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  1. unclefcuker

    Dont say bojio

    Camping for claypot fest
  2. unclefcuker

    Omg wildestwolf

    Wildestwolf pics were on tumblr. Fap fap fap!
  3. unclefcuker

    pornsak sell 60% of thai restaurant chain for $2

    Elephant ass logo feng shui not good
  4. unclefcuker

    sembawang jumper

    Really take alot of faith to leap into the airbag
  5. unclefcuker

    nikkei crash one thousand points, shiok

    Insert ting hai gif
  6. Fine goldman gao gao to fill sg govt coffers.
  7. unclefcuker

    Swee Pinoy MM

    Her balut jhj!
  8. unclefcuker

    2 amdl throats slit while backpacking in morocco

    Going to ROP countries does not really mean is more peaceful
  9. unclefcuker

    Where you guys go when no life to access.

    I went to NK gulag
  10. unclefcuker

    [GPGT]SG MeiMei KYM ? @hongyinggg

    I heard 4min, where can i get it?
  11. unclefcuker

    [GPGT]SG MeiMei KYM ? @hongyinggg

    Sic link please!
  12. unclefcuker

    Help! My Child Is Short | Talking Point | CNA Insider

    No 1.55m no talk