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  1. Collect chicken rice flavor tapeworm fr research
  2. Morning to our President of Association of Tapeworms!
  3. Kgk @HarrisY u can call urself the President of Association of Tapeworms
  4. Who want to welcum kgk @HarrisY back to sg tomorrow ?
  5. Qahaahhaha..likely kgk having his 'meal 'in the spa now
  6. U go try the chompx2 hokkrin mee. U keep overnight then nect day heat up n eat. Very shiok one!
  7. Also remember to check for e.coli @HarrisY
  8. @HarrisY ur doctor got check ur stomach for tape worms or not?
  9. Lol.. lol.. jin kungong eccuse not befitting ur satki kia tittle
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