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  1. xiang887


    what happened ?!!!! just log back in and site gone liao rah ! want to post some stuffs there wan leh
  2. good la, go play simi rules of survival and what fortnite , after these games come out , dota 2 become less and less toxic already . since almost all the kids gone to those games heng ah
  3. xiang887

    girls fight at ITE, one injured

    no race mention ah.
  4. xiang887

    Season of leaks

    not going back NK rah.
  5. its just some hype out shit lorrr seriously the show got no logic one wor.
  6. xiang887

    Season of leaks

    posted my last leaks liao bye bye
  7. lol lay off employees then build one big hq -.-
  8. xiang887

    The Rise and Fall of the A380

    now its all about smaller plans with long range . thanks to the FAA who lifted the ban on dual engine planes cannot cross the sea.
  9. xiang887

    Donations (Fundraising)

    how muchie more is needed ?
  10. xiang887

    Season of leaks

    No point larrr last i heard both sites closing down already. No point to post anymore. I actually had great hopes
  11. xiang887

    Season of leaks

    Now got nus malay leak liao
  12. xiang887

    Season of leaks

    Last time podt liao so many freeloaders pm me . Tell them all at fff already. All just wan free. Like that also not helping here. So for wat post
  13. xiang887

    Season of leaks

    Have but dont think i going to release it
  14. xiang887

    Season of leaks