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  1. the 6k 1 so stupid put row and seat number.. sure kena void
  2. perperdino

    Notre Dame on Fire

    that place is not even nice or in any way astounding ...jus a tourist trap..
  3. the blue handle looks cool
  4. like finally.. those taiwan sausage that ntuc sell is made with transfats... yet so many people buy and they even made it their own housebrand
  5. if you like bolder taste can try otard cognac also.. i think is ~80 bucks..
  6. was looking at some kym thread den it go down
  7. creme liq can get mozart or amarula all can buy from redmart
  8. me prefer balvanie... dont like hibiki for the smokey taste..
  9. no cure but can suppress so it doesnt kill and doesnt spread
  10. Trans fat is really bad.. lol they created this vegetable substitute of lower fat alternatives but it is actually more harmful than normal saturated fat itself.. our gahmen health board really take everything AMDK says.. MSG la.. cholesterol la.. saturated fats la.. in the end all these 3 are healthier den all the substitutes they came up with.. but they brainwash the citizens too deep already.. look at all the baby boomer generation.. their health is KNS... lucky for internet.. it shed all the light for the millennials.. at least they now have more knowledge about what they put into their bodies
  11. what leak? why need tissue??
  12. jus get 1 person scan in front..leave the door open.. den rob the entire store...
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