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  1. perperdino

    Start-up aims serve up nutrition to those too busy to eat

    considering the ingredients are well planned and not those commercialized "healthy" food..8.90 seems ok..
  2. perperdino

    Why is avocado not vegan?

    joke lol.. air is not vegan too if that is the case.. is like halal water and halal air.. cannot go full retard on such issues
  3. perperdino

    freak of nature, Hainanese chicken rice

    its not hainanese chicken rice without MSG! NO PANDAN LEAVE IN THE RICE... ban this lady from the kitchen
  4. perperdino

    Poor XMM kena prank (disappear prank) by family

    omg where did she go??!! what sorcery
  5. perperdino

    tiagong from bike forum

    what lick is this?? got substance huan anot
  6. NTUC and kopitiam no kena fine? not at consumer expense????
  7. perperdino

    These guys found out how to hack an arcade machine!

    so much effort for a jenga
  8. nipple wun kena abrasion?
  9. perperdino

    This Maple Syrup factory is so clean

    can pour all over body and lick clean
  10. perperdino

    SG Bonus $300 cumming, excited anot?

    300 can do huat? jiak chiken rice 100 times?
  11. perperdino

    KFC manager kym?

    marry kfc meimei naooo
  12. perperdino

    HKmm perky pigu kym?

    ish beri sad.. lidat call perky mehh
  13. perperdino

    [GPGT] My Hokkien Mee for Tuesday

    where is the pork
  14. perperdino

    Compare Your Annual Income 2018

    fwah..heng above 50%.. moi not low ses