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  1. 6$ for this crap and you took 1hr bus? You pork is it?
  2. I watched RoboCop but I don't miss you because you're not my hero.
  3. tolong tolong check mine pls, thank you~
  4. Waterfox can't play? Cos my Unity Webplayer kept crashing.
  5. Whether PAP will fall or not, I don't know. But I'm sure PAP won't be winning with a big margin after 1-2 more election
  6. The world has a lot to offer, just a matter of whether you want to do it or not. Man, and how old are you? Retired already? Either you're rich or you're older than average ah pek age. Because for SGrean there's no such thing called Retirement xD~
  7. Shake my leg while enjoying his plea for help.
  8. Well, she dig her own grave while the person who released her video pushed her into the grave and the person who CSI her simply just pour the mud on her. lolz. Humans.
  9. It depends haha. If the upgradable girls likes me and I like her then why not, and obviously she mustn't be a btch.
  10. I see Dark Clouds but not raining... anyway nowadays keep on raining, haiz.
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