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  1. Sg no news? Lta kooning?
  2. Wah yong tau foo stall always show in a bowl of water. Wonder if those cN get contaminated or not
  3. Satki

    Minister Chan Chun Sing: I have a 100-year plan

    100 year series Wah Pap more satki than buffet.
  4. Food dont look appetising leh
  5. Satki

    daniel on news again

    Hinting to the peasants
  6. Go get your TPP friends to back you oh wait don't tell me they deserted you?
  7. Satki

    sinkies based in honkieland.. sign in here!

    Watch for falling signboard
  8. Satki

    sai found at MBS infinity pool !!

    Finally Dysentry can use real pics for avatar
  9. Satki

    Anwar meet Mahathir

    For holoc?
  10. Satki

    The Sintua Thread

    Wah ah neh also believer
  11. Satki

    if vote opposition, SGD sure crash like Turkish Lira

    Dictatorship some more la That is how it ends up Always