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  1. that means more transmission antennas r coming, and i see complications arising from cybersecurity. but health concerns need to be address more scientifically with statistics. to be on the bright side, enjoy this mv by perfume.
  2. if no radiation, then i worry. or else how 5g achieve 4 gbps???? 5g speed is needed for driverless car, military grade equipment, remote medical synchronizing etc but not really needed for home entertainment.
  3. i waiting for sony to come up with a german shepherd version.
  4. the battery capacity is listed at 3260, so shld last ard 3 days normal use by experience. but must test during real world to know.
  5. looks good, but is the battery long lasting enough on the go??? i dont want the phone to die off on me when i m outside.
  6. nokia and huawei also expecting rolling out of 5 g earlier than scheduled. Nokia CEO sees big 5G rollouts nearly a year ahead of schedule
  7. i m waiting for nokia8 and htc desire12. want to see what is the specs first b4 upgrading to a new phone or else have to stick with either sony xz2 or samsung s9
  8. for asus, it will be zenbook pro.
  9. dell xps is ok and stable for vm. asus is quite ok as well. acer is stay away.
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