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  1. xfunky

    Any HDB home owner?

    base on my experience is those that you have mentioned and also fire insurance. depend on how long you take.
  2. xfunky

    Being a father..

    like what things will come during the later stage? will the dizzy and loss of appetite get better in the later stage?
  3. xfunky

    Being a father..

    Tmc is Thosom medical center? Congrats! My wife now feel dizzy and not much appetite. Does your wife have such? Thank you Found 1 doctor. 120 for consultation and 80 for ultra sound. Like this is standard rate?
  4. xfunky

    Being a father..

    Thank you
  5. xfunky

    Being a father..

    Hi all, I think i am going to be a father soon because my wife period did not come for last month. She did test with pregnancy kit and the result is positive. My wife is not local. Is there any doctor to recommend for gynaecology and can share the price and information need to know for 1st time father?
  6. i can take other brand as i do not have any preference now which i can only find is them. just want it to be good and not too expensive. does sg sell EVVA MCS and Abloby? if yes, where can I find them?
  7. anyone know where to buy yale product for a good price? i'm looking for this - https://www.yaleasia.com/en/yale/yale-asia/products/yale-door-cylinders/3xlock-multi-life-euro-profile-door-cylinders/y63115b3030---yale-3xlock-multilife-single-cylinders-with-override-thumb-turn-70mm/
  8. zhun weather forecast
  9. ownself leak ownself..
  10. xfunky

    danger of selfie

    i tot it was tiong who did this stunt.. guess i was wrong..