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  1. socrates469bc

    Lucid Dream Thread

    can sleeping pill trigger lucid dreams or does it totally knock u out for the nite????
  2. socrates469bc

    sinkie lost $2.2m on jipun restaurant

    becos ur spending habit is not in the mainstream market segment which can be captured. theres a reason why hypermarts place chocolate products near cooked food shelves and check-out counters or why mc donald have these cardboard boys walking ard advertising their lunch deals during lunch time at raffles place.
  3. the issue with facial recognition is that if i mod myself sufficiently, the ai algorithm will still be deceived. so the only way is via iris scanning which still can be fooled if colored contact lenses r used.
  4. socrates469bc

    VB KYM ? [GPGT]

    the girl is called tram anh. can find her video online but its all in vietnamese.
  5. socrates469bc

    sinkie lost $2.2m on jipun restaurant

    if i m a quick service restaurant like mc donald, tv advertising is the worst medium. best is via short 10sec pop-up ads online instead of the 30 seconds tv block and the ad shld only be done for new limited offerings. alternatively, create a hype via product placement in certain programs. different products need different marketing strategy and product positioning, thats why hypermarts charge different prices for shelf placement.
  6. socrates469bc

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    kgk xdd mai emo, ok??? tomorrow u going on ur gayland atbpgd adventure again while lao tiko me have to be stuck working. tony stark go play golf with atbgf, and afterwards, lunch with her. no time for our kgk xdd.
  7. yup, thats how evolved the chinese f&b market is now. the tiongs r even using facial recognition on a limited scale but to date, its not a total success.
  8. socrates469bc

    sinkie lost $2.2m on jipun restaurant

    if u look at the advertisements on tv and the web, they dont appeal to u at all since it is either too boring or u need to have a taste b4 buying. marketing is all abt branding and many bosses, especially smes, r less than adapt at these. i had a conversation with a fmcg mnc marketing guy and he told me the most efficient marketing strategy now is to directly intro at the point of sales, rather than via tv advertising. in fmcg environment, words of mouth and consumer experience is more important, thus the need to create hype which is a hit-and-run experiment.
  9. it always come down to looking for the cheapest choice in the short run instead of the most efficient choice. reminds me of this conversation i heard from many malaysian plantation owners complaining abt the lack of foreign workers. similar issue but in a different environment. to solve this issue of manpower, i alrdy foresee a ready market for powered exoskeleton or robotic harvestor for such a industry. the technical issue to overcome is adaptation of the technology to the hot and humid climate and specific topographic conditions. but unfortunately, none of the big plantation houses or even the malaysian/indon govts see this potential.
  10. socrates469bc

    VB KYM ? [GPGT]

    tiagong this girl is actress and instagrammer.
  11. socrates469bc

    Ask me anything: Life in Buangkok chalet

    do u get special breakfast treats like sausage mc muffin or mc pancakes on weekend????
  12. socrates469bc

    sinkie lost $2.2m on jipun restaurant

    marketing is secondary for the time being. most important is where he wants his biz to be positioned. he is trying to appeal to mass market via atas japanese food which is not possible. the food he is doing is atas enough to appeal to a niche crowd but centrepoint is not the location for him. a better location will be ard tangs/scott area.
  13. socrates469bc

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    kgk xdd alrdy way surpassed lao tiko me and many others in the quest of wechat tikology. i think u may have alrdy captured 10% or more of all available atbs in gayland. this is something i must learn from u.
  14. socrates469bc

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    u sure confirm got more lobangs than me since u jalan jalan gayland like the yard of ur house. i shld learn from u.
  15. socrates469bc

    Premium New Zealand honey producer admits adding chemicals

    australian capilano alrdy been outed, so i m not surprised.