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    BREAKING: Had 1st cai png meal in AMDK land

    Wtf entree
  2. KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian minister has suggested a "third bridge" linking Johor and Singapore to ease congestion experienced by those who commute across both countries daily, as he waded into an ongoing debate on whether to replace the Malaysian side of the Causeway with a "crooked bridge". Malaysia's Land Minister Xavier Jayakumar on Thursday (Oct 18) suggested a new bridge crossing from Johor's Pasir Gudang industrial area to Pulau Punggol Barat in Singapore. There are currently two land links into Johor - the Causeway in Woodlands and the Second Link bridge in Tuas. Pulau Punggol Barat is located near Seletar Airport. The idea to replace part of the Causeway with a "crooked bridge" was revived this week by Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian, who said he had recently raised the issue with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Tun Mahathir in 2002 raised the "crooked bridge" idea, or a "half bridge", as Singapore wanted to retain its half of the Causeway. But the plan was dropped in 2006 by Tun Abdullah Badawi. Mr Abdullah took over as prime minister in late-2003. The project was dubbed the crooked bridge as the infrastructure would involve a six-lane, S-shaped road that would allow vessels to pass underneath. Mr Jayakumar, a vice-president in Parti Keadilan Rakyat - a member of the ruling Pakatan Harapan government - said on Thursday that having a third land link between Johor and Singapore would make more sense than replacing the Malaysian side of the Causeway with a bridge. "In my opinion... Malaysia and Singapore are in dire need of a third bridge, crooked or otherwise. At present, those who commute across both countries on a daily basis are well aware of the long and arduous hours to get across the present two bridges namely the Causeway and the Second Link," he said in a statement. "The issue continues to plague motorists, with the heavy traffic jam becoming much worse during the festive season." Malaysia's Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali said on Wednesday that the "crooked bridge" project at the Causeway is not an immediate priority due to current economic conditions. Dr Mahathir, asked by reporters on Thursday, said Malaysia could build the "crooked bridge" to replace its half of the Causeway without asking Singapore for permission. But a proposal to build a "third bridge" joining Johor and Singapore, would need consent from the Republic, he added. “This came from Johor (menteri besar). They said they want to build the crooked bridge, but someone said it’s not the crooked bridge but a third bridge,” he said. “If we build a third bridge, we will need Singapore’s consent, but Singapore might not want to give their consent." Meanwhile, a spokesman from Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that the Republic has "not received any official proposal or communications from Malaysia related to the construction of a crooked bridge or any other new link between Singapore and Malaysia". https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/malaysian-minister-suggests-third-bridge-from-johors-pasir-gudang-to-punggol
  3. @Thor your hammer is found on earth. but why so small The rare sandstone amulet was found at a previously unexplored site in Þjórsárdalur, southern Iceland, according to Iceland Magazine. The Viking treasure, which was meant to be worn around the neck, was located on a once Viking-era farmstead, as reported by Iceland Review. This is the first-ever sandstone amulet shaped like the mythological Thor’s Hammer believed to be found in Iceland. Archaeologists found the treasure after a local resident directed them to the area. And it wasn't the only rare item the experts dug up at the site. Among the precious collectables archaeologists discovered, there was a "whet", used for sharpening blades, an iron pick and a bucke, Iceland Magazine wrote. The Hammer of Thor is a very important symbol in ancient mythology, representing the immense power of the Norse god of lightening. During the Viking era, miniature of Thor's Hammers were worn as religious amulets to honour the god. About 50 specimens of these amulets have been found in Scandinavia, where Norse gods were widely honoured between the 9th and 11th century. Earlier this year, a silver Hammer amulet was found on an island in the Baltic Sea. More Viking's artefacts have been found recently. Archaeologists in Norway recently discovered an extremely rare Viking longship using groundbreaking radar technology, a finding hailed as "sensational" by the archaeology community. And in nearby Sweden, 8-year-old girl Saga Vanecek found a 1500-year-old Viking sword in lake Vidösten in Southern Sweden. In a Facebook post, her father Andy described what happened, writing: "Just minutes before the opening kick of the battle between France and Crotia in the 2018 Soccer World Cup in July, there was a reminder of a possible battle from over a thousand years ago. "It was July 15th that 8 year old Saga Vanecek stumbled upon something special in the muddy clay on the bottom of Lake Vidösten in southern Sweden. "She picked up the object, lifted it high above her head, and shouted as if she was Pippi Longstocking, 'DADDY! I FOUND A SWORD'!" https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1033905/thor-hammer-viking-discovered-iceland-archaeology-latest
