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  1. They say you're never more than 50 metres from a rat. And with more than 46 million sold since 1966, you're probably never too far from a Toyota Corolla either. After a brief decade-long hiatus, the model returns to the UK. This all-new, 12th-generation version is based the same platform as the Prius, CN-G and RAV4, and as well as the standard hatchback, Toyota is also launching an estate and a saloon, each with a 60mm longer wheelbase. Wow, a non-premium family saloon! Vauxhall stopped selling its Astra-based Belmont in 1991, Ford’s Escort-based Orion was axed in 1993 and even VW ditched its Golf-with-a-boot Jetta in 2017. So is a Corolla four-door saloon going to work here? I’m not taking bets. All the cars have a MacPherson-strut front suspension and an independent multi-link rear end, with electronically-assisted rack-and-pinion steering. There are three engine derivatives including two hybrids. A conventional 112bhp/136lb ft, 1.2-litre, four-cylinder turbo petrol engine provides a top speed of 124mph, 0-62mph in 9.3sec, a WLTP Combined fuel consumption of 47mpg and CO2 emissions of 132g/km (on 17-inch wheels). The base hybrid is the same as that in the new Prius; a 96bhp/105lb ft 1.8-litre with a total system output of 118bhp and equivalent figures of 112mph, 10.9sec, 66.9mpg and 83g/km. There’s also a harder-revving 150bhp/140lb ft 2.0-litre hybrid producing a total of 176bhp, with equivalent figures of 112mph, 7.9sec, 60.6mpg and 89g/km. The Toyota Corolla is one of the least interesting cars on the market, but that will suit a lot of buyers I got ticked off for my last Toyota test, of the new RAV4. Toyota thought I'd been unfair (I wasn't), that no one else thought as I did (they did) and that I'd "put the boot in" (my editor would have my guts if I had). Such flak is part and parcel of the job; it usually means that marketing have spent too much on a television advertising campaign. Among a current bunch of weird-looking Toyotas, the new Corolla seems to be a meld of the best and most interesting; this is a good looking, coherently designed car with an attractive front panel and mean-looking headlamps. The rear is less memorable and calling the estate a Touring Sports doesn't make it any more exciting. The saloon body is also handsome if bland, though its falling roofline makes rear-seat access and egress a head-banging struggle, which will restrict its appeal in the minicab market. The interior presents a high quality facia, with well-located panels covered in pleasant fabrics and an attractive brushed chrome finishing strip. It's tightly assembled, although quality declines as your hands roam lower and higher, and the seat controls are sharp-edged. The main instruments are clear and concise, although the steering wheel and touchscreen controls take some learning, the centre screen graphics are imprecise and the software often hangs. This is something of a depressing feature of Toyota's latest generation models. The company says it plans to offer Apple Car Play by the end of the year, although it hasn't mentioned Android Auto. Front-seat accommodation is roomy but the door pockets and centre cubby are small and the seats aren't the most comfortable. In the back it's just possible to get one six footer behind another in the hatchback and there's more room in the estate and saloon. The rear seats fold 60/40, but only the estate has a flat floor. The boot is 361 litres, which is far from class-leading, although the estate's 598 litres (rising to 1,606 with the seats folded) is plenty big enough. The saloon's boot is 471 litres. Much of Toyota's safety systems are standard, with a radar- and camera-based pre-collision warning and braking system now able to recognise pedestrians night and day, but cyclists only in daylight. All the cars get a reversing camera, as well as automatic dipping, lane-departure alert, lane-centre steering assistance and road-sign recognition. They also get heated front seats (rear seats, too, on the saloon) and a height-adjustable driver's seat. Only the two hybrid cars were available to drive. By far the biggest seller will the 1.8-litre hatchback. That engine starts with a minor cacophony of wheezes, whistles and whooshes as it charges the lithium-ion battery - the saloon uses a nickel-metal hydride battery. Performance isn't too bad, but you find your foot is buried to the floor for much of the time and you need a huge run-up to complete an overtake. It's also pretty noisy, with the harsh engine note grinding its way into the cabin, accompanied by a fair bit of wind noise and rumble from