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  1. sketchish

    Diablo Immortal

    Any huan pre-register riao? Like receive alot of negative reaction... But Why? Can sexprain to moi?
  2. need to know back story... it could be customer come repair rental car, nv pay rent to rental company and dissappear, den repo man come "collect" car back for rental company... but customer neh pay for repair and rental coy can just act blur say they not aware...
  3. sketchish

    Gunpla - Compass One

    omg... u r hurtin me... i wanna go.... but can't...
  4. sketchish

    Gunpla - Compass One

    Chiu is jin sexpert in Gundam Model Kit wor... r chiu a model?
  5. sketchish

    Gunpla - Compass One

    I did the paint job... the kit cost $25, paints cost me close to $100... Original color scheme was Black, Gold, Red and purple. I chose the ironman color scheme... minimum paneling... Its a RG kit 1/144 which i like cuz small yet highly detailed... fraction of PG cost... Going Compass point tmr if waifu give permission...
  6. sketchish

    Gunpla - Compass One

    neh follow the anime or manga and generally no interested in the story of gundam... but damn... building them is jin fun...
  7. sketchish

    Gunpla - Compass One

  8. sketchish

    300 Status Update

    prease grant moi access...
  9. sketchish


    PC or Mobile version... PC can come add moi... but i seldom play cuz hafta look after kid...
  10. sketchish

    Yakult sold out at NTUC. Man demanded for explaination

    The explanation is he not fast enough to buy it lor... Who ask him so wols... Think the bacteria in yakult attacked his brain cells...
  11. sketchish

    [GPGT] simple dinner

    who cooked huan?
  12. sketchish

    [GPGT] Lunch kym

    Jin high ses and jskm... But the breakfast in a pan is OP AF unless i can take home the pan
  13. sketchish

    [GPGT] Lunch kym

    pizza ish keyi...
  14. Wow... i tink its grabHitch driver is trying to GRAB-attention... Badumtsss....