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  1. purpleflock

    Thank you Amy Khor

    Sorry, shouldn't happen in the first place.
  2. purpleflock

    Air taxis to be tested in Singapore skies mid-2019

    Hope it's not April fool come early?
  3. purpleflock

    Updates on edmw.life

    Remember the relationship of cheap, good & fast. 1 of them can't stand the other 2.
  4. purpleflock

    Pinoy Left or Right

    hitch ride to mall
  5. purpleflock

    is this CGI?

    Disappeared into the building? No 2 trails of fire, no count...
  6. True. Might even put name, occupation, and more.
  7. I thought there are at least 2 videos of the same car, showing same brand of recklessness and dangerous driving. Considered as repeated offender? Driving ban is a minimum, since it's not a one-off. Hope he will be taken off the roads for a couple of years.
  8. 1. URA not aligned with Josephine. 2. They forgot to mention huge aircon ledge areas as well.
  9. At this rate, either there is a "pay before pump" option and the pump cuts off at the amount you've paid, or it's fully self-help at the pump.
  10. purpleflock

    ST accussed of “persistent misreporting” on 1MDB

    Fake news calling fake news fake news.
  11. purpleflock

    China fines pharma firm $1.3 billion in vaccine scandal

    Fight tariff wars
  12. purpleflock

    shake shack menus

    The Shack Stack is definitely my kind of burger
  13. purpleflock

    shake shack menus

    Read title, first thought was outlet is famous for shakes.