the tyres at motorway speeds. It's reasonably economical, though; we achieved almost 48mpg during brisk driving. The 2.0-litre version is an object lesson in how extra capacity can improve refinement. The extra system torque means the engine does less of a rubber-band impression when you accelerate and unlike the 1.8 there are artificial “gears” for the epicyclic drivetrain which you can change with steering-wheel paddles. There is also extra sound deadening in the bulkhead and door posts and also an acoustic layer to the windscreen, which calms the cabin at speed. I also thought the 18-inch tyres were quieter and rode better. This is by far the best powertrain, and you shouldn't pay too much in extra CO2-related taxes, but despite the official figures you could end up paying at the pumps; we achieved only 38.7mpg. The 2.0-litre typically costs another £1,725 over the 1.8 and is only available in the upper trim ranges. Dynamically the 1.8 hatchback isn't particularly noteworthy. The ride is passably comfortable, but the 17-inch tyres clatter over bumps and it lacks the suppleness of the Golf or Focus on badly patched roads. The extra weight of the hybrid and its battery doesn't help and although it's an improvement over the Auris and the bodyshell feels stiffer, the handling is competent rather than effervescent. The steering has a dull on-centre response, but it is accurate and well weighted. The brakes, which combine friction and regeneration retardation, are strong but they aren't particularly smooth, especially at low speeds. View photos There's a saloon version, too, which makes a change Credit: Sebastien Mauroy More Better by far are the longer wheelbase estate and saloon, which have a more balanced chassis response and a calmer ride quality, especially on the 18-inch wheels of the 2.0-litre hybrid driveline. It's a way short of the very best in the class, but the handling is sharp and there's even a bit of fun in there, particularly the way the nose tightens its line if you lift off the accelerator. If you are after a British-built hatchback, your choice is between the Astra and Corolla. If you want a hybrid drivetrain, then the Corolla stands alone. Drive long distances on relatively open roads, however, and you'll simply not achieve the hybrid’s claimed fuel consumption. The Corolla is well short of the best in class dynamically, but it's well built, attractive and some of the models are even pretty good to drive. Toyota Corolla – facts and specifications TESTED 1,798cc, four-cylinder petrol engine with twin synchronous 600-volt electric motors and a lithium-ion battery, epicyclic transmission, front-wheel drive PRICE/ON SALE £21,300 to £30,340 (as tested from £27,340)March POWER/TORQUE Engine: 96bhp @ 5,200rpm, 105lb ft @ 3,600rpm Electric motor: 71bhp/120lb ft Total system output: 118bhp @ 5,200rpm TOP SPEED 112mph ACCELERATION 0-62mph in 10.9sec FUEL ECONOMY 55-65mpg (WLTP Combined). On test 47.8mpg CO2 EMISSIONS 83g/km (on 17in wheels) VED £105 first year, then £140 VERDICT The twelfth version of the world's most popular car name plate is a big improvement over the Auris it replaces. It's good looking and the tax benefits of the mainly hybrid range are undeniable, but you won't achieve the claimed fuel savings unless you drive a lot in town. Also, rivals are streets ahead dynamically. TELEGRAPH RATING Four out of five stars Toyota Corolla – main rivals Volkswagen Golf, from £17,785 Things get pretty expensive pretty quickly in the Golf brochure, but the fact is that it is Europe's bestselling car with good reason. The 1.5-litre turbo petrol suits the size and weight well and the DSG gearbox is (now) smooth and reliable. Ford Focus, from £18,300 The latest Focus is one of the standout cars of its class with a sparkling update on cabin design, lots of space and unrivalled ride and handling (provided you buy the more expensive independent suspension). No plug-in hybrid as yet, but we're expecting one soon. Vauxhall Astra, from £18,350 Carving almost 100kg out of the Astra for its last revision proved that there was a good car under the skin all along. Lithe and brisk, the 1.4-litre is a terrific driving machine with a great ride quality. Along with the Corolla, it is one of the last British-built family hatchbacks. Kia Ceed, from £17,480 All new last year, this third generation of the Ceed is well built, with a stiff bodyshell and independent rear suspension across the range. The engines are throaty, though, the twin-clutch semi-auto gearbox isn't the smoothest, nor is the cabin the last word in design and taste. A seven-year warranty persuades a lot of buyers, however.