  4. SINGAPORE - An SBS Transit bus driver will be taken to task for driving dangerously on Oct 12. In a video posted to Facebook, the bus can be seen travelling on Fullerton Road in what appears to be the direction of The Fullerton Hotel and Esplanade Drive. The bus with service number 57 cuts leftwards across three lanes of traffic, towards a bus stop. It then veers again, two lanes to the right. In a statement on Friday evening, Ms Tammy Tan, senior vice-president of corporate communications at SBS Transit, said: "We do not condone the driving behaviour of this bus captain and will be taking disciplinary action against him." https://www.facebook.com/Freddy921/videos/10156956477886042/ https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/driver-who-drove-bus-across-3-lanes-of-traffic-taken-to-task-by-sbs-transit
  5. BRUSSELS: Singapore and the European Union (EU) on Friday (Oct 19) inked a landmark trade deal that will eliminate tariffs and give businesses across various sectors, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), better market access. Taking place on the sidelines of the 12th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit in Brussels, the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) was signed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council president Donald Tusk and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Austria is the current president of the EU Council. The leaders also witnessed the signing of the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement (EUSIPA) – a pact that will replace 12 existing bilateral investment treaties between Singapore and EU member states to offer better investment protection – and the EU-Singapore Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (ESPCA). The 28-member European bloc is Singapore’s biggest foreign investor, as well as the third largest trading partner with bilateral trade in goods exceeding S$98 billion last year. The EU was also Singapore’s largest market for services trade at more than S$74 billion in 2016. On the other hand, Singapore is the EU’s biggest trading partner in goods and services within Southeast Asia. The newly signed EUSFTA – described by Mr Lee in an interview with BBC Radio 4 on Friday morning as an “ambitious” trade pact that is “very important” for the Singapore economy – is expected to boost trade between Singapore and the EU by 10 per cent within five years of entering into force. For Singapore, total trade will likely gain 1.1 per cent, translating into a 0.27 per cent increase in gross domestic product, said a statement from Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). MTI said the EUSFTA will pave the way for greater market access and more government procurement opportunities for businesses, as well as the removal of tariffs and reduction of non-tariff barriers, among other things. For instance, Singapore will eliminate tariffs on all EU products entering Singapore, the EU will also remove tariffs on 84 per cent of Singapore products entering the EU, and do so for the remaining 16 per cent over the next three to five years. The deal also includes flexible rules of origin for key exports such as automobiles, electronics and pharmaceuticals from Singapore and the EU into each other’s markets. Notably, the EUSFTA will have the concept of “ASEAN cumulation” for key exports from Singapore. This means that materials sourced from other ASEAN member countries can now be deemed as originating from Singapore and qualify for tariff concessions. It also marks the first bilateral trade deal to secure enhanced market access for Asian food products made in Singapore. Products like roti prata can now enter the EU without tariffs, up to a combined quota of 1,250 tonnes annually. Market access into a wide range of services sectors, including financial services and professional services, will also be enhanced, while Singapore firms can look forward to “sizable” government procurement opportunities at both the city and municipal levels. A BOON FOR BUSINESSES, ESPECIALLY SMEs In a separate interview with Singapore reporters ahead of the signing, Communications and Information Minister S Iswaran said while the EUSFTA is set to benefit businesses across the board, SMEs can gain more due to better transparency and clarity in how they can venture into the EU or Singapore market. Home-grown firms that Channel NewsAsia spoke to said they are looking forward to broadening their ventures in the EU. Instant noodle maker Tat Hui Foods, for one, said the elimination of tariffs will help make its brands, like Koka, more competitive. “In Europe, Singapore products are seen as good but expensive. The FTA will help us to be more competitive price wise,” said executive director James Lim. “Singapore has a good name, good food safety standards so we need this extra plus to get into more markets.” The United Kingdom is the company’s biggest market in Europe but Mr Lim said he is not too worried about the impending Brexit for now. In turn, he is pinning his hopes for the EUSFTA to boost sales from other EU markets, such as France and Spain. CapitaLand is also gearing up for more investments in commercial real estate and looking to expand its lodging portfolio in Europe. CapitaLand International’s chief executive Gerald Yong said: “We stand to benefit from the expected uptick in flow of investment, expatriates and business travellers in both markets, which will in turn generate greater demand for our lodging and commercial properties. “We can also look forward to greater competitive edge and equal treatment as EU companies when bidding for contracts in the region.” WHAT HAPPENS NEXT But beyond bilateral economic benefits, the signing of the EUSFTA has a “larger signalling effect” given the backdrop of brewing trade tensions between the United States and China, Mr Iswaran said. “Whilst there are these larger trade frictions, it’s important that like-minded nations come together and continue the