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  1. i find this one quite cute.
  2. face ok but need work on the body. i recommend body sculpting exercises like pilate or yoga.
  3. he is even more sakti becos of this. motivates me to earn money everyday.
  4. spend money on garden wedding easier, cheaper and more relaxed. rent a huge holiday chalet in nearby bintan and do a open buffet.
  5. the only drawback of siamland is the education system. it is still very much in the rama v time. u still have to wear uniforms even in university. but the issue is more than uniform deep, the curriculum is still very much in the 1930s.
  6. i always wanted to talk to popular bookshop management but never had a chance. my rough guess as to why popular bookshop is still surviving well could be becos they focus heavily on school assessment products. ck tang needs to revamp and find a niche position to stay relevant in the market. compared against parkson retail, i think ck tang has a better chance of survival but they really need to think out of the box. like when i think of quality japanese food, i think of isetan supermarket or cold storage taka. if i think of quality smoked bacon/ham or european imported foodstuff, i think of cold storage. or when i think of quality office wear, i think of isetan. my suggestion to ck tang is to bring in quality ladies wear as a start to form a niche.
  7. this is something to do with the country's characteristics. many japanese friends of mine told me they feel more comfortable investing factories in siamland than other sea countries becos there r no such nonsense as bumi/govt/local equity quotas. and secondly, becos of the generally relaxed social atmosphere, foreign investors feel comfortable.
  8. LKY is more subtle. he will declare state of emergency and invoke isa, citing the strikers as causing civil disturbance.
  9. bkk for the cheap piak piaks with chulalongkorn uni meimeis.
  10. tomorrow kgk xdd go report at mata logistic base again?????
  11. most sme family bizs, up to 95%, collapse within 5 yrs after the death of the founder becos their descendants r useless kgks.
  12. the familee biz will be stable but confirmed will collapse becos managers r not professional.
  13. hk mata's public support is at all time low, so better dont antagonize the masses. rank and file officers all restless and disappointed with their commanding officers, especially with mata chief and lame cheng. ccp is not tolerant, ccp is now engaged in internal skirmishes with pressure on the Emperor. can see statement from supporting lame cheng to now supporting the hk govt and none in the cpc central politburo come out to support.
  14. hk is not no govt. it is no leadership in govt. none of the exco members come out to calm the protesters over the past 3 weeks willingly. now even the mata's head is nowhere to be seen. at least a senior official of the exco council comes out to talk is better than sending out a statement or spokesperson. really gives a bad impression to foreign money and local conglomerates. lame cheng and her exco council must go to restore biz confidence. that means time to short hk futures forward 1 yr.
  15. deutsche bank is too important for the germans to uplorry.
  16. the room for easing interest rates and being effective is getting smaller now. this is courtesy of the loose international monetary policy in the past 11 yrs. and being flushed with liquidity in the system, investors r just not biting major tech ipos like in 1999. thus, the current situation feels more like japan in 1989.
  17. while the malaysian environment minister is busy talking on how to be a youtuber.
  18. kgk xdd having dinner near jalan besar sport centre???? later can cross the road and jiak tiramisu or ice cream near the hair salon. can always see a lot of nice aunties go there to take photos for their igs.
  19. tiagong from him it is sgd300/shot, abt the same as russian or eastern european origin. but i think can nego lower to sgd250/shot or lower depending on supply.
  20. jin song. u go visit ur gf so early in the morning???? why no take overnite with her?????
  21. allow me to divert into human psychology. fiat money is only valuable when people give it a value. when this value is gone, people will go back to primitive barter trading as they do not have the confidence of the money as a medium of exchange. the best case of fiat money having 0 value is the venezuelan bolivar becos people have lost confidence of the fiat currency as a medium of exchange and thereby demand other fiat currencies for value. for those not being able to obtain other fiat currencies, they have resorted to barter trading. btw, an informed source of mine told me that there r alrdy some venezualan beauty queens heading to this island for cultural exchange since last yr.
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