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    Razer retrench 2% staffs, welcum to jodless club

    i dun play games on such a small screen and gaming need lot of power.
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    Glue trap, to trap human

  4. A man who was caught on video allegedly pickpocketing another man at a taxi stand outside Ang Mo Kio Hub was charged in court on Tuesday (19 February). Azman Addon, 51, faces one count of stealing a black wallet worth $602 from the victim on Valentine’s Day. He will be back in court on 5 March. The video of the alleged incident was sent to the Stomp citizen journalism site, where it was uploaded on 15 February. It has since garnered over 32,000 views. Accused on remission order According to court documents, Azman was on a remission order when he allegedly committed the theft offence. It was not stated what his earlier offence was. If convicted on the current theft charge, Azman will have to serve the remainder of his previous jail term in addition to his new sentence for the theft offence. According to a Straits Times report, Azman was filmed by a witness who spotted his alleged pickpocketing attempt. Known in the report as Ayihtnas, the witness said she shouted to alert the victim when Azman allegedly walked away with his wallet. The victim then chased after Azman and got his wallet back. He later made a police report. The police managed to establish Azman’s identity through ground enquiries and police cameras. Azman was arrested on Monday. If convicted, Azman faces a jail term of up to three years along with a possible fine. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/alleged-pickpocket-caught-video-ang-mo-kio-hub-charged-043519119.html
  5. A US couple have been charged with neglect after allegedly feeding their baby a homemade ‘vegan formula’ that left him so malnourished he almost died. The Florida parents, Julia French, 20, and Robert Buskey, 31, both follow a vegan lifestyle and appeared to want their five-month-old son to also be raised on a plant-based diet, however they rejected the organic baby formula prescribed by a doctor. “At one point, when the child was doing good and healthy and gaining weight, he was on an organic formula and they changed it on their own,” said Detective Lauren Watson, of the Titusville Police Department, told WFTV. The couple then chose to stop using the organic formula and began feeding their son, who hasn’t been named, a homemade vegan recipe made from mashed potato. They claim to have found the formula online, but could not tell police why they had chosen to switch from the doctor-prescribed organic formula to the potato-based concoction, and could have easily afforded the organic formula. Having been born at 3.4 kilos by five months old the boy weighed only 3.8 kilos, showing a meagre 400 gram weight gain in the months since his birth. According to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) he was also visibly malnourished, with protruding ribs and sunken eyes. Court papers report he was 'lethargic and not crying' when he was first taken into custody, and 'had difficulties maintaining his temperature and sugar due to dehydration and malnourishment.' “I've never seen a child to this level, this close to possible death,” Watson said. Previous cases in the US and other countries have seen babies die after being fed strict vegan diets, a Belgian baby dying in 2017 after his parents fed him vegetable milk made of oak, buckwheat, rice, and quinoa. The baby was seven months old and weighed just 4 kilos, almost 4 kilos underweight, and his organs had shrunk to half their normal size. Buskey and French’s son is now in the care of DCF and has put on 150 grams in the last three days, however during booking Buskey appeared to contest the medical reports about his son’s malnourished state. Both Buskey and French now stand accused of ignoring their doctor’s advice regarding their child’s nutrition and have been charged with neglect for recognising their son’s malnourished state and failing to do anything about it. They are both currently being held in Brevard County Jail. https://honey.nine.com.au/2019/02/17/13/49/vegan-baby-almost-died-fed-homemade-potato-formula