momentum in terms of building on the rules-based multilateral system so that we can create opportunities for our businesses and our people,” he said. Negotiations for the EUSFTA began in 2010 and were concluded in 2014. However, the ratification was delayed after the European Commission decided to ask the court in 2015 if the EU had the exclusive competence to sign and conclude the EUSFTA. Now that it is signed, the EUSFTA and EUSIPA will be discussed and voted upon by the European Parliament – a process likely to take place in the first quarter of 2019. Once approved, the EUSFTA can be ratified and entered into force. Mr Iswaran said he shared the optimism of European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom for a speedy ratification. “(Malmstrom) was very optimistic that the EUSFTA can get full support by sometime in the first quarter of next year so our own hope is for the FTA to come to a full closure sometime in the first half of next year.” In the case of the EUSIPA, which needs to be ratified by each of the 28 EU member states, Mr Iswaran said it might be “more tricky” but he remains hopeful given that individual EU member states recognise the need for trade pacts to help their businesses venture into Singapore and the rest of Asia. On Singapore’s future trade ties with Britain, Mr Lee said in his interview with BBC Radio 4 that Singapore hopes to continue arrangements with the country, whether or not it is inside the EU. The UK, which voted to leave the EU in a referendum in 2016, is set to exit the bloc at the end of next March. It remains, however, in talks with the EU on the terms of exit. Britain stays in the EUSFTA for now but in a post-Brexit scenario, a “short form agreement” could be feasible between both countries, said Mr Lee. This could involve using the EUSFTA as a reference point and have the benefits applied to Britain in the separate deal. ““In the first instance, we can do what the trade people call in their jargon a short-form agreement, which is basically to continue to do with Britain what we have agreed to do with the EU as if you were still inside it. “And then we have time to work some better, long-term arrangements over time,” said Mr Lee, who revealed that he has discussed this possibility with UK Prime Minister Theresa May and he thinks “it can be done”. Source: CNA/na(ra) https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-eu-ink-landmark-free-trade-agreement-10846210
  6. The Army has successfully fired a 155mm artillery round 62 kilometers (38.5 miles) - marking a technical breakthrough in the realm of land-based weapons and progressing toward its stated goal of being able to outrange and outgun Russian and Chinese weapons. “We just doubled the range of our artillery at Yuma Proving Ground,” Gen. John Murray, Commanding General of Army Futures Command, told reporters at the recent Association of the United States Army Annual Symposium. Currently, most land-fired artillery shot from an M777 Towed Howitzer or Self-Propelled Howitzer are able to pinpoint targets out to 30km (18.6 miles) - so hitting 62km marks a substantial leap forward in offensive attack capability. Murray was clear that the intent of the effort, described as Extended Range Cannon Artillery, is specifically aimed at regaining tactical overmatch against Russian and Chinese weapons. “The Russian and Chinese have been able to outrange most of our systems,” Murray said. Citing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “wake-up call,” Murray explained that Russian weaponry, tactics and warfare integration caused a particular concern among Army leaders. “In Ukraine, we saw the pairing of drones with artillery, using drones as spotters. Their organizational structure and tactics were a wake-up call for us to start looking at a more serious strategy,” Murray explained. The Army’s 2015 Combat Vehicle Modernization Strategy specifically cites concerns about Russia’s use of advanced weapons and armored vehicles in Ukraine. “The Russians are using their most advanced tanks in the Ukraine, including the T-72B3, T-80, and T-90. All of these tanks have 125mm guns capable of firing a wide range of ammunition, including anti-tank/anti-helicopter missiles with a six-kilometer range, and advanced armor protection, including active protection on some models,” the strategy writes. ERCA is one of several current initiatives intended to address this. Accordingly, the Army is now prototyping artillery weapons with a larger caliber tube and new grooves to hang weights for gravity adjustments to the weapon – which is a modified M777A2 mobile howitzer. The new ERCA weapon is designed to hit ranges greater than 70km (43.5 miles), Army developers said. “When you are talking about doubling the range you need a longer tube and a larger caliber. We will blend this munition with a howitzer and extend the range. We are upgrading the breach and metallurgy of the tube, changing the hydraulics to handle increased pressure and using a new ram jet projectile – kind of like a rocket,” a senior Army weapons developer told Warrior Maven in an interview earlier this year. The modification adds 1,000 pounds to the overall weight of the weapon and an additional six feet of cannon tube. The ERCA systems also uses a redesigned cab, new breech design and new “muzzle brake,” the official explained. “The ERCA program develops not only the XM907 cannon but also products, such as the XM1113 rocket-assisted projectile, the XM654 supercharge, an autoloader, and new fire control system,” an Army statement said. As part of an effort to ensure the heavy M777 is sufficiently mobile, the Army recently completed a “mobility” demonstration of ERCA prototypes. The service demonstrated a modified