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  1. purpleflock

    154th version of Singapore history doesn't make any sense

    All became fish & chips, and eaten by AMDK pilots lor.
  2. purpleflock

    Why do people believe the rich and powerful?

    Still the 70% hard work is important so that you're ready when the 30% chance presents itself. Genuine chances are also just a subset.
  3. purpleflock

    I see some crazy things. This is, by far, the craziest

    What would have been really crazy is a 2nd one comes down on the guy who took the steps up...
  4. purpleflock

    Please have at least 8 hr of sleep before doing Weightlifting

    Depends on amount of blood flow needed to fill up the reservoir. Alternatively, take oxygenated water. Could help.
  5. purpleflock

    THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 - Official Teaser Trailer

    Couldn't tell its Angry Bird till much later.
  6. purpleflock

    What retailer are you using from Open Electricity Market?

    Wah... got so many middle man options? Got so many pattern more than badminton plans meh?
  7. purpleflock

    Samsung S10: Fold Fold Fold

    Following that price trend, the Fold would be about 3k? Yikes!
  8. purpleflock

    MRT train evacuated after phone emits smoke

    Must be some juicy news until battery leak and chibaboom...
  9. purpleflock

    Hi bbfa I'm new here!

    Need shrek to prove it
  10. I believe as much as I believe in unicorns too.
  11. Go link and see bah. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/toyota/toyota-corolla-review-worlds-popular-car-back/
  12. purpleflock

    Footballer Ben Davis has defaulted on NS obligations: MINDEF

    Mere fact that he's accepted by an English Premier League club means he's too good to be wasted in S League.
  13. purpleflock

    Which whisky brand to get?

    Likely sold out
  14. purpleflock

    Footballer Ben Davis has defaulted on NS obligations: MINDEF

    There's really no better decision he can make. He'll live in a lifetime of whatifs is he chooses conscription over his career. And at least, he was presented an opportunity primarily due to his abilities, and not because of his connections.
  15. Luckily I stay out of their Orchard enclave. Feel safer already.