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  1. purpleflock

    Homemade Milo Instant Noodle

    That's some dark arts cooking there. One of my closest alternative to this is replacing the milo with miso. And eggs for added texture.
  2. One of the comments inside really takes the cake about an ingrate. Hopefully not the majority typical young sinkie. Serious WOT too... "Infinity16 minutes ago [@Nicole] What is the point of me making so much money when the money does not come to me and go to a bottomless pit instead? If that is the case, it is more logical for me to stay at home so at least I have free time for myself. My strategic bet is that my parents would not have the courage to really chase me out due to the sunk cost in raising me, so this is my control over them. Unfortunately, they also love me too much even though I harbour no feelings toward them. This is another control I have. My 3rd control is that they are both dominated by their own ego and lizard brain, a fatal combination for them. Too bad. I told my parents that they can pull the trigger anytime and I would then choose death instead of suffering outside and I really mean it. It is their call. Even then, I would still win as I have been enjoying life all along. Life is not about quantity, it is about quality. It's okay to enjoy life then die, it is not okay to suffer and continue to live to suffer. The only thing that I'm giving them is hope, a hope that lies in the future. The cost of this hope is the sunk cost they incurred daily in the present moment. With each passing day, they are sinking deeper into the quagmire that I planned for them. Unfortunately, believing in this hope is as silly as buying the lottery. It will never come for them in the future. Maybe they won't be around by then so it won't matter anymore. Am I whining? It sure does sound like that. But I rather call it online intellectual discourse as my comments mainly serve to elucidate people on certain aspects of matters that they may not be aware of. Why do I do this? Well, I'm too free and too bored."
  3. purpleflock

    Carbon tax a key step in Singapore's climate strategy: Masagos

    Tax and extra charges are the only solution for everything in this country.
  4. purpleflock

    Fuji apple jskm

    Haven't ripe yet. Still green.
  5. purpleflock

    Belly Shake Shake

    Have to admit. Want looking at the belly much.
  6. purpleflock

    Bacon is serious business

    Never get between a man and his meat.
  7. $0 circle.life flexi plan ftw.
  8. Think it's very probable. UK not the only country to opt not to use Huawei.
  9. Be more like human, and less like monkeys. Every industry is supposed to find its own equilibrium. Good thing about food is there are always alternatives.
  10. purpleflock

    Crazy Rich Asians gets tepid reception in China

    All watched from their Mount WuDang already lah...
  11. Low SES economy-only customer here, and I've only gotten positive attention and service from SQ crew. In order to get such a treatment from the crew, he must have had done something thoroughly freakish.
  12. Actually, this is a good approach for countries accepting migrants. They'll take the chance of how this country's stiff rules could've conditioned them to be more docile. More years = better.
  13. purpleflock

    GVGT - 36yo 154th aunty food writer kym?

    At 35, she looks aged but with hair dyed with a deep black shade. If I see her, I might accidentally call her auntie. And that would be embarrassing for me cos I don't look young either.
  14. purpleflock

    haha ah long got killed, shiok

    Jin hardcore whacking...
  15. purpleflock

    Disgraceful thirsty Warrior slapped MRT uncle. Jail 3 weeks.

    Got buffet meh?