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  1. chamfer

    男子回收路边祭品 拾走200橙引热议

    i saw ah tiongs picking up the offerings to eat straight away at the place where these offerings are placed. this happened a few years back. one of them even prepared a few plastic bags to carry the fruits.
  2. chamfer

    Minister Chan Chun Sing: I have a 100-year plan

    Think he is confident that pap will win the next GE. The influx of new citizens and PR will swing more votes towards pap. But this guy is not simple,笑面虎。
  3. The nasi lemak is too expensive. I would rather eat chicken briyani at that price range.
  4. chamfer

    Crowds at IKEA India opening day

    My sofa used for 3 years and the inside stuff all cane out when i changed the sofa cover. Only the big computer table last until now.
  5. chamfer

    Crowds at IKEA India opening day

    ikea product can only use up to 1 or 2 years before they are spoilt
  6. chamfer

    NTUC now sell hotdog for $1

    Too far from my place....
  7. True. But youngsters think of it as supersititions.
  8. They already want to do space army during reagan times.
  9. chamfer

    golden mile complex going for en bloc

    Any idea when the place is going to be demolish? Have to make a trip to the supermarket there to buy stuff.
  10. Are you sensitive to those entities?
  11. It's true that i'm interested in the paranormal and mysterious stuff since young. I did not understand the feeling that i felt when i was a kid whenever i walked past certain places or muslim cemetery which is located inside mosque. It was until i'm in my 20's that i can confirm that i'm sensitive to stuff which eyes cannot see as i met a person who was working with me and had sensitive body too.
  12. Will take note & be extra careful for 1 month. Used to encountered some 'beings' in certain libraries before but not in the ghost month.
  13. Imagine if this pole hit a motorcycle rider,the rider sure gone case.
  14. chamfer

    Guess the price of this Cai Png

    The food court upstair at city square is chop carrot one. I always eat fast food when i go there.
  15. That is called founding of colonial singapore. Trading post for the british. Pre-colonial founding is by a palembang prince named parameswara aka sang nila utama.