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  1. Truth be told, waiting time to see doctor wont really improve much since efficiency have not gone up...
  2. Fisherman who can speak tagalog.. wtf they think singapore is about nowadays...
  3. Bo bian u go private llst... unless u support vermins, can claim insurances but think @appleyum rather be on govt hospital waiting list enjoy subsidies
  4. The actual problem is not wanting you to stay but to chop chop fast fast ask u let u discharge or stepdown go comm horse or nursing home... MOH very concerned with the Bed Occupany rates and Long of Stay.....
  5. No need for LTA since some private companies filling this section of the market. tiagong their apps ish sibei high-tech until v-tec kicked in wor... Look for share transport in appstores......
  6. Got movies bo? Captain Phua
  7. Now alot of christian guanxi guanxi one.. sad state of affairs...
  8. RC members chionging to be jury.. anyways no way in hell that will happen, its just not pappies style to decentralise power/rights/authority
  9. Lol the look on Bui Kim's face... Someone didnt get him candies...
  10. Means time for the world to burn and start a new... same shit will happen again though
  11. Wah jin goot life... Please do FR for Hida A5 beef...
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