M777A2 Howitzer with an integration kit for the mass mock-up of the modified XM907 ERCA cannon at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. "Their [user] concern is that when the self-propelled program is done they will be left with a towed cannon variant that they can't tow around, which is its number one mode of transportation," David Bound, M777ER Lead, Artillery Concepts and Design Branch, which is part of the Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center, or ARDEC, said in an Army statement earlier this year. The ERCA is currently being configured to fire from an M109a8 Self-Propelled Howitzer, using a 58-Cal. tube; the existing M109a7, called the Paladin Integrated Management, fires a 39-Cal. weapon. ERCA changes the Army’s land war strategic calculus in a number of key respects, by advancing the Army’s number one modernization priority – long-range precision fires. This concept of operations is intended to enable mechanized attack forces and advancing infantry with an additional stand-0ff range or protective sphere with which to conduct operations. Longer range precision fire can hit enemy troop concentrations, supply lines and equipment essential to a coordinated attack, while allowing forces to stay farther back from incoming enemy fire. A 70-kilometer target range is, by any estimation, a substantial leap forward for artillery; when GPS guided precision 155mm artillery rounds, such as Excalibur, burst into land combat about ten years ago - its strike range was reported at roughly 30 kilometers. A self-propelled Howitzer able to hit 70-kilometers puts the weapon on par with some of the Army’s advanced land-based rockets - such as its precision-enabled Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System which also reaches 70-kilometers. In a modern threat environment, wherein near-peer and smaller-level rivals increasingly possess precision-guided land weapons, longer-range C4ISR technology and drone weapons, increasing range is a ubiquitous emphasis across the Army and other services. Russia’s violations of the INF treaty, new S-500 air defenses, new Armata tanks and fast-growing attack drone fleet - are all areas of concern among US Army weapons developers. In fact, senior Army developers specifically say that the ERCA program is, at least in part, designed to enable the Army to out-range rival Russian weapons. The Russian military is currently producing its latest howitzer cannon, the 2S33 Msta-SM2 variant; it is a new 2A79 152mm cannon able to hit ranges greater than 40km, significantly greater than the 25km range reachable by the original Russian 2S19 Msta - which first entered service in the late 1980s, according to data from globalsecurity.org. Earlier this year, statements from the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation said that 2S19 Msta-S modernized self-propelled howitzers were fielded near Volgograd, Russia. The 2S19 Msta-S howitzers are equipped with an automated fire control system with an increased rate of fire, digital electronic charts, ballistic computers and satellite navigation systems, the report says. Therefore, doing the simple math, a 70km US Army ERCA weapon would appear to substantially outrange the 40km Msta-S modern Russian howitzer. While senior Army weapons developers welcome the possibility of longer-range accurate artillery fire, they also recognize that its effectiveness hinges upon continued development of sensor, fire control and target technology. “Just because I can shoot farther, that does not mean I solve the issue. I have to acquire the right target. We want to be able to hit moving targets and targets obscured by uneven terrain,” the senior Army developer said. In a concurrent related effort, the Army is also engineering an adaptation to existing 155mm rounds which will extend range an additional 10km out to 40km. Fired from an existing Howitzer artillery cannon, the new XM1113 round uses ram jet rocket technology to deliver more thrust to the round. "The XM1113 uses a large high-performance rocket motor that delivers nearly three times the amount of thrust when compared to the legacy M549A1 RAP," Ductri Nguyen, XM1113 Integrated Product Team Lead.” "Its exterior profile shape has also been streamlined for lower drag to achieve the 40-plus kilometers when fired from the existing fielded 39-caliber 155mm weapon systems." Soldiers can also integrate the existing Precision Guidance Kit to the artillery shells as a way to add a GPS-guided precision fuse to the weapon. The new adapted round also uses safer Insensitive Munition Explosives. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/major-breakthrough-army-artillery-hits-target-at-38-miles-doubling-range
  7. A gang rape case involving twelve rapists, including at least one military personnel, is the latest case to rock India, which is fast being dubbed the rape capital of the world – what with about 100 sexual assault cases being reported to the police each day, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. In this latest case, a 19-year-old student was abducted from a bus stop in Mahendergarh, Haryana in North India by two men. According to the Times of India, the teenager was offered water that was possibly spiked, then thrown into a car before she was taken to a house about 40 km away. At the house, more men arrived and reportedly took their turns raping the teenager. At least 12 men are believed to have taken part in the gang rape which occurred over an eight-hour period, according to the press. The assailants then drove the victim back to the bus stop, called her family to collect her and dumped her. According to the victim’s family, the teenager has been left with a severe injuries to her back, shoulders