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  1. Moi saw the news at NK and specially come back to sarpock appleyum thread. Down with vermins!
  2. Chewren from international schools are very loud and aggressive, not rike chao stinkie chewren at all.
  3. Beedio

    Purging of accounts.

    Just dropped by to say Hi.
  4. Beedio

    Game of thrones !

    I've been suspicious of Dany at least since S6, she seems to enjoy killing and power a little bit too much. Never liked this character, that she turned villain was to be expected.
  5. Hi guys, after the recent changes to this forum it is impossible for lurkers to view anything here now, so post views have diminished to nearly nothing. In addition, I keep getting ads and ad redirects, it makes the forum not easy to use. As such I will be taking a break from edmw life, many thanks for the support and your kind words in the past few years. I may be back to visit from time to time, please take care.
  6. Beedio


    Wah this is an old drawing I just labelled this morning. I found out from NK that the blue smiley with "3.0" is DiamondShrine.
  7. Moi went to NK to disturb @broadwalk really love his sarcastic posting style and always amazed at the shit reading comprehension ability of NK edmwers. Anyway I lied that I pcc until injured myself last night.
  8. Beedio

    Game of thrones !

    That's right, switch the dragons' and cavalry's position. Dragons have long-range airborne firepower best used to soften the wight horde at range, twin dragons sweeping the front with interweaving dragon fire can cut down their numbers. Set the trebuchet artillery for medium range to clobber the hundreds that somehow survive the dragon fire until they run out of stone balls. The dozens that slipped through get picked off by Dothraki cavalry from the flanks. By the time the wights reach the Unsullied defensive positions, should be very few left, just "stick them with the pointy end". The defensive system works like a filter.
  9. Beedio

    Game of thrones !

    Basic rule of engagement ish 3-to-1 numerical superiority, this predates human beings even chimpanzees know this. Against an enemy of uncertain numbers should never blindly take the offensive. Seeing the trebuchets fling stone balls that land so near the charging front of the Dothraki cavalry really made me cringe, very high chance of friendly fire. Also the two dragons (close air support) should be out there where the Dothraki were instead of being so close to the castle etc. and many many other problems. The entire Battle of Winterfell was immersion-breaking in how it doesn't make any sense.
  10. Beedio

    Game of thrones !

    GoT not nice le, the plot armour ish sho strong, all major heroes survive no matter what... The most annoying part was all the "vouching" for each other and constant praise for Tyrion despite his missteps... really heavy handed.
  11. Yes I was humming "From Russia with Love" tune while drawing this. "Are you going to kill me Misterrr Bond? Or just stand there and stare?"
  12. One more drawing for tonight, here is the work in progress...
  13. Yes I used Katniss costume as a guide for the archer. Dual sabre zehzeh was based on a poster for a long time ago game called Vital Sign, but that character is a gunner not swordswoman. I added swords and especially "translation skirt" because that's the main focus of this classic pose.
  14. Dual-wielding AMDL zehzeh be your white knight ish keyima?
  15. No, still using my handphone to draw, as shown below: Big nehneh are heavy, they tend to hang lower.
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