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  1. why don't we just publish everything. make it 100% transparent. then no more worries
  2. So all the supposedly good jap environmemtal behaviour like separating household waste are for show. I think they are just a bunch of hillary luving leetards. They should package and sell to sb70 as mutantgenic lotion. Or use it for alternative chemo treatment
  3. Target is the isheep gang. If they pick then dont complain you get rotten stuff
  4. Spermidine Bbfa got hope leow. Your efforts can be collected and applied to xmm eyes
  5. Talent. Stay in malaysia. Come over sure kena pok
  6. Wah human madness knows no limits.
  7. excuse to watch over the peasants
  8. Paradise roast at old kallang airport hawker also long q
  9. This is the ultimate hack. Time to take out the paper cup and string again