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  1. Go auusieland then say wanna go home cos not singapore enuff??? smoked too much weed?? none i have known who are living down under wants to come back and i know a few....
  2. Sir Bao

    Miss Singapore Universe wear like this, KYM???

    Fugly as hell... trump would probably nuke this dress...
  3. I once heard lawyers are mostly scum
  4. Moral structural integrity affected since she was earning below $15k per month????? I think she is just trying to up her integrity so she can better impart values to the students bah
  5. Sir Bao

    changi prison inmates miss 8 days mag

    Or be like the guy in Orange Clockwork. Read Bible and fantasize about the raping and the ultra-violence..
  6. Reckless dangerous driving $5000 fine ban driving 13mths. The kind of animals the court keeps u can figure out liao
  7. Hey even if our dear LEEders are guilty it doesnt matter... SB70 will say they did all that to improve the swiss cheese standard of living.. This country is just hopeless
  8. Sir Bao

    gahmen will tax netflix spotify from 2020

    Smlj... then abolish cable TV lah simi lanjiao tax for fuck.. lame fucks
  9. Cb govt only want to supress the hawker fares to keep SB70 happy nia.. Yet behind the backs of the hawkers chut so many pattern making operations cost so much higher for them...
  10. Did such a great job liao got so much money still kapoh money.. Greed is real..
  11. Model is generally sound, greed mechanism is working..
  12. Are people that daft to accept the waste matter discharged from THESE people’s mouth???
  13. AMDK.. AWARE can go suck it.. pun not intended...