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  1. sketchish

    If wear this jacket, izzit very satki?

    SOD == suck on dick... really JSKM
  2. Wow... so now our future gen would saying "Yea" instead of 'A', "Yam" instead of 'M', '盐' (salt in mandarin) instead of 'N' 'Yes' instead of 'S' Job well done...
  3. sketchish

    breakfast kym

    When the bill comes, will u become ur breakfast dish as well?
  4. sketchish

    lunch kym

    Jin Elite and atas meal... must be from horse-peter huan
  5. sketchish

    [GPGT] hoots kym

    thor implying u pregnant...
  6. sketchish

    [GPGT] hoots kym

    How muchie for the one box of mami poko?
  7. sketchish

    [GPGT] Lunch kym

    jskm... i wanna jiak oso
  8. sketchish

    {SIC} Got New CLUB - Am I WOLS????

  9. sketchish

    Sony posts whole movie on YouTube in trailer's place

    publicity stunt maybe?
  10. sketchish

    Huat Ah! 31 Arrested

    must be someone loss a huge sum of money den go bunknife...
  11. The O-bike owner name is call 失忆. maybe he 失忆 about the users' deposit and fines from garhment
  12. sketchish

    MOM warns bosses not to mis-label staff as execs, managers

    this i don't really understand, company want to give their staff what name, garhment oso want to intervene? nx time naming children garhment oso need to intervene anotch?
  13. sketchish

    (GPGT)Pigbunny’s review on takoyaki burger

  14. sketchish

    (GPGT)Pigbunny’s review on takoyaki burger

    I hated this burger… as mos burger fansee… I tried it on first day of release. Totally disappointed… tasted like fried sotong fishcake I bought from Sheng shiong…
  15. Maybe the watch bear grills before entering the cave…