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  1. what i know was some people whatsapp was hacked and private pictures stolen but then again, the origin of this picture comes from a sculpture in japan and somehow or somebody is using snapchat to do mask over and make it into this picture that somehow got circulated on social media... this video is what i watched on how the picture originated...
  2. i tink is something like u add the person on whatsapp, u wont be able to see the other party number... or some there are numbers from some weird weird country codes
  3. Now there are few ppl from areas of Bolovia trying to impersonate MOMO to get private information out from whatsapp. If you typed in MOMO whatsapp u will get a very disgusting picture in the spoiler below: You will find more of such videos in youtube if u type in "MOMO whatsapp" Most importantly dun click on any unknown links...
  4. LightningKid

    [Horror Tales] Which is your favorite.

    this 1 is go thailand 1... tis 1 jin 9696
  5. LightningKid

    [Horror Tales] Which is your favorite.

    the angel shot...
  6. LightningKid

    GVGT An Accident Waiting to Happen

    not sure if its ceca...
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    Lau Goh hints he may “do a Mahathir” !!

    tis is interesing...
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    @the_king i got bad news for u

    ok ur choice.
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    @the_king i got bad news for u

    after u ready already u can pm me...