  6. As Singapore’s professional football league begins its 24th season on 2 March, it will be live-streaming all 126 of its matches online for the first time ever. The move was announced by Football Association of Singapore (FAS) general secretary Yazeen Buhari as he laid out the Singapore Premier League’s (SPL) targets and objectives on Tuesday (19 February), ahead of the new season’s curtain-raiser, the Community Shield, at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Saturday. When the live-streaming of SPL matches was introduced last season, it garnered a total of 1.17 million views for 98 matches that were streamed online. This has given the FAS confidence to expand the SPL’s online live coverage this coming season. “Apart for it being a cheaper option than TV broadcasts, statistics have also shown that people prefer to watch the live matches on mobile devices,” Yazeen told Yahoo News Singapore. “We are planning enhancements to the viewing experience with additional previews and half-time shows, as compared to just straightforward live-streaming last season.” Average attendance doubled from 2017 to 2018 A better viewing experience at lower operating costs – this is the ongoing objective of the SPL since it was rebranded from the S-League in 2018. In its first season, the SPL enjoyed a spike in crowd figures – from a paltry average attendance of 900 in 2017 to about 1,800 last year. The upcoming season will see some dramatic changes in a bid to enhance the viewing experience for paying fans, with the eight Singapore-based SPL clubs sharing four stadiums for the first time in league history. Brunei DPMM will continue to use their home ground in Bandar Seri Begawan. The four stadiums are: Jalan Besar Stadium (for Young Lions and Hougang United), Bishan Stadium (for Home United and Balestier Khalsa), Jurong East Stadium (for Albirex Niigata (Singapore) and Warriors FC) and Our Tampines Hub (for Tampines Rovers and Geylang International). With fewer stadiums, FAS is able to focus on improving the crowd experience at the four stadiums, where there would be upgraded sound systems, individual seats for all spectators, and bigger Jumbotrons and LED billboards all around the venues. Teams will also enjoy upgraded dressing-room facilities such as individual lockers, massage beds and white boards. “For the four clubs which have moved – Hougang, Balestier, Warriors FC and Geylang – they will still train at their original stadiums,” said Yazeen. “And since the FAS is helping to pay for the upgraded facilities and fan experience, we would expect those clubs to continue their community and outreach projects to bring more fans to the clubs.” With better crowd viewing experiences, he expects that crowd figures will continue to rise despite online live coverage of the full slate of SPL matches this season. Youth development, and Albirex’s dominance Last season, FAS introduced a major policy on youth development for all local SPL clubs. The six teams – Home, Tampines, Balestier, Geylang, Hougang and Warriors FC – had to include at least six Under-23 players in their squads, with three starting every game. This policy has led to the number of U-23 players in these clubs to nearly double in one season – from 33 in 2017 to 65 last year. Some clubs had even taken in more U-23 players than their requirements. Yazeen believes this augurs well for the league’s objective of putting youth development as a central focus. Nevertheless, he is also adamant that the SPL clubs have to meet the high bar of excellence that defending champions Albirex have set in recent years. The Singapore-based Japanese feeder club had swept all four trophies last season – the Community Shield, the SPL, the League Cup and the Singapore Cup. They are the three-time defending league champions, and are also winners of both Cups for the past four seasons. Even though FAS has insisted that they have to fulfil new requirements – sign a minimum of four local U-21 players, start a minimum of two of them and have two of them playing throughout the first half of their SPL matches – a revamped Albirex team still remain a daunting opponent for the other clubs. However, Yazeen said, “Some of the other clubs’ chairmen have expressed to me their concerns about the situation and the issue of motivation among their clubs due to Albirex’s dominance. “But I view Albirex’s dominance as a benchmark for all the clubs to aspire to. It’s not just on the pitch where they excelled, but also off the pitch with their organisation and community outreach. “The last thing we want to do is to bring that quality down in order to get the other SPL clubs to be on a par with them. Having more local players in their squad is not because we want to make them less dominant, but so that the younger local players get a valuable chance to learn from Albirex.” With clubs like Hougang and Home United boosting their squads with talented new signings, Yazeen is confident that Albirex will find it much tougher to stay dominant this season, starting with Saturday’s Community Shield clash with Home United. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-premier-league-live-stream-126-matches-season-084806397.html
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    Which whisky brand to get?

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    Which whisky brand to get?

    Which whisky brand for drinking? For drinking any good single malt for drinking? which whisky brand for cooking like Baileys Irish Cream? Is johnnie walker red label good enough?
