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  1. so what is the reason you quit mala again? expensive?
  2. worth the watch. it's like how jav come about..
  3. police kena sarbo by huawei. not spf taichi but become their taichi. huawei nv learn from other experience meh. sg love to buy cheap thing and will die die queue for it..
  4. wonder why the TP take picture when the victim in the strecher..
  5. so hard to get a child and finally got 1.. in mother's tummy for 9 months and only see the world for 1 month.. really heartbreaking..
  6. i really feel v song after seeing the fella kena bang by car.. now he will think that the uncle was his angel but he stoopid join the devil and kena bang..
  7. kgk sit aeroplane go where? cheena for infinite pgd?
  8. like magic.. poof! the end result of the car..
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