and genitals. The teenager, who is presently undergoing treatment at a local hospital, has also been left unable to speak after the traumatising ordeal. Her mother told The Times of India: “She has severe pain in her throat, and is unable to talk or swallow anything. They probably held her by the throat, which led to this pain.” The police have since revealed the identity of three suspects in efforts to locate the men who have fled town. While there have been no arrests as of yet, the three suspects for now have been identified as Nishu, Manish, and army man Pankaj. The police also believe that the suspects knew the girl and her family and had been stalking her before the pre-meditated attack. According to Lt Gen Cherish Mathson, the Indian Army will work with the authorities to bring Pankaj to justice: “If an army personnel is involved in the crime we will ensure that the person is caught and booked for rape. We do not shelter criminals.” http://pageseven.co/teenager-left-unable-to-speak-after-being-raped-by-up-to-12-men-for-eight-hours/
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  10. Twenty-two of the top 25 U.S. burger chains – including McDonald's, Burger King, White Castle and Five Guys – received a failing grade in a review assessing their practices and policies on antibiotics use in their beef products. Only two chains were given an "A" rating. The scores were published Wednesday in a report called "Chain Reaction IV: Burger Edition," which was produced by the Center for Food Safety, Consumer Reports, Food Animal Concerns Trust, U.S. PIRG Education Fund, Friends of the Earth, and Natural Resources Defense Council. The report says 22 chains received "F" grades "for lacking any announced policy to source beef raised without the routine use of antibiotics." Wendy's received a "D-" because 15 percent of its beef is sourced from producers that cut the use of tylosin, an antibiotic, by one-fifth, it says. Only two chains – Shake Shack and BurgerFi – received an "A" rating. "Both companies currently serve only beef raised without antibiotics," the report says. The report notes that while Fuddruckers, Steak 'n Shake and Farmer Boys – which received "F grades" – have no antibiotics policies, they offer a burger option made of beef raised without antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics in livestock can cause resistant bacteria to spread, putting humans at risk of developing life-threatening infections. The report says many meat producers give animals antibiotics to encourage quicker growth or stave off disease, calling it a routine practice. "When antibiotics stop working, diseases become harder to treat, life-saving surgeries riskier to perform, and a scrape on the knee can even turn deadly," Jean Halloran, director of Food Policy Initiatives in the advocacy division of Consumer Reports, said in a news release Wednesday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls antibiotic resistance "one of the biggest public health challenges of our time." The World Health Organization (WHO) calls it "one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today." "Each year in the U.S., at least 2 million people get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and at least 23,000 people die," the CDC says. The WHO says antibiotic resistance is a natural occurrence accelerated by the misuse of antibiotics in both animals and humans. In a statement, McDonald's spokesperson Lauren Altmin said "preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations is highly important" to the company. "In 2016, McDonald's fully implemented its pledge to no longer serve chicken treated with antibiotics important to human medicine in its US restaurants, which led to the 2018 implementation of an antibiotic use policy for broiler chicken in markets around the globe. McDonald's is currently finalizing a global antibiotics policy for beef, to begin roll out before the end of 2018," Altmin said. In-N-Out Burger said it "remains committed to beef that is raised without the use of antibiotics important to human medicine. We've had many discussions with our suppliers to explore ways to accomplish this goal." The report urges burger chains and lawmakers to take action. "While restaurants and major meat producers have critical roles to play in stopping the overuse of antibiotics, the government must also act to achieve the kind of lasting, industry-wide change needed to fully protect public health," the report says. "Policymakers should only allow beef producers to use medically important antibiotics under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian, and to treat animals diagnosed with an illness or to control a verified disease outbreak," it says. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/beef-antibiotics-mcdonalds-burger-king-five-guys-among-22-burger-chains-failing-grade
  11. Two days before the red ants sent a video about the last generation of pork dealers in Zhonglu , they were troubled by the story of no one taking over the family business. The dealer Li Laifa said helplessly, "Now the young people have gone to college, the children are very smart, no one will do this (selling pork) business." Really no young people will do it? Yes! And it is a beautiful college student, a popular online anchor, or a writer. It is not in Tiberia, nor in Singapore, it is in the East Gate Market in Taipei, Taiwan. According to Taiwan media reports, the sister named Zhang Caizhen, 28 years old, is a college student in the literature department of Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan. She had a stable and comfortable job at the bank during her college years, and she gave up her life three years ago to help her sell pork. This