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  1. perperdino

    yishun aunty moan so loud so inconsiderate

    need better camera
  2. perperdino

    Goodbye my 6 year old router (Updated: autopsy)

    Asus RT AC88U mai tu riaos
  3. need uncensored to prove is really nekkid
  4. perperdino

    A lot of soft drinks now contain artificial sweeters?

    Trans fat is really bad.. lol they created this vegetable substitute of lower fat alternatives but it is actually more harmful than normal saturated fat itself.. our gahmen health board really take everything AMDK says.. MSG la.. cholesterol la.. saturated fats la.. in the end all these 3 are healthier den all the substitutes they came up with.. but they brainwash the citizens too deep already.. look at all the baby boomer generation.. their health is KNS... lucky for internet.. it shed all the light for the millennials.. at least they now have more knowledge about what they put into their bodies
  5. perperdino

    Rchwngxx new leak !!!!

    what leak? why need tissue??
  6. perperdino

    Inside China's Unmanned Stores

    jus get 1 person scan in front..leave the door open.. den rob the entire store...
  7. moi use auto top up rehs... nv look at balance 1
  8. perperdino

    A lot of soft drinks now contain artificial sweeters?

    but every sugar loaded shit on the shelf has "healthier choice" label
  9. perperdino

    LTA swipes back at IKEA, defends cost of its bus stop benches

    they not scared ppl go dig who procured the bench and how if the vendor is somehow linked to someone in pap?
  10. is like asking a drink stall owner how come his meesiam no hum
  11. perperdino

    Start-up aims serve up nutrition to those too busy to eat

    considering the ingredients are well planned and not those commercialized "healthy" food..8.90 seems ok..
  12. perperdino

    Why is avocado not vegan?

    joke lol.. air is not vegan too if that is the case.. is like halal water and halal air.. cannot go full retard on such issues
  13. perperdino

    freak of nature, Hainanese chicken rice

    its not hainanese chicken rice without MSG! NO PANDAN LEAVE IN THE RICE... ban this lady from the kitchen
  14. perperdino

    Poor XMM kena prank (disappear prank) by family

    omg where did she go??!! what sorcery
  15. perperdino

    tiagong from bike forum

    what lick is this?? got substance huan anot