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  1. Satki

    This implant make us cannot flap.

    got pricing? medisave claimable?
  2. Damn still have 1.5k. Should change back now or hold? I think just absorb the loss.
  3. CGH doctor finds gig outside his medical post, earns $95/hr and commits forgery A doctor at Changi General Hospital left his post purportedly to be on sick leave but actually went to work at a private clinic for S$95 an hour Ah neh doc kena caught moonlighting. Up lorry. Now time to migrate to the next gullible country.
  4. Finally admitted they lowered standards and depress opportunities for sinkies or now forcing ft to take up scholarships and PR in singapore?
  5. Satki

    Ask me anything: Life in Buangkok chalet

    Are you allowed to check out on weekends?
  6. Satki

    Why so many cockroaches at this toilet?

    damn infestation. seriously.
  7. Satki

    More minors offering sex online: Lawyers

    shariah law will make this legit
  8. Satki

    Notre Dame on Fire

    The new one will boast of high speed lifts, augmented reality technologies, air conditioning and heating, 3 cafes, and many more. Got to spend all the donations that pours in. Suggest theme park and sourvenir stands.
  9. Satki

    steven earn $8940 a month driving gojek

    Then next three months on Mc?
  10. 2 qtrs liow. Is the R word happening? @socrates469bc is it dump now and go all cash?
  11. Satki

    cheap dental implant lobang no more

    Hope not breast hor?
  12. how can servants of the people become so rich? something not right?
  13. Satki Richard Liu sued for rape

    no DNA found in the cheesepie means no penetration