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  1. Richard Mille was @WonderGirl's favourite watch brand and he could spend thread after thread arguing with other NKers about it. But seriously what is the appeal? They use a bulky, bulging rectangle-ish shaped case, which is similar to Franck Muller but at least Franck Muller have a simpler, classy dials. Richard Mille dial is very cluttered and messy... skeleton hands and gears and subdials and clashing colours... how do you even read the time? Personally if I ever wanted a squarish watch I would rather buy a Cartier.
  2. Although moi ish a chao stinkie peasant with much inferiority complex, but moi fweels surprised that from time to time total strangers will come up to moi to seek my advice on how to run away from their situation in life. Especially people who are sick of working in a tech line who wish to jump into another field, somehow they will manage to find me and ask me how I did it. Moi suspect that they ish impressed by how I managed to slip away just before everything went to shit. Maybe moi true calling ish notch to be any kind of great inventor or scientist, but to be a world-class sexpert at running away... haiz... When peepur ish fweeling desperate, trapped or doomed, they will call Beedio because he can always find a way out.
  3. Wah all those familiar places, moi used to work near there.
  4. Moi fweels the loneliest in a crowd and least lonely when actually alone. The simple reason for this oddity ish because moi hab practically no common topics to talk about with normal people, but heng moi can always talk to moiself rike a siaolangs. People want to talk about other people, gossips, relationships, money, branded, property, rank, power, politics etc. But moi hab no fucking interest. Moi wants to talk about thought experiments e.g how can you build an entire city floating in the air? If you are trapped in a derelict spaceship with shapeshifting aliens and you only have basic tools, how can you survive? If you only have $10, how can you defeat an entire casino? When moi try to talk about interesting ideas, peepur around me start falling asleep or worse, start to backstab moi. They only interested when some news about who kill who, fuck who, beat who, betray who etc. So moi just find an isolated corner, and drift into dreamland which is moi only escape from the nightmarish howling demonic collective they call human society.
  5. Beedio

    I wish there was somebody I can talk to

    I am sick of pretending to be human, frankly it is fucking insulting.
  6. Beedio

    I wish there was somebody I can talk to

    Like I said, they will not understand me and I have no interest in their topics, tak connect.
  7. Beedio

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    A few years back moi visited Bolehland more than 10 times a year, regularly to Melaka to eat Rendang chicken noodle, A&W curly fries and root beer, coconut jelly, chendol and ABC, and buy new clothes at Aeon. A few times to Penang to jalan jalan Gurney Drive and eat their famous char koey teow and teochew chendul. Now that Dr M is back in power, moi hab lost interest in going there, maybe moi will stay at home and do online shopping instead. What about you? Will you still be going to Bolehland regularly?
  8. Satki ex-Raffles Institution scholar, Cambridge mathematics graduate, ex-Goldman Sachs banker Ke Xu was dissatisfied with £400,000 (S$700,000) in bonuses, suddenly resigned and ran away with stolen company code! Convicted of fraud and sentenced to three years prison! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-11-19/the-triple-jeopardy-of-ke-xu-a-chinese-hedge-fund-quant Really ish chao stinkies commit moar crimes... wait a minute...
  9. Since the ultimate goal of AI ish to replace human workers, won't the human workers fight back? E.g. the violent reaction of taxi drivers to ride-sharing services such as Uber. Even the smallest bacteria know how to use their T6SS to fight external threats, cannot expect complex organisms like human workers to just lie there and starve to death right?
  10. Beedio

    How can Artificial Intelligence possibly succeed?

    Heng moi ish alien stupiak, can only be leeplaced by extraterrestrial stewpiakity (ES).
  11. But in just three years he will expect £100 million (S$175,000,000) in bonuses leh, that alone is equal to 79.5 years of SG PM salary. Lidat all SMEs and many MNCs can also queue up at bedok reservoir already, hurry up moi oredy waiting for them die with me so that we can be replaced by top FTs.
  12. That is putting it too kindly, his greed is at a monstrous level, no wonder gahmen wants to replace all of us with such FTs. He refuse to back down and the company refuse to let him off. "It was also easy to see why he infuriated his opponents. He could be defiant to the point of arrogance." "At a hearing in June, Anthony Peto, counsel for G-Research, said Xu was as competitive as Tiger Woods. “He wants to beat not just us but the courts as well,” Peto told the judge." "Looking down from the bench later that month, the judge disagreed, declaring that he had no alternative but to impose another prison term, this time of 13 months. “Mr. Xu has neither admitted his contempt nor expressed remorse,” he said, noting that Xu could reduce his sentence to one month simply by obeying the court’s orders." Truly the most exemplary FT in the history of the Universe ever we should all just go bedok reservoir and die sho that such FT criminals can take FTpore to the heights of financial accomplishment that SG well and truly deserves.
  13. "At the start of 2014, as his second-year bonus announcement neared, Xu was feeling optimistic. “If I get 1.1 million this year, next year should be 3.3 million,” he told Mengyang. “Next year it will be 16 million, then 100 million.” Instead, Handley told him he’d been awarded £400,000 ($662,720), a huge sum for a young man from provincial China, but far less than he was expecting."
  14. Beedio