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    Quiet Commercial Area Series

    Area 173 Area 174 Area 175 Area 176 Click below to go to the next quiet commercial area series Area 177 coming soon
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    Quiet Commercial Area Series

    All are taken during 11am to 6pm and on peak days Quiet Commercial area series Area 1
  11. Give me free i also dont want, i got better thing to do
  12. Creamy Sauce chicken with noodles and fried fish roe
  13. take video more important
  14. SINGAPORE - National carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) has reassured passengers that small cameras attached to the in-flight entertainment system on some of its planes are not being used. Some customers had said that they got the feeling they were being watched as they watched movies and used other entertainment options on their journeys. However, an SIA spokesman told The Straits Times: “The camera is permanently disabled and cannot be activated on board." The in-flight entertainment systems installed with a camera are manufactured by Panasonic and Thales, and can be found on the Airbus 350, A-380, Boeing 777-300ER and B 787-10 planes, the airline said. “These newer in-flight entertainment screens and handsets are provided by the original equipment manufacturers,” the spokesman said. “Do allow us to reiterate that we have no plans to enable or develop any features using the cameras.” The same AVANT in-flight entertainment system developed by French aerospace firm Thales has been ordered or installed on more than 1,600 aircraft by major carriers, Thales says on its website. They include Japan Airlines, Emirates, American Airlines, China Southern and Hainan Airlines. Passenger Vitaly Kamluk, who spotted the camera on a recent SIA flight, said in a tweet: "Just found this interesting sensor looking at me from the seat back on board of Singapore Airlines. "Any expert opinion of whether this a camera? Perhaps @SingaporeAir could clarify how it is used?" The airline replied to him with the same assurance that "there are no plans to develop any features using the cameras". SIA said further: "We would like to share that some of our newer in-flight entertainment systems provided by the original equipment manufacturers do have a camera embedded in the hardware." https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/sia-assures-customers-that-in-flight-entertainment-cameras-are-not-being-used
  15. SINGAPORE: Local footballer Benjamin Davis has defaulted on his National Service (NS) obligations, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said on Monday (Feb 18). “Mr Benjamin Davis is a National Service (NS) defaulter," said MINDEF in response to Channel NewsAsia's queries. "He failed to report for NS as required. He is also staying overseas without a valid Exit Permit. Mr Davis has committed offences under the Enlistment Act, and is liable upon conviction to a fine of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 years.” Davis, 18, signed a two-year contract with newly promoted English Premier League (EPL) side Fulham, the club announced in July last year. He is the first Singaporean to sign a professional contract with a top-tier English club. The former Singapore Sports School student had joined Fulham on a two-year scholarship deal in July 2017. His application to defer his national service (NS) enlistment was rejected by MINDEF, who said he did not “meet the criteria for long-term deferment from full-time NS". "As all male Singaporeans liable for full-time NS put aside personal pursuits to dutifully enlist and serve their NS, it would not be fair to approve applications for deferment for individuals to pursue their own careers and development,” MINDEF had said in a statement. "Very few applications have been approved over the years and based on criteria which are made known to the public. In sports, deferments are granted only to those who represent Singapore in international competitions like the Olympic Games and are potential medal winners for Singapore. In the last 15 years, only three have met this criteria.” In response, his father, Mr Harvey Davis, said a deferment would have allowed his son to pursue his dream of playing in the EPL and “make Singapore proud by being the first Singaporean to play in the EPL”. Speaking in Parliament in August last year, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen had stressed that NS obligations are “crucial to our nation’s survival”, as he referred to a 2017 written judgement by the Appellate High Court during an appeal on the sentencing of NS defaulters. The judges said that every male Singaporean must serve NS at the time he is required to under the Enlistment Act, “without regard to his personal convenience and considerations”. “The Enlistment Act is blind to 'personal convenience and considerations’, no matter how talented the individual or exceptional his circumstances,” Dr Ng said. Continuing on that theme, Dr Ng added deferment is granted to individuals very selectively, “if their deferment serves Singapore’s interest first and foremost, never their own”. Source: CNA/mt
