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  1. The reset is coming. Are you ready to take advantage of it?
  2. I thought that place indo territory? City plaza will become king's quiet place ranking?
  3. these mean cow pokes should throw a mean pinball. I mean a bbq
  4. in case need to pump back to help pap spend away a recession
  5. As much as I think the CCP has the upper hand, I doubt they dare to do anything. If force were to be used then HK, the home of trillions of dollars, will be laid bare. Any business that is not beholden to the Beijing will leave. Those that stay will have to compete with the Jack Ma for the mainland market. And, they will lose. I do not see a good ending for this. HK will be a washout and with Shanghai' stock market cesspool, I think China will not be a major force any longer. Not forgetting the trade war can still twist and turn. Trump is holding back his expletives because he is hoping for a trade deal in sept or oct. but he also know it is not happening anytime soon. So, he may go on the rampage again in order to win the re-election. Make sure you guys have liquid assets. let the sb70s go and queue for their condos and their coe. You know things are really bad when the PM talks about global warming when a recession is eminent!
  6. PMETs time to suffer what the merdeka and pioneer suffered during the last big kahuna leecession time to see your "can see but cannot touch" fund reduced. technically you should not complain as you voted for it The excuse is to preserve jobs. what is there to preserve. since we already have an abundance of jobs in the logistic, transportation and food sectors! Minister already declared 60,000 good jobs in the aforementioned sectors. Good luck fellow city dweller since we are not a country but just a city for people to come to work and play.
  7. means it is sitting on someone's desk and not moving
  8. Many en bloc fail. Greed is prevalent. Guess 70 needs a recession to wake up
  9. Looks like there is a tussle at the top. Xi is useless. time for him to repent in a gulag
  10. I thought the sea is declared unsafe to swim cos of pollution? This is typical of Singapore. Exterior looks perfect and nice but .....
  11. 2019 is really a happening year. Should close with a BANG
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