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  1. unclefcuker

    VB KYM ? [GPGT]

    I would jiak her pho.
  2. unclefcuker

    Poor guy victim of China 996 work culture

    He just needs to dump the gf, problem solved.
  3. unclefcuker

    Jpot at Tampines 1 to close on June 16

    Cannot fight against hai di lao yue.
  4. unclefcuker

    Facebook admits it leaked millions of Instagram passwords

    Wa treasure trove of leaks
  5. unclefcuker

    security guard want to fight @ bugis village, make atb angry

    Hulk angry, hulk smash! His vocabulary quite limited, keep repeating the same words when trying to express himself.
  6. unclefcuker

    kranji got shilin market wor

    Got 鸡排妹 there?
  7. unclefcuker

    Why so many cockroaches at this toilet?

    Kill it before it lay eggs!
  8. unclefcuker

    i love this Bridge

    “You shall not pass!”
  9. unclefcuker

    IBM shutting its Tampines plant, laying off more workers

    Retrenchment if never pay for 1mth per year; what can the retrenched do? Union and MOM will step in to help or sleep soundly.
  10. unclefcuker

    Tiong Bahru 5RM @ $1.2m

    Who is the kgk that bought at this ridiculous price. Hope govt let its lease finish 99 years and take back for free.
  11. unclefcuker

    Malaysia revives China-backed rail link, cost cut by a third

    Cut one third cost means quality not as good, rail may need more frequent maintenance. Hope will not derail at high speed.
  12. unclefcuker

    this kids jin cunning

    This is what you call have your cake and eat it too
  13. Rich man treat cancer high chance survive, poor man treat cancer prepare to die.