kind of pure temperament beauty and the smelly vegetable market are really a little difficult to associate with: The photo of the "Pump Princess" meat was transmitted to the Internet and became a new "house goddess", but it is also understandable that the smile is sweet, there is a dimple, a "first love face" and a filial piety Who will not be tempted? In an early interview, I said that some netizens came to buy pork in groups and asked how much to buy to get her social media contact. But the sister is very principled, saying that a contact does not want to add. Not only men, the aunts who sell vegetables together, I feel that I am willing to let go of this way, and there are not many young people who are hardworking and hardworking, and they are competing to "grab" home to be a wife. “A lot of people say that I have filial piety back to the booth to help but it’s hard to get but I think it’s all too common.” Having a job at the bank should be a good opportunity for many new students. Who would be willing to give up such a good and stable work in the environment, and slash the meat and sweat in the vegetable market? It turned out that after Zhang Caiyu graduated, my grandmother's physical condition went from bad to worse. My brother was in high school, my sister was an engineer, and my sister was an eldest daughter. So I decided to come back to help, but my father was worried when he was injured. So she can only collect money from simple, and learn to weigh. However, Zhang Caizhen was not willing to be a "vase", insisting on practicing the knife and cutting the pork himself. To do these things with the knife, there are a few scars on the hand. When the picking sister was working on the meat grinder in the pork stall, she had cut off a small finger. After that, the family was more worried about picking and not letting him touch the knife, so he could only practice when there was no guest. At the time, all media reports praised that it was hard to pick up the pork stalls at a young age, but I never thought that this would be considered a special thing. She is the kind of person who looks better than you and works harder than you. If you can run a pork stall by beauty, red ants can also sell pork. Helping the pork stalls over the years, I can only help to do light work before, and now I am already skilled in the knife. I know a piece of meat and a few pounds, and Zhang Caizhen is hard to grind. Cai said that she does not want to label herself as a "pork princess". She wants to be a professional "pork darling." Not only cut meat, but also all the knowledge about pigs, such as what parts are suitable for cooking, where the production is better, which one has higher nutritional value and so on. After these years of precipitation, the picking process not only improved the knife, but also saw the demand for a comprehensive pork reference book in the market, so I personally issued a book, the title is called "Dongmen Market three generations of meat. The porpoise of the squad is good." After the authors read it, everyone can become a pork expert, fully understand how to choose pork, and how to make pork into one of the most delicious dishes. here to read more: https://www.redants.sg/good-reads/story20181012-2019
  12. Dementia may begin in the womb when spelling mistakes in DNA store up problems for the future, a study by Cambridge University suggests. Researchers already knew that inherited mutations in some specific genes make people far more likely to develop neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. But a new study suggests that those same genes can go haywire even when people do not inherit risky variants from their parents. In tissue samples of the brains of 54 people, 40 of whom had varying forms of dementia, scientists discovered that half had spontaneous flaws in their DNA, which may have contributed to their illness. The scientists believe the genetic defects occurred before the people were even born, while they were embryos growing in the womb. And they fear that the same mutations may be carried by a huge number of the population, which is why dementia is so prevalent. “These spelling errors arise in our DNA as cells divide, and could explain why so many people develop diseases such as dementia when the individual has no family history,” said lead author Professor Patrick Chinnery “These mutations likely form when our brain develops before birth – in other words, they are sat there waiting to cause problems when we are older.” https://www.msn.com/en-sg/health/medical/dementia-may-begin-in-the-womb-new-study-suggests/ar-BBOBl8d?li
  13. Nothing but a little inter-college rivalry. A prankster just went on a spree of obtaining domain names to inflict some savage burns on the students of various local universities. At the risk of ruining the joke by explaining it too much, there is now a slew of university-related URLs that redirect people to another portal. The first of the format appeared last night: http://nusrejects.com, with NUS referring to the National University of Singapore. So in this case, the URL for folks who apparently weren’t good enough to enter NUS would be redirected to… the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) portal. Oof. http://nusrejects.com Since then, more of the URLs popped up, forwarding folks to other sites. Balance has been restored with NTU rejects being redirected to the NUS portal. http://nturejects.com Those who couldn’t make it to the Singapore Management University (SMU) were encouraged to be insurance agents. http://smurejects.com Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) rejects were surprisingly redirected to the SUSS site, presumably because there’d be nowhere else to go. http://sussrejects.com The same thing applied for Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) rejects. http://sitrejects.com Those who didn’t make it to the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) could seek help and counseling from the Samaritans of Singapore. http://sutdrejects.com For those looking for a joke about where people rejected by the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), well, does the university even reject anyone? https://sg.style.yahoo.com/someone-got-domain-names-troll-023309910.html
