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  1. i find this one quite cute.
  2. face ok but need work on the body. i recommend body sculpting exercises like pilate or yoga.
  3. only 5 percent passable.
  4. he is even more sakti becos of this. motivates me to earn money everyday.
  5. spend money on garden wedding easier, cheaper and more relaxed. rent a huge holiday chalet in nearby bintan and do a open buffet.
  6. the only drawback of siamland is the education system. it is still very much in the rama v time. u still have to wear uniforms even in university. but the issue is more than uniform deep, the curriculum is still very much in the 1930s.
  7. i always wanted to talk to popular bookshop management but never had a chance. my rough guess as to why popular bookshop is still surviving well could be becos they focus heavily on school assessment products. ck tang needs to revamp and find a niche position to stay relevant in the market. compared against parkson retail, i think ck tang has a better chance of survival but they really need to think out of the box. like when i think of quality japanese food, i think of isetan supermarket or cold storage taka. if i think of quality smoked bacon/ham or european imported foodstuff, i think of cold storage. or when i think of quality office wear, i think of isetan. my suggestion to ck tang is to bring in quality ladies wear as a start to form a niche.
  8. this is something to do with the country's characteristics. many japanese friends of mine told me they feel more comfortable investing factories in siamland than other sea countries becos there r no such nonsense as bumi/govt/local equity quotas. and secondly, becos of the generally relaxed social atmosphere, foreign investors feel comfortable.
  9. LKY is more subtle. he will declare state of emergency and invoke isa, citing the strikers as causing civil disturbance.
  10. bkk for the cheap piak piaks with chulalongkorn uni meimeis.
  11. tomorrow kgk xdd go report at mata logistic base again?????
  12. most sme family bizs, up to 95%, collapse within 5 yrs after the death of the founder becos their descendants r useless kgks.
  13. the familee biz will be stable but confirmed will collapse becos managers r not professional.
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