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  1. Diam diam rah kgks mai suay cui rah Juz nao sit 5min kar jiak cai png kym
  2. Ask chiur skk fren @absoluthell with his satki gps wahaha
  3. Mai noob leh This phenomenon nong time liao wahaha
  4. Diam diam rah kgk Jin song sia cannot wait to see her again next week
  5. Jin song Near my atb gf's place I will gpgt this place when I visit her after Aug 30 @socrates469bc
  6. Jiaking ABNN yew png for dessert by the roadside rike satki kia boh?
  7. Mai state the obvious rah kgk... chiu r not as dkg as @The_King
  8. After dis go home nap den find my Guillemard ATB wahaha song bo @absoluthell
  9. I wanna suck dry her juicy pho flavoured pgd @absoluthell
  10. Wahaha jin satki gps But my dad doesnt deal wif navigation systems if not I can sic chiu to b his mangala wahaha
  11. dis jippum kali gu png kym according to Nigella Lawson wannabe kgks?
  12. Chiur kgk frens acting as if they combi of Guo Fuchen + Liu Dehua + Bread Pig sia
  13. Diam diam rah kgk her pics same as real life rah
  14. Angular face atb kym by Guo Fuchen wannabe kgks @absoluthell @socrates469bc @Thor
  15. Oh jin satki man cum my territory jiak wahaha
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