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  1. Not sure if the grading helps. But I've seen many stalls that have their Bs and Cs still commanding a crowd. As long as not suspensions are not served, lower grades do not deter.
  2. It's still up in the air, whether the game will prove to be a success. However, I'm sure there's a sense of accomplishment for the whole development process.
  3. Luckily the officer didn't say "Life is not fair.". I use that line at work too much.
  4. 1 bedder is 98 sqm. That's equivalent to our 3-bedders here. No wonder living here is so cramped and stressful.
  5. Means can siam NS still right? Is father doing the right thing here? Seems like the mother is rich enough with relocation details all worked out. Got money, Brexit isn't going to change much. Any country will still love money.
  6. Photography is hard work. Respect the half ball..., I mean hard work.
  7. Taking a break. Protesting is hard. Respect the break.
  8. Can afford to pay so much means a lot of ppl kena carroted.
  9. Doubt this type affected by being asked to leave. Just reach out hand, parents will give money liao.
  10. MacRitchie and West Coast Park are other options. Or near Old Holland Road and MGS, can share airspace with atas ppl flying their remote controlled planes and helicopters.
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