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  1. Chickenhatch


    the latest one can climb already?
  2. this key looks special
  3. in the first place what he doing up there
  4. must contribute anot? I know some must maintain a certain ratio.
  5. Chickenhatch

    GOMO Mobile

    i think there is a $0 plan that gives 1gb monthly by circles life
  6. Chickenhatch

    GOMO Mobile

    they make sure you wont pay late, auto deduct
  7. Chickenhatch

    GOMO Mobile

    I will get this once contract up!
  8. waste of earth resources these scums
  9. Tried it twice i remember, not that bad. But its neither here nor there. Chicken wise i still prefer KFC. Burger wise BK. jollibee is like a rojak mixture
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