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  1. sketchish


    PC or Mobile version... PC can come add moi... but i seldom play cuz hafta look after kid...
  2. sketchish

    Yakult sold out at NTUC. Man demanded for explaination

    The explanation is he not fast enough to buy it lor... Who ask him so wols... Think the bacteria in yakult attacked his brain cells...
  3. sketchish

    [GPGT] simple dinner

    who cooked huan?
  4. sketchish

    [GPGT] Lunch kym

    Jin high ses and jskm... But the breakfast in a pan is OP AF unless i can take home the pan
  5. sketchish

    [GPGT] Lunch kym

    pizza ish keyi...
  6. Wow... i tink its grabHitch driver is trying to GRAB-attention... Badumtsss....
  7. sketchish

    If wear this jacket, izzit very satki?

    SOD == suck on dick... really JSKM
  8. sketchish

    [Offical] Moblie Legend

  9. sketchish

    [Offical] Moblie Legend

    ehhh now Garena got moba game call arena of valor or something the hero is almost exactly like 王者荣耀 PLAY NOW!!!
  10. sketchish

    [Offical] Moblie Legend

    I play ah tiong version King Glory...
  11. sketchish

    Playerunknown's Battleground

    anyone wanna add me on steam to play duo or even fives?
  12. sketchish

    Playerunknown's Battleground

    jin fun... but frustrating oso cuz when u got loot gao gao kana headshot instant kill the feeling ish really wtfbbqomgknnpcb
  13. sketchish

    Playerunknown's Battleground

    I ISH FINALLY GOT THE FREAKING GAME!!! just start to play... not ez sia... i always forget to loot bodies...
  14. sketchish

    Playerunknown's Battleground

    Just wondering are there any Playerunknown gamers around here?
  15. sketchish

    Help see my new PC specs

    i search BNIB Steel Serios or BNIB G303