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  1. Commies still hated by the world. Only bff for Xi is Putin. They can sux each other soon.
  2. Ah beng still sell ex price
  3. They were all on telegram. I think whatsapp saw a drop of 2 million members. But knowing whatsapp they do hotel california style. I also reactivated my telegram in case.
  4. First order of the day is to switch whole telecommunications backbone to Huawei. Then can control from HQ
  5. If they stop you then they take your octo card to see if you were there at that time. This is why you dont use it
  6. Learning from them. The young of hk are really great example. Contrast that with our lame young. No wonder we need to import. But haiz Good people will not come. Only the gold diggers from third world. The future is already bleak. The 4G is making it worse with their inexperience.
  7. means it is better to keep in milo tins. I think should just withdraw and put into equity or precious metals.
  8. Maciam the 3 stooges movie.
  9. No need news also know that they will eventually shoot to kill. Look even some people's ah gong also will shoot to kill. So I expect by this weekend the condemnation will come but not from Britain. The BRITS are now leaderless. Hope Trump will ask US companies to evacuate to add pressure to Xi.
  10. More phv applicants. Thanks to the farsighted overlords. Maybe thanks should be given to xia suay II?
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