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  1. So what else is new with this tax tax and more tax government. Come on think out of the box for once and not take all excuses to use tax as a means to generate revenue. if you operate a business, you would have gone bust by now. It is because you can pass laws to earn money that you can still be around. Well once a big recession hit, I think the ship will sink with this kind of government style. period
  2. Satki

    Where you guys go when no life to access.

    went sbf to see our mod there
  3. Satki

    wah wah wah

    What happen? Admin need to learn better crowdsource techniques?
  4. Hiring one for my biz nao
  5. Looks like yellow vest will escalate Or peter out like yellow shirt and umbrella.
  6. Satki

    [GPGT] Miss Thailand World 2016

    damn sharp chin but saggy
  7. Damned! It was not too long ago we were a FINE city Now We are taxed to your death city And majority is loving it.
  8. Satki

    Guess how much does this breakfast cost ??

    I think $2 for the whole lot