    Typhoon Mangkhut: 14 killed as storm batters Philippines

    Lakad Matatag! Normalin Normalin.
  9. Buy high sell low, that is temasick’s way to go
  10. unclefcuker

    ATB french kiss a fish

    I will offer her something else other than fish
  11. unclefcuker

    RIP Rats

    I watched the youtube mousetrap vids on various mouse traps. He sometimes release the mouse back so they can be tested again.
  12. unclefcuker

    [GPGT] My Roast Duck

    Nom nom nom
  13. Got clearance sale? Go there kio liu lian