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  1. "We have counselled the attending doctor and taken steps to strengthen our processes to ensure that this does not happen again." When will ALL these FUCKING CORRUPT NinCUNTP00p and NinCUNTP00sy BASTARDS Cavepeople from the CORRUPT pap finally able to convinced the PUBLIC that this never ending pap thightening process which is so FUCKING WIDE, a GAP from 53 years as BIG as their mother's JIBAI gap, eventualLEE can be completed. Or do the resident population needs to wait till 2040 to be able to even witness this finalLEE Complete of tightening Process?? Or should we continue to imagine that it will be complete this tightening ptocess can only happen in 2040?? FUCKING BUNCH OF PAP GANGS OF AH LEE BABA AND THE 40 X 2 PLUS 2 CORRUPT PAP CROOKED MPS
  2. Well people BCA, will only tell you about structural integrity not affected. You paid through your arss for affordable housing is you problem!! More cracks found on walls and lets sing :: ceiling plaster falling down, falling down - call H D B!! They will offer goodwill package to the DUMB AND DAFT SB 70 or you have to sue the contractor to recover any cost for ALL the damages??
  3. How true, even the best reply from THE DAFT SHEEPISH SB 70 - [ATTACH=full]14972[/ATTACH] Or is this another CHEAPO comment by the prostitute mouthpiece LEEporker to give more smoke and mirror in supplying lots of bovine excrement distraction!!
  4. I repeat I can only share an opinion on the lot/ advice you received. Please seek professional help. END!! Lot 99 Date: 20 Jun 2018 (Wednesday) Time: Around 5.10 pm [ATTACH=full]14962[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]14963[/ATTACH]
  5. My dear fella, you are correct the question you asked differ from the suggestion of this lot. My opinion still stands, this lot suggest you to be with someone to enhance the quality of your life further, a partner blessed to give your home true meaning of marriage, and favourable things are awaiting to materialize!! What you choose to undertake is definitely, must be by A CHOICE, your choice!! Again my best wishes for the opportunity in receiving blessing from a lot. PS - Will not discuss anything further on this matter.
  6. You are asking the question and yet you affirm your own stand to the question!! Please, you keep repeating this question over and again, even I cannot render my opinion to share. Even if I will to reply you, next you will repeat the same question asking for another lot!! Please seek professional help, I am only sharing at best my opinion, nothing else!! I'd mention many times the lot have a duration and if you can't decide how to go about why then ask for lots, as this are best only advice. Being Obstinate will not get you very far, change your behaviour and the surrounding will appear brighter. END - No more reading of any lots.
  7. Yeap, and during the cumming erection, can use the Pukimak lorry for publicity and collect advertisement monies with Dickheads and P00su pap candidates standing and waving.
  8. Sad, for you. But don't just give up on looking for a steady g/f, that was what the intention of the lot is about. This is the first task, the rest are secondary. Hope this helps n my best wishes.
  9. Good evening, Lot 99 - the situation is versatile. < The rider who whips his horse but draws no rein will exhaust all the strength he has. This is like a house being set on fire. The summer rain will reduce it to bricks and clay. Working hard the whole life long, he cares not for right or wrong. Shackles and fetters fall upon him suddenly thus he is driven to a miserable fate. > When we are born with a strong character, we need to comprehend others too has their own pride, its just how we carry our self even when the situation is precarious?? Doing things by allowing our ego to dictate usually does not end with favourable result, in a relationship its our mistake or failing to respond accordingly and appropriate will make matter worst!! No, your ex will not come back into your life, but you can surely take the first step by letting him know your intentions and allow things to develop accordingly, thats to say if you have the patience!! Hope this helps n hav a great evening.
  10. This is HOW FUCKING Desperate a Pukimak gets, will the Pukimak even lick the door knob for publicity?? This is the brain that will be taking care of this CUNTry reserve?? Oh boy, now cum to think of it what does a Pukimak person of despicable character does when the Pukimak think no one esla is looking, will she stuffed all those extra notes into the places where the sun don't shine?? CORRUPT BASTARDS in the CORRUPT Greedy pap government installing the CORRUPT DUMPukimak to check on them, WOW, Wow, wowwwww!!
  11. Is this DUMBFUCK military man claiming ignorance of things, that goes about in the SAF?? Only when some one died, dieded, or diededed, then he will repeat like a FUCKING JIBAI Parrot that is found guilty OR IT GOES SOMETHING LIKE A STANDARD SOP - Those who have been shown to have done something wrong over the course of the incident will be held accountable,” he said. “This, I guarantee you. This thing about the external panel is even more puzzling?? Are they too made to undergo the same training like the dead child, or are they just there to deflect your burden or blame?? What a piece of SHIT all this CORRUPT people carrying out COI/ BOI, HOW THE FUCK CAN these BASTARDS of external panel be able to confirm what the SAF reveal on treatment by their SOP was the same as those that were dealt/ dispense to the dead child??
  12. Deh, its okay i m past the dawn, and speeding up learning/ Practicing a Simple Life, and content with simple day to day living. That was just a fuss.
  13. You sure look way out and over the horizon, like everything in life if it is your it will finds its way to you, and even if you had the need to struggle, still my best wishes to your success.
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