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Moi remember when Dr M first time in power, always use SG as whipping boy always criticise and make things difficult. Plus influx of bolehlander FTs sho arrogant sho leecher ji gou li yi 虾 really made moi very irate sho for nearly two decades neber visit bolehland. Then Pak Lah took power for a short while and the animosity temporarily stopped, then moi started going to bolehland again. But Pak Lah kena a lot of pressure from Dr M to step down, moi still remember Pak Lah rook sho relieved and smiley the day he stepped down. Then Najib went up and also no further pressure on SG. Now back to 1980s-90s fweeling again...
  15. In many action movies, human beings are portrayed as heroes battling evil opponents such as aliens, zombies, monsters, cyborgs or even alien zombie monster cyborgs. The heroes fight against overwhelming odds and due to their friendship, solidarity and human ingenuity, defeat the enemy and save the day. But why do the heroes band together simply because they are "human"? How come they fweel some kind of kinship and emotional connection towards each other? To a chao stinkie peasant who has been backstabbed numerous times by "fellow" stinkies, this kind of human solidarity and cooperation fweels bery fake, contrived and pandering. This fakery is also not supported by real human history whose real victors are full of backstabbers, sell country traitors and collaborators. Human beings are not special and full of love - they ARE the alien zombie monster cyborgs.
  16. Beedio

    Human kinship and emotion connection: 404 not found

    Catch-22 is novel (later made into a movie in 1970) about a US Air Force bombardier who finds out about an absurd lose-lose military regulation called Catch-22 and realizes that his own countrymen may get him killed even more effectively than the enemy forces. Not surprisingly this movie was a commercial flop and only became appreciated many decades later. It was once considered the worse war movie ever made, which was sort of ironic because it was not really a war movie.
  17. Beedio

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Dunno where to go for holiday this year. Maybe just sleep more and vacation in dreamland.
  18. Beedio

    2019 过年 cheongsam collection

    Boh fweels.
  19. Beedio

    High IQ vs Low IQ

    Moi noes chao stinkies only care about high SES vs low SES, but what about high IQ vs low IQ? Here are some pointers based on moi limited sexperience: Low IQ 1. Focused on goals (e.g. what can this tech solve, how much money can I make etc.) 2. Only reads news headlines and then quickly send to everyone via social media 3. Talks a lot and usually quite loud 4. Can respond quickly to a question 5. Likes to talk about people and relationships 6. Takes a lot of selfies 7. Tends to be friendly, warm and optimistic High IQ 1. Focused on mechanisms (e.g. how does this work, how is this method better etc.) 2. Will read the whole news article and then complain that news headline is misleading 3. Talks softly, use fewer words and usually silent unless it is a topic that triggers their nerd rage 4. There is a noticeable delay before responding to a question 5. Distrust people and relationships 6. Cannot understand the purpose of selfies 7. Tends to be distant and full of bitterness What about your observations? Do you have a quick method to distinguish between high IQ and low IQ?
  20. Beedio

    High IQ vs Low IQ

    Hmm... any sexamples of key words that low IQ rike to use that sound like con/quack?
  21. Moi heard of two cases of very rich people who went broke: 1. Former boss of Tang Dynasty Village who once was a hawker selling char kway teow at the Golden Bridge (now demolished) over Shenton Way. He worked very hard as a hawker and at his peak he made tens of millions via a series of good investments, but his dream was to create a Tang Dynasty Village theme park. Eventually he sank a huge amount of money into the project, which was completed but due to many reasons (including high ticket price, remote location and opening up of China for authentic Tang Dynasty experience) the crowds thinned out, the attraction declined and went bust. He became bankrupt and later became a cut-fruit seller at a food centre. 2. Former boss of Five Star Tours who started working at 13 years old in a biscuit factory, and by 20 started his first business selling ornamental fish. He set up Five Star Tours together with his brothers and at the peak Five Star Tours had eight branches in Singapore, doing so well that the company could sponsor a S-League football club. However, his business was badly affected after the two casinos were opened in SG, leading to a big decline in the demand for buses to Genting Highlands resort. The company went bust and he became bankrupt, later becoming a coffee stall assistant in a relative's drink store at a hawker centre. Do you know of any interesting "Riches to Rags" stories? What do you think is the major pitfall in such cases, is it business difficulties, gambling or some other reasons?
  22. Beedio

    Any interesting Riches to Rags stories?

    Moi actually never seen a YES supermart before you mentioned them. Moi ish westsider lai de.
  23. Beedio

    Any interesting Riches to Rags stories?

    Dunno where @WonderGirl went, maybe he really became used car salesman. Anyway he still has his Orchard Road properties, Maserato sports car, Richard Mille watches and Louboutin shoes. When @xiang887('s auntie) bet football he seldom loses and he has unlimited kkjs to chop also cannot be considered "rags" reh.
  24. In moi working sexperience, noticed that in many organizations that supervisors, line managers up until middle management level actually don't have any decision-making power. Everything still need to be approved by the top, resulting in a massive backlog because of the huge volume of approvals needed from one person. Why in SG company top leaders have no confidence in their managers to handle smaller decisions? Effectively only director-level are "managers" and everybody else ish just chao stinkie peasants?
  25. Recently moi discovered a series of documentaries about an infamous daily wage labour market in Shenzhen called 三和 (San He) where young migrant workers become disillusioned and aimless loafers addicted to online gaming and shun long-term employment. Their mantra ish 做一天玩三天 "work for one day to play for three days" ultimately becoming 三和大神 (Deities of San He) who have practically given up on life. Moi ish find it bery fascinating, share them here with edmwers if any one would like to further discuss: