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  1. 'Need to make clear decision now' on High-Speed Rail project: Malaysia’s economic minister Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/kl-singapore-hsr-high-speed-rail-project-azmin-10546402 While he is still trying to unbundle the whole process, Azmin said he understands that many parties were involved, from government bodies to multinational companies who took part in the international bidding. “There are so many packages. I need to know how many packages have been awarded and how many are still open to bidders, because the stakeholders are not government entities, they are also other international multinational companies," he said. “We do appreciate they have incurred operating expenses in the last few months." But he declined to comment on the status of the tender process, especially for the train carriages and tracks that is scheduled to close on Dec 28. Azmin said apart from meeting Khaw, he is also planning to meet Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing in a bid to find an amicable solution to the HSR project. = GREEDY CORRUPT JIAK SAI peeApee miniTard of TPT kHowMOOoNe is a USELESSlee FUCK compare to GREEDY CORRUPT JIAK SAI peeApee USELESSleeTHESHIT hsien loong pet monkey chan ah sing ???!!!!! = WHY SEEK OUT GREEDY CORRUPT JIAK SAI peeApee USELESSleeTHESHIT hsien loong pet monkey chan ah sing BUT NOT THE USELESSleeTHESHIT FUGTARD hsien loong itself ??!! USELESSleeTHESHIT hsien loong, sicko, fucking sicko, exremelee sicko in physical n mental health that chiu need to vegetate in bed to guest appearance at NDP 2018 ????? WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAAA RIKE FUCKER RIKE SON..........
  3. Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road 14 hrs · Van failed to stop in time at red light, causing a painful collision into a motorcyclist. We do hope he is alright and wishing him a full recovery. Date 18 Jul 2018 Time : 19:11 Place : Traffic junction after Bartley MRT (Video Credit: Koolman)
  4. ROADS.sg 4 hrs · Cutting across multiple lanes for U-turn is always a bad idea. This happened on 19 July at around 12.15pm. Video evidence for insurance claims. Credit: Gil Lim
  5. ‎Singapore roads accident.com新加坡公路意外网页‎ to Traffics accident.SG 19 hrs · Taxi driver should always remind passengers if alighting where there's oncoming traffic.. passenger also always must open door with care even on no car side... on coming car should slow down and observe n not drive blindingly even not in 100% fault Join our Facebook group Traffic accident