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  1. chamfer

    5,000 yen luxury toilet paper

    Low ses butt no need such high ses toilet paper to wipe....
  2. Who in the right mind would make his home look like a bus stop. Either siao lang or bus otaku.
  3. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    The event is on until this sunday.
  4. Playing both d2 and d3. Usually will play for season in d3.
  5. Used to play Neverwinter night and bladur's gate which is a single player game. Heard of this game but no kakis. Maybe i try out when got the free time. Too many games taking up my time.
  6. chamfer


    I see a lot of relationship/networking is more successful than those with skills. Just as i had the skills to do my work in my previous job but i lose out to someone who is good at networking with no skill.
  7. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    MG kit box is bigger hard to smuggle back. Did you buy any kits?
  8. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    There will be prize giving ceremony tomorrow. Maybe can expect a bigger crowd.
  9. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    I was there until 7pm. I fell to temptation and bought HGUC MSA0011 (Ext) Ex-S Gundam ($28) and the bundle of 2kits with weapon set at $36.
  10. chamfer

    [Story] How I ruined a birthday celebration

    Got hidden meaning???
  11. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    Buy not in front of hubby and then smuggle secretly to put inside storeroom. That's what i'm thinking now. Still at compass one waiting for my kid to finish tuition and trying to resist the temptation of buying.
  12. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    My other half does not want me to buy anymore kits. I still got 6 kits in my storeroom.
  13. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    I saw a lot of young kids and young people and some guys in 40s hooting many kits. All carrying big plastic bags.
  14. chamfer

    Gunpla - Compass One

    Update. No Q at cashier at this timing. There are weekend special buys going on.