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  1. that's why some ppl die die must enter civil service. retrench proof.
  2. @HarrisY like this type of gilf anot?
  3. jin song. nutspider can take a long break and piak piak with his abnn wife evryday.
  4. overseas transaction done in international ecommerce site think no otp. I bought from amazon also no otp alert from them. I bought from qoo10 got otp.
  5. moi buy online best. no need to queue
  6. @nachtsider may need to balek kampung liao
  7. TS should change thread title to mediacock actor aloy pang tio ...
  8. They say is mediacorp actor Aloysius Pang wor https://www.facebook.com/noontalk/
  9. reminds me of that 155 howitzer explode incident due to faulty shell fuse. jin scary.
  10. I go to the source TS provided. That article has a link to a site to check: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ I didnt received notices though. beside changing password, u may want to enable 2FA for more security.
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