  16. Last Friday, as Chinese scientists were breaking new ground into the quantum pigeonhole effect, and a group in California were isolating an early onset Alzheimer’s gene mutation, some Malaysian minds were toiling on a far more pressing matter. Perpetuating the raging debate that ended when Magellan didn’t fall off a ledge as he circumnavigated the Earth hundreds of years ago, Sinar Harian — a widely circulated newspaper — asked their readers via Twitter exactly what shape they thought our planet was: round, or flat. We’re not sure whether we’re even surprised anymore that 9 percent of those who took the time to take a poll whose question was answered in Standard 1 science believe that the Earth is flat, but it was slightly shocking to have a publication whose purpose is to separate fact from fiction jumping into the “debate.” Or is it? Believe it or not, this isn’t Sinar Harian’s first dive into flat earth chatter, with an article debating the Earth’s shape having made their front page two years ago. Inside, you’d have found four pages dedicated to the sphere naysayers out there explaining why they reckon it’s all just a hoax to make us think beyond a two-dimensional plane. Curious as to what pearls of wisdom they’d like for you to consider? Well — haven’t you wondered why the shape of America looks different now, than it did 50 years ago? No? Neither have we, but this is something they’d like for you to open your hearts and minds to. While we may have been left shaking our heads, the rest of the internet was able to provide comic relief to the question posited by our modern-day Newton’s over at Sinar Harian. Here were some of the best: We know we shouldn’t even bother entertaining this “debate,” but for the record — the Earth is round. Spacecraft, aircraft, and distant objects can confirm this. Not for nothing, but by observing eclipses, even the ancient Greeks were able to surmise that the only way a round shadow could be consistently cast was if the Earth was round. If you’re too broke to take a space ship, or the Concorde, and not quite ready for the advanced geometry of the Parthenon, then here’s some pretty basic maths to break it down for you. Sigh. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/flat-attack-national-newspaper-asks-102017083.html
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    Which whisky brand to get?

    thanks a lot, then i get JD. thanks
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    Do you like Indonesian Rupiah banknotes?

    i like 10000 one
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    Which whisky brand to get?

    i need some for making Baileys Irish Cream, so i can make ice cream Also wanted to know drinking whisky which one is good
  20. ULAANBAATAR (Reuters) - A Mongolian regulator said it will suspend operations at KFC restaurants temporarily to conduct inquiries, as 42 people were hospitalized and hundreds showed food poisoning symptoms after eating at one of the outlets of the fast-food chain. The incident occurred at the Zaisan outlet in Ulaanbaatar last week due to its contaminated water supply, the city's Metropolitan Professional Inspection Agency said, adding that 247 people had reported symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. The Zaisan restaurant has already been shut for checks, an official at the agency told Reuters on Tuesday. "We will carry out inspections for the other KFC branches from Feb. 18-21 and suspend their operations when we do the inspections," the official added. The regulator had previously said it had suspended all the local KFC outlets. KFC, which is part of Yum Brands Inc, has at least 11 restaurants in the country, according to its website. Ganbat Danzanbaatar, general manager of KFC Mongolia, said apart from the Zaisan outlet, all KFC restaurants were open. KFC opened its first restaurant in Mongolia in 2013 and all its restaurants are in the capital. They are operated by its franchise partner, Mongolian conglomerate Tavan Bogd Group. "We deeply regret the negative impact that many people have suffered, especially to our guests of the Zaisan restaurant, and we are working to support our team members and customers during this difficult time," a KFC Global spokeswoman told Reuters. "KFC Mongolia is cooperating fully with the government's investigation and recommendations around addressing the source of the incident. This includes a thorough investigation of all KFC Mongolia restaurants, and specifically into determining the exact cause of the reported incident," she said in an email. Tavan Bogd apologized in a separate statement, saying the incident had happened due to weak internal quality checks and that daily standards and rules were poorly implemented. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/mongolia-suspends-kfc-outlets-hundreds-show-food-poisoning-030029822--finance.html