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  1. Can't travel with it no use for me The 14 supported countries CMI
  2. Wah now here also dig the grave for old stuff ah
  3. Used to be at Haig Rd market. Let him cut my hair when I was a kid.
  4. Actually the soup is not free. And the chicken actually not bad lar
  5. Just want to ask the mail I got from you is serious?
  6. unlikely will do that for mine. already packed with ECAs and tuition
  7. What you are basing your logic is a more long term setting. What if this happens in a park / beach and the bully’s parents not around? For my example which happened quite recently. I F my helper why she failed to defend my gals. She told me the boy was very naughty and don’t listen to anyone. Other kids’ parents who was also bullied tried talking to him but the just ignored. I’m not disagreeing with you how you handle things but some kids think they can get away with anything. They are not my kids and I won’t give a flying fk how he/she turns out. Won’t waste my time talking if they don’t listen. If my kids bully others. That’s a different story they will get it from me bad.
  8. Kids nowadays are too pampered. Their parents don't discipline them and they think they can get away with anything. You can't do anything to them. Like a dumb kid that was throw balls and blocks at my girls at a indoor play ground. He didn't stop even after my helper tried to protect my gals. in the end they had to avoid him and went to another area to play. When I arrived to check on them, they complained to me about the bullying and ask me why even after they ask my helper for help the boy did not stop. I stayed with them and told them I'll handle it. True enough after 15min that dumb kid came over and started. 1 verbal warning from me he didn't stop. I grab his arm and asked again are you sure you want to do this? His balls shrank. " Sorry uncle" and he ran away. Came back a few times but saw I was with my gals didn't try anymore funny stuff. I strongly believe that we need to teach our kids how to stand up to bullies. You can't reason with everyone, important thing is you should not be afraid of bullies.
  9. Just all the liberals talking, I always tell my girls don't bully people and don't let people bully you. If they disturb you just tell them to go away if they persist let me know if I'm around I'll go kick their ASS.
  10. Too little too late. I canceled my account of almost ten years end of last year
  11. hmm..... OHM have that 10 bucks a month.... I think I better off with I switch or Geneco
  12. I dun like all the termination or relocation fee unlike my broadband where I have no choice this one just sign up the cheapest no contract
  13. Actually I think the very loose lending policies is the root cause. They can take up loans that only repays interest. People do that with intent to flip when the prices go up. Lots of people got screwed bad.
  14. I won’t touch Australia property with a 10 ft pole now....
  15. Got pay GST anot? will be fixed soon. You can't do Air BNB in singapore anyways.
  16. make it too complex later have problem all will come find me. I rather keep it simple
  17. dunno what MOE app lar for lessons one I know more my wife make me do more hahaha what freebies they giving ah? any additional from the advertised?
  18. I dunno Apple control price anyways. The stupid MOE software only can run on apple so suck thumb I have to go get one for my primary one. All these IT show never discount on the hardware just throw in the freebies usually. But at show usually give more then what they print so if anyone there can help check will be good
  19. City plaza won't die one lar weekends have all the indo business. If that one stop then will GG.