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  1. purpleflock

    Is it the hand too big or the burger too small?

    Small hands, for sure.
  2. purpleflock

    I would like to thank the SG government

    Sounds almost like you're running for election. Be well, bro.
  3. purpleflock

    5 ATBs, whose pigu dong chiu wanna suck de most? GPGT

    Think using some app. Faces look warped.
  4. purpleflock

    RION (リオン)

    Very competitive or earn a lot? 25yrs old, retire already.
  5. Din see that twist coming... it's an advert for household product.
  6. Lawyer and workshop huat liao!
  7. purpleflock

    Water leak at Changi Airport's Jewel due to 'sprinkler issue'

    Same company as JEM?
  8. purpleflock

    The most valued skill in human society

    Bullshiting is the most valuable skill.
  9. purpleflock

    China’s Richest Man Expects Staff To Work 72 Hours A Week

    Bosses would prefer 247365 but unfortunately subordinates are only human.
  10. purpleflock

    Malaysia revives China-backed rail link, cost cut by a third

    Hope RRP is not only 30 billion ringgit.
  11. purpleflock

    this kids jin cunning

    boy's slick. ^^
  12. Think they will definitely put sensors or surveillance to ensure their money-churning water-saving contraptions work seamlessly.
  13. Think it's those nylon strings that comes with extra to slice off other strings.
  14. Scum plus ultra biantai. Thought it was in rapeland.