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  1. Satki

    Why do people believe the rich and powerful?

    Historical. But still valid. Peasants need food. To buy food they need money. Rich will dole out money but limit it so peasants will renain peasant. Of course occassionally some made it and they become rich. Then they repeat what the rich do to the peasants. Reason they gave is they work hard for it and those that did not deserves it. So the cycle repeats.
  2. Satki

    Singapore Air Force to get new chief Kelvin Khong

    The last part sounds like he fought against ISIS. Did he bomb the shiat out of them or just ferry water around?
  3. savings interest still pathetic. CPF rates also poor no new bedok reservoir cases. so many over exaggerated?
  4. supposed to be 10 million people so now promo pricing or not? Use 1 KwH and get the next free?
  5. Satki

    Ang mo kio hub got robbery?

    No update. Ts mia?
  6. Satki

    Ang mo kio hub got robbery?

    Wah new saga. How do you know?
  7. Satki

    Anyone subscribe to Toggle's HBO Go?

    Bookmarked to try odachek's suggestion
  8. 2 ways to skin a cat at least for this. If you can't bring the mountain to mohammed then mohammed must go to the mountain. Same as in the case of poor social support for the aged. We tried pressing the elite G for years. Nothing. So its time to tell the aged to do something themselves and stop voting for a hope that the elites will change. Take a look at their quarters. Still like slave housing. Bosses cares of their pocket first. Period.
  9. Satki

    KNN lah! Why until now HWZ still down!??

    Welcome. Dont forget to pay toll
  10. Satki

    ORBIGOOT someone hacked HWZ

    Traffic should pick up over here.
  11. So by allowing them to sleep and eat on the floor is the right move? We are told we are first world. That means we need to have some expected standard. Swiss is Pap's standard and I am just parroting them. When you travel abroad in first world and you will notice such workers are treated so much better. Only in third world then you see such appalling treatment. I still stand by what I say.
  12. Satki

    ORBIGOOT someone hacked HWZ

    Their site down Leak leak leak i hope
  13. I hope they don't open the backdoor and we kena pwned by CECA. I would think the security clearance level should be quite high. Better get help from Israelis. We cannot trust tiongs and nehs.
  14. I think they should not be allowed to sleep and eat on the floor. Companies hiring them need to up the game. They are humans and should be given proper places to rest and eat. We may be digressing to be third-world but can slow it down or not. I don't recall seeing such ill-treatment when I was in Switzerland. Kudos to the uncle to chastise them. Only by doing so then they can feedback to their employers that they need proper eating places.
  15. Better check his religious affinity better be safe then be sorry.