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Everything posted by Satki

  1. Satki

    Debt Is Piling Up for Owner of Salt Bae Steakhouse

    Wow she is like the claypot guy. no wonder stepping down from International. Billions lost. Luckily SB70 absorb 70% of it
  2. Satki

    Heavy Rain

    about done now in east
  3. Satki

    the abnn captain was silent in the end

    At death's door and the believe is still great. Of course neh captain silent. Finally realised all the glib talk is not going to help. Rip
  4. Anyone with empirical evidence that 2 x 8 is better because of 2 channel of access? Or is that hogwash? Want to know if salesman smoking me.
  5. To stifle dissent, no need monitoring. Immediately sharp elbow, firm, etc. But come to people stepping on us we dare not make a stand.
  6. The neh should sue back as they are the own of sutra.
  7. Satki

    abnn throw beer bottles in amk

    Where and why? No sound.
  8. Satki

    grab enter ah long + vermin business

    Typical. When they ipo and get cash rich they dont know what to do with the money. End up start all sorts of non core biz.
  9. She should stick to pure veg and die like a veg. Otherwise where is the honour in it?
  10. Satki

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    May not be gangster type crime or what they call as organised crime. More like lone wolf type which is the most scariest in my opinion.
  11. Satki

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    That is stupidity or already bo chup. Willing to go martyrdom. with the stress levels pilling up, I think there are more of such people around but the elites refuse to admit it as it means eating into their piece of the pie Days ahead will be very different in SG. I think our serenity is about to be broken. You cannot be the most expensive city in the world and expect low crime. Soon, we will be like the developed cities where violent crime is a given, whether there is gun control or not.
  12. Satki

    [MOVIE]Triple Frontier

    Rob drug warlord. Took a few hundred millions. Kena situations where they have to throw away to lessen load on helicopter. Then lost some as mule fell off cliff. Then burn some to keep warm in the andes. Then throw more away just before reaching pick up point. Last gave all that is left to widow of one of the guy that died. Might have part 2. As they left hanging if one the guys will go back to find the last pile. Moral of the story.
  13. Satki

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    I think he will be charged: 1 video backwards. Camera only allowed to face forward of car 2. Holding phone Unless his lawyer can: 1 passenger says ok 2 camera but not phone But then at most a few demerit points, confiscate phone and a fine. Nothing major. At least thr world now knows.
  14. Return to smc Reduce number of wards No more asst and dy and asst dy positions No simi pmo posts No private positions when elected.
  15. Satki


    yes. MAGA
  16. I still have 1/2 kilo from CNY in fridge I think can be used like beef jerky. Emergency food for long trips to no man's land
  17. Satki

    wave of youth suicides in honkieland

    only can speak canto. How to move around.
  18. Satki

    atb buy 3rm resale

    I think too late leow. The guy with him in showroom must be the lucky guy.
  19. Satki

    A simple solution to Fermi Paradox

    imagine one day our BBFAs drooling on an alien bu with 100 titties dreaming of tuning 5 raisins at the same time. imagine no more atbcpjhj but alien pies are jiak beh leow you get the picture.
  20. what else is new. I think PDPA and DNC all can close shop since they are just JLB. We don't even need to be hacked! We gave it away! Come on PAP get your act together. Simple data security cannot handle, how to have SMART nation and simi cashless payment. Jail some of these buggers to instill fear in them. Oh wait, we need to create a job for some retiring General?
  21. Skarly our sensors all like smrt
  22. Like his father. write a sudoku app and think that is world class
  23. Mark for jail time? He thinks too highly of himself. I think step on one foot too many. Now gonna be humbled and step down as CEO. If he is smart he should step down and retire and see the world. Oh wait, such people can never live a normal life. The first trip solo with no bodyguards, I think will get killed or kidnapped. Same as our pink one.
  24. Satki

    abnn want to riot at lucky plaza diu

    In the first pic, the 2 nehs at the back are gay?
  25. Satki

    Courts Asia to be delisted after losing free float

    honestly, companies in SG all behkan Either they list and think they are still the owner or they cannot build value into the company because the former owner is a hopeless CEO.