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  1. Hmmm eugenics.. math scholars... Boy lover... hmm...
  2. Lol smlj task force.. really think it’s SAF meh.. Eh HR sleeping on the job ah? Never handout employee handbooks ah? Jokes..
  3. So says each older generations to the next.. people always forget different era different sets of problem and they dont understand how it is to grow up in a time that is different from theirs
  4. Now nurses have admin to take care of non clinicial tasks.. Dont see why teachers cnt have something similar... Shows how much policy makers value education here
  5. Sala concept of elistism liao lah dey...
  6. Anyways title very misleading... Her attitude doesnt seem to be questioning nia..
  7. The director has been quite nice n polite in the responses. Seems like one of those strawberry gen kind this ‘winner’
  8. Ya autopilot until the day we crash onto the mountainside. 3 cheers for P A P
  9. Sir Bao

    Will Trump bend Lenovo notebook?

    Pui.. sai laptop pui
  10. He got millions liao, dont mind being called a kee chiu or frog.
  11. Sir Bao

    Gunpla - Compass One

    Moi want a thunderbolt... but still got 2 PG (gp01 & rx178) havent touch since many monkey donkey years... makes me sad to go to such places and cant really buy..
  12. So far so good.. good for nothing i guess.. more shit to come though..