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  1. Barrel lowered or drop? Sounds painful. Rip and hope you get reborn with a better life.
  2. Hopefully family are all there beside him.
  3. Sam Tan I don't even recall seeing you in the election. Can you spend time on things we have control over? Like the people's welfare?
  4. Satki

    [DRAMA]Narcos : Mexico

    Designated survivor already done. Now on Punisher season 2
  5. Satki

    How can Artificial Intelligence possibly succeed?

    science fiction movies is a prediction of how the elites will rule the world.
  6. If they were to pay him his 1.1 mil then there would be no corruption or theft. So, it is true that high pay works. SMEs pay attention and learn
  7. Satki

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Going to Penang soon. Hopefully no jam
  8. Satki

    reservist injured by howitzer in NZ

    The announcement page like glorifying the incident. Are they notching that as a win or what?
  9. Satki

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    Mr Tan Cheng Bok has announced the registering of a new party. Huat r Time for oppos to come together (sung to the tune of Come Together by the Beatles)
  10. Satki

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    He says ex PAP cadres. Means: 1. Inderjit? 2. Tan Soo Koon? 3. Dhanabalan? 4.
  11. Satki

    taxi driver not allow beer and pork

    This one can get license gantong Tell him dont prey prey
  12. Satki

    [WARNING] CPF nomination may not be what it is

    I, Mr xxxx aka The_King, Singapore NRIC XXXXX on this 19th day of January 2019 is of sound mind and in the presence of the following witnesses: Salutation Name NRIC No Relationship 1. ______________ 2. ______________ bequeath all my possessions comprising of: 1. +++++++++++++++++++ 2. +++++++++++++++++++ 3. +++++++++++++++++++ to the following people: Salutation Name NRIC No Relationship 1. _______________________ 2. _______________________ 3. ________________________ This will be my only and final will. No other wills or legislation can supercede this unless I have rescinded them in front of the same 2 witnesses. Note: This applies to any new legislation by the PAP government Signed on date _______________________ Winess 1 Witness 2 ______________________________________ _______________________________ _________________________ Signature
  13. Just realized that CPF Nomination may not mean your recipient will receive your CPF money in CASH. It is dubious. It could be by default goes into your beneficiaries' CPF account and they will only be able to access it according to the rules and policies in place for CPF. If you want your beneficiaries to receive it in CASH then you need to go down to a CPF Service Center and fill up another form with 2 witnesses. I was skeptical at first when I hear about this until I visited CPF website and deep in a link there is mention of CASH nomination and what you need to do. Huat r - PAP Huat again This link is to the form for CASH https://www.cpf.gov.sg/Assets/members/Documents/FORM_6A1_CASH.pdf
  14. Satki

    [WARNING] CPF nomination may not be what it is

    Found the FAQ section. It says the default nomination is for cash or cheque. So, unless you indicate to CPF account it will be cash or cheque. So, the above is not too correct. Sorry for the miscommunication but the message received earlier has CPF logo on it so it looks like legit. Fake news spreader pwned me.
  15. I went and check my email. Damn was pwned.
  16. Satki

    [WARNING] CPF nomination may not be what it is

    I will go on Monday and verify if my old nomination is cash. It was done so long ago and back then I thought only one way. Cash when I die.
  17. Satki

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    People already relaxing one corner doing the #10year whatchamalacallit
  18. PDPA be damned. Punitive measures against companies that are lax when they collect data is to lenient. DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT FINE THEM It does not work Get them to compensate the people whose identity has been lost. This should put the fear into all these emails, phones and address collectors. Here is my proposal on the compensation: - Emails = $100 per - Phone = land lines $100 per; mobile $200 per - Address = $500 per If the second offense then doubles the payout. ARE YOU LISTENING IMDA!
  19. Satki

    41 zeh zeh murdered in woodslums. 34 didi arrested.

    have to be careful and not be too creative with subject title. or else cannot get into unnecessary trouble
  20. Satki

    This van driver, new way to overtake

    could be quite a lot of points and a fine too
  21. Why phone got indo bu pics r?
  22. Satki

    Sharing Cheap dental implant

    During the whole process will it be an empty space the implant is placed? From start to end is how long?
  23. Satki

    Singaporeans cancel CNY shopping trips to Johor

    Maybe jam from your parking lot Lol