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  1. I agree. This Suicide Squad is truly under-rated. Ang Moh tomato give it only 27/100 mark. I think Suicide Squad belong to at least 85/100 since this is the first movie where bad guys try to become good guys and Will Smith and Harley Quien acting is excellent and this movie got nice music too. Yes that Captain Marvel behave more like tomboy no wonder no romance scene.
  2. Just like the above scene which is completely de-voided of feeling or anything even though I know it try to make us excited but what is so excited about typing the word Avenger in the report ?
  3. I think the director forget to put in sex and romance in Captain Marvel. Even auntie Jean Grey piak piak Wolverine movie ish much better then this Captain Marvel.
  4. Captain Marvel had zero romance and she lack style and personality compare to other jie jie like Jean Grey / Harley Quein etc
  5. Dead pool 1 is all about hack and slash and the strange pop American culture joke which some I get it some I don't. An ugly adult try to act cute is indeed disgusting and moreover he talk and talk and talk non stop in part 1. Final battle all the character fight their own jin disunited. Ending Deadpool try to act cute wearing a bath robe asking everyone to leave. This is the best statement because I indeed want to leave the cinema asap after watching such a horrible show. End up actually ending he try to act cute to pretend to be somebody and am I suppose to laugh at the ending ?
  6. Heng this movie I never fall asleep. The one I almost fall asleep is Black Panther and batman vs Superman.
  7. Action ok nia. Plot is predicable and so so. Music is totally forgettable (I think no music at all). The opening flash back scene is a mess. There is something wrong with the screen cut as it move between the past and the present in a mess but luckily nothing confusing. Captain Marvel try to act like Ironman but fail badly. Ending battle is a big disappointment. Overall still can watch as I never fall asleep. It is the better one among the worst. With only photon blast from her arm I wonder how she is going to defeat Thanos who can control time, space, illusion, strength etc ? Harley quinn, the old Jean Grey, Natasha black widow, Aquaman, thor etc have more personality compare to Captain Marvel. Overall a pointless movie just to introduce Captain Marvel for the sake of doing it. Ranking best to the worst : Deal Pool 2 Dr strange Suicide Squad X-man last stand Aquaman Wonder woman Logan Captain Marvel around : 7/10 Civil War Black Panther Batman vs superman Deal Pool 1
  8. Got the useless antman, raccon and the arrow man. Jin sian all the powerful characters all uplorry.
  9. TS you forget to put the key word Prudential in your title !
  10. SINGAPORE: An insurance agent took revenge on former and potential clients who rejected his business by sending them threatening letters signed off as "Lord Voldermort". For his actions, Myanmar national and Singapore permanent resident Ye Lin Myint, 36, was sentenced to jail for two years and five months on Tuesday (Jan 29). The court heard that Ye sent such letters to 33 people in total, demanding they each send him one Bitcoin, which was worth between S$6,500 and S$9,900 at the time. The Prudential insurance agent, who is no longer with the company, began by mailing letters to the residential addresses of people he viewed as potential or former clients who rejected him. They were either his current clients who failed to turn up for scheduled appointments with him, clients who cancelled insurance policies they previously bought from him, or potential clients who did not get insurance policies from him. He began his preparations in July 2017, using his wife's laptop to create an email account with a Switzerland-based email service that did not require any personal information. Ye also created a Bitcoin wallet to receive the cryptocurrency and linked it to the email account he had created under the name "Lord Voldermort", a misspelling of Lord Voldemort, a character in the Harry Potter book and film series. After sending several letters and emails to these clients and potential clients in August 2017, the insurance agent read a news article about unlicensed moneylenders pressuring debtors by harassing their neighbours. He decided he would extend his harassment to the neighbours of his clients, and sent letters to them as well. These letters threatened harassment of the neighbours' homes if they did not "urge" his clients to pay Ye what he had asked for. One such email read: "For the past few months, I have been monitoring you and your wife and I know everything about you and your family. I know where you live, where you work. "I can make your life total humiliated and miserable [sic] in your Myanmar community. I can make you become jobless. I can even physically harm you and your wife and your parents if I want to." The Singapore Police Force, along with Nee Soon Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah, issued online advisories to warn those who received such letters not to respond to them. None of the victims transferred Bitcoins to the accused, but all of them made police reports, Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran said. Ye was arrested after extensive investigations by the police, which included taking multiple victim statements and using DNA evidence to trace him.
  11. appleyum


    Down with the vermins ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Aquaman wins hands down compare to Black Panther.
  13. Captain Marvel Movie Trailer for 2019 shows Photon Blast ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!