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  1. Used to have one but after 1 year all programmes cannot see already. Then box become useless.
  2. chamfer

    Free DESTINY 2 (For limited time only)

    Just claimed it but still have not installed it yet.
  3. chamfer

    Free DESTINY 2 (For limited time only)

    @The_King thanks for the tag. Quite surprized that blizzard is giving out free since this game is around 1 year old.
  4. chamfer


    Not every single post is anti govt. HarrisY , football ,music & food threads mostly don't have those posts.
  5. chamfer

    How to you curb the dread of living in SG?

    Had a dog and 2 cats when i was a kid staying at shophouse. The dog really poor thing as it got bully by one of the cats.
  6. chamfer

    How to you curb the dread of living in SG?

    I don't find cats are aloof. Have to admit that i'm a cat lover and once had a cat that really love to sit beside me when i'm reading/resting/ or when i'm in a sad's like the cat become my 知己. Looking at fishes swimming in the fish tank is relaxing too especially if my cat and i both are staring at the fishes....
  7. chamfer

    tiong sci-fi blockbuster kym

    If sun expands out that means sun is going supernova and might turn into blackhole or nebula. Do correct me if i'm wrong. My astronomy is not that good.
  8. chamfer

    Why boys like cars, ships and aeroplanes

    We are all robots when we are at work. But when reach home,we are no longer a robot but a human being.
  9. chamfer

    How to you curb the dread of living in SG?

    Hide inside books or games and daydream.
  10. chamfer

    Why boys like cars, ships and aeroplanes

    I have to admit i like the emotional connection with machines. That's why i already knew engineering is my route when i was in secondary school. I used to fantasize that robots will be in everyone's home when i was a kid.
  11. chamfer

    tiong sci-fi blockbuster kym

    Too much bullshit.... How by building 10k engines move the earth..... If the sun will to expand out,think all living things will die.
  12. The colour of the pack will not stop a smoker from buying it. I will still buy them even if the packaging is ugly.
  13. I went to see a TCM doctor about my migraine. He advised me to take hot water on hot days and cold water on cold day. But nowadays i drink more hot drinks than i was in my younger time. Maybe it's due to old age.....
  14. Wonder will i make this miimstake when i got my driving license.....
  15. chamfer

    Inside China's Unmanned Stores

    See the video and realize how backwards sg has become. Last time sinkies always say china people are backwards and look down on them. China really catch up and exceed us in such a short time....