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  1. RIP.. one of the few who can really act :(
  2. xiang887

    [EPL] Huddersfield - Manchester City

    wow ! nv knew got this sextion wor @Thoru know about this ?
  3. xiang887

    Female vlogger jailed for ‘eel-icit’ sex act

    Cannot see link leh
  4. xiang887

    Omg wildestwolf

    hahaha so many views but so little reply hahaha
  5. xiang887

    Dont say bojio

    of cause ! i seldom claypot huan
  6. songbo Shab70 hahahahahaha , should ask the VCs to help here haha
  7. xiang887

    2019 过年 cheongsam collection

    not bad not bad, got leaks ?
  8. xiang887

    Dont say bojio

    can try Arsenal lor but nvm Glory Glory Man Utd @Thor
  9. xiang887

    Sports retailer Decathlon opens 24-hour Kallang store

    eh 24hour sport store ? GIVE ME 24hour IKEA INSTEAD
  10. xiang887

    Dont say bojio

    jialat liao , now 3-2
  11. xiang887

    Omg wildestwolf

    https://www.instagram.com/wildestwolf/?hl=en Can't really confirm its her, but if u look closely , the scare is there on the tummy. Have to pause the beedio to see lor , but mi think its her !!!
  12. xiang887

    taxi driver not allow beer and pork

    cannot see liao wor
  13. xiang887

    Any interesting Riches to Rags stories?

    when mi have exta, mi is will donate.
  14. xiang887

    lan shop

    so long never visit any lanshop . today me went to a lan shop wah so many youngsters here. but got one adult keep on shouting over the mic LOLOL so stupid wor