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  1. if transiting, cannot leave airplane liao. if the air stewardess chio is not too bad but if sibei fugly, then really is torture.
  2. there have been an inflow of tiong capital in the past week to take advantage of the shanghai-hk discount. unless they can short-sell shci index while buying hk shares, i really cant see how they can make money if the investment is a naked position.
  3. tiongs now worry abt whether they have jobs next mth. no time to come genting sentosa next mth.
  4. 8-10 hrs at least can make a trip to causeway bay's fuji entertainment center. nb, that time i stuck at shanghai pudong for 3hr. up not up, down not down. cannot do anything since no atb tuition center in the area.
  5. depending on the political awareness of the travelers. if the traveler is more concerned with freedom for pgd sex, then he/she will probably not be concerned for what the protesters r asking for.
  6. in reply to the uncle, if i m the protester, i will say, 'where will i live in the future???? at least u have a sgp to go home to.'
  7. tiagong his widow was vice chairwoman of tiongland in the 1960s, stupid. 5 fen jiu shi 5 fen, must embarass 5 fen to teach 5 fen inline as yang guang said. hahahahhaha
  8. 5 fen jiu shi 5 fen. cannot talk argue with sense. stupid jiu shi stupid as yang guang said. hahahahhaha
  9. but 5 cents, the japs r under the american security umbrella. so basically they r paying for security, stupid. stupid jiu shi stupid.
  10. tiagong last i heard is Trump managed to drive out sony, nintendo, foxconn and many others to shift out of tiongland. i guesstimate unemployment has alrdy risen above the official rate, stupid. hahahhahaha
  11. tiagong only at most can break even, stupid 5fen. really is stupid to the max. hahahahhaha
  12. but tiagong Dr Sun is more revered in tiongland than chairman mao, stupid. without mao, u still be keeping queue, stupid.
  13. u sure???? tiagong china bot all the gold at usd1.8k/oz, stupid. hahahahhaha
  14. but 5 cent, r u trying to insult Dr Sun???? tiagong his portrait is in tiananmen.
  15. tiagong without Dr Sun, there is no PRC, stupid!!!!!
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