  14. SINGAPORE: A 49-year-old Thai national died at a construction site on Friday (Oct 19) after falling from a height of about 14m. The site is located at 80 Tuas South Boulevard, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said. "A 49-year-old Thai worker was shifting the zinc roof sheets on the roof of a workshop that was under construction when he stepped on the insulation layer and fell to the ground," the spokesperson added. "The height of the fall was about 14m. "The occupier is HCP Builders Pte Ltd and the employer is Eltraco Roofing System Pte Ltd. MOM is currently investigating and all work at height activity has been stopped." The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to the incident at 3.50pm. A male worker was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene at 4.13pm, SCDF added. Photos of the incident that were circulated on Facebook showed a man in work gear lying motionless on the ground. Source: CNA/na(ra)
  15. SINGAPORE: A national resource centre catering to arts freelancers and growing the number of venues offering arts programmes for Singaporeans - these were some of the initiatives featured in a new blueprint charting a fresh direction for the arts in Singapore. The Our SG Arts Plan, launched on Friday (Oct 19), details the focus areas for Singapore’s literary, performing and visual arts sectors over the next five years. The strategies were developed in close consultation with the arts community and other stakeholders through engagement sessions with the National Arts Council (NAC). Public feedback was also sought over a three-week public consultation in September this year. NAC CEO Rosa Daniel said the Our SG Arts Plan aims to support arts excellence in three ways: Building key capabilities, tapping digital technology and research. "Through coherent efforts working with our cultural institutions and key partners, we seek to collectively enhance opportunities for our artists and arts groups." She added that with more targeted strategies, the council hopes to have deeper engagement with existing audiences and to grow new ones as well. “We want to see the arts making a greater impact, particularly on the lives of families, including young and elderly Singaporeans. We hope we can all work together to champion the arts in Singapore,” Mrs Daniel said. For a start, the NAC is looking to conduct research and documentation, to better cater to audiences of various tastes and preferences. “Research is vital to help us understand our audiences and the effect our works have on them. Research and documentation will help us establish quality benchmarks in the various art forms," Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu said at the launch of the arts plan. With half of those in the arts sector working on a freelance basis, a dedicated resource centre will also be set up to support such arts professionals in 2019. The centre will allow arts freelancers access to various resources for diverse needs. This could range from such as professional skills development programmes, legal services and networking opportunities. Other future plans for Singapore's art scene include using it to bring people of different backgrounds together. The NAC said it will do so by bringing the arts closer to the community. The number of venues offering arts activities under its arts and culture nodes initiative – a programme that allows people to participate in art in the neighbourhood – will be increased from the current 17 to 22 over the next five years. Our SG Arts Plan follows the Renaissance City Plans two decades ago, and the Arts and Culture Strategic Review in 2012. Source: CNA/hm https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/our-sg-arts-plan-nac-support-freelancers-growing-audiences-10846132
  16. The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the largest and longest-running film event in Singapore. This year, its 29th edition will be held from 28 November to 9 December, across a diverse range of locations: from theatres at the Capitol and The Cathay to museums such as National Gallery Singapore and National Museum of Singapore, and even at youth lifestyle hub SCAPE. Dedicated to recognising local and regional cinematic talents, SGIFF will be casting the spotlight on Filipino filmmakers as the country celebrates its centennial anniversary of cinema this year. For an experience beyond the usual sit-in cinema, this year's festival is also offering free outdoor screenings at Gardens by the Bay for the first time. Here are three highlights worth getting out of bed for. Moonlight Cinema series at Gardens by the Bay Forget the freezing air-condition and pin-drop silence of a conventional cinema; SGIFF has partnered with Gardens by the Bay to host two free outdoor screenings amidst the attraction's lush botanic wonderland. The inaugural series beings with My Girl (USA, 1991) and My Girl (Thailand, 2003) — two coming-of-age films about the bittersweet experience of a first crush. 26 to 27 October, 9pm at Gardens by the Bay Spotlight on Filipino cinema The key films from the Philippines to be showcased include Season of the Devil by accomplished director Lav Diaz, a surreal and bleak musical drama set in the tumultuous martial law era in the Philippines, Shireen Seno’s magical-realist story Nervous Translation on the fantastical world inside a girl's head that won the Rotterdam 2018 NETPAC Award, and Manilla is Full of Men Named Boy, a strange story about a man who purchases a child to be his son just to impress his father. 28 November to 9 December Notable film screenings SGIFF opens with Cities of Last Things, an ambitious creation by Malaysian-born Ho Wi Ding who took on multiple roles as lead producer, writer, director and co-editor. Set in Taipei in the present year and in 2049, the film — which was shot on expired 35mm film stock — flashes back and forth between policeman Zhang's current retirement as well as memories from his younger years, weaving together a tale about infidelity, revenge and how three women played a pivot role in shaping his identity. Directed by Yeo Siew Hua who studied at the National University of Singapore, A Land Imagined won the coveted Golden Leopard award at this year's Locarno International Film Festival. The film follows insomniac police inspector Lok as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of a Chinese construction worker from a land reclamation site. The 29th Singapore International Film Festival runs from 28 November to 9 December 2018. https://www.buro247.sg/culture/film-tv-and-stage/three-highlights-of-this-years-singapore-international-film-festival.html
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    2 monitor: 1 for productivity and another for gaming For productivity: Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor: U2719D https://www.dell.com/en-sg/shop/dell-ultrasharp-27-monitor-u2719d/apd/210-aqwz/monitors-monitor-accessories For gaming: ROG Strix XG27VQ : https://www.asus.com/Monitors/ROG-STRIX-XG27VQ/ LG 27GK750F: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/lg_27gk750f.htm Acer XB272: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/SG/content/predator-model/UM.HX2SG.001
  18. My choice for the Monitor (the more tick the better): At least 100hz Anything over 98PPI HDR Quantum dot Does not matter if it VA or IPS as long as it have the best color for video, game and photo (like DCI-P3, Srgb etc....) It can be either these few res: ultra wide at least 34inch 1440p at least 27inch 35 inch ultra wide (21:9) vs 1440p aka 2560×1440 (16:9) 32 inch 16x9 display (purple) vs 35 inch 21x9 display (green) 27 inch 16x9 display(purple) vs 35 inch 21x9 display (green) Simple test to check for Visual Acuity Viewing Distance: It is a pixel-by-pixel black and white checkerboard background covering the entire page. When you are very close to the screen, you can tell it is 1-pixel by 1-pixel black & white checkerboard. Farther away, it looks like a gray box. The idea is that you find the distance at which it looks like a gray box, and that is the visual acuity viewing distance for your display. Pixel-by-Pixel Black & White Checkerboard Background Notes: The audience should sit at least this distance from the screen. This is the Shortest Recommended Viewing Distance based on Field-of-View being too wide: This distance is calculated on the peripheral vision field of view of the human eye. The average FOV width for the human eye is 140 degrees. The rule is that if the viewer sits any closer than this distance to the screen and looks at one side of the screen, they will not be able to see the other side of the screen with their peripheral vision. This equates to a 70-degree field of view when the person is looking at the center of the screen. The audience should sit at most this far from the screen. This is based on THX Longest Recommended and Longest Allowable viewing distances: THX publishes standards to which movie theaters must adhere to receive THX certification. THX recommends that the back row of seats in a theater have a 36 degree or greater viewing angle and requires a minimum of a 26 degree or greater viewing angle to receive certification. (Note: sitting closer to the screen results in a wider field-of-view.) The Ideal Viewing Distance based on Visual Acuity. This distance is calculated based on the reference resolving power of the eyes. The human eye with 20/20 vision can detect or resolve details as small as 1/60th of a degree of arc. This distance represents the point beyond which some details in the picture are no longer able to be resolved, so pixels begin to blend together. Closer to the screen than this may result in the need for higher resolution display. This value should be lowered if visual acuity is worst then 20/20, raised if visual acuity is better. What is a Retina display? Retina is Apple's trademark for a display so sharp that the human eye is unable to distinguish between pixels at a typical viewing distance. As Steve Jobs said: "It turns out there’s a magic number right around 300 pixels per inch, that when you hold something around to 10 to 12 inches away from your eyes, is the limit of the human retina to differentiate the pixels." Given a large enough viewing distance, all displays eventually become "retina." sauce: Is This Retina? - DPI/PPI Display Calculator CarltonBale.com » Visual Acuity Viewing Distance: Test It for Yourself TV Monitor Viewing Distance Calculator Pixel-by-Pixel Black & White Checkerboard Background Visual TV Size Comparison : Display Wars
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    Opening Hour: Monday – Sunday 1800 – 0000 Lot 31208, jalan awan makmur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nasi Lemak Wild Boar https://www.facebook.com/Foodiver/videos/497027077479538/
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    Please go to page 3 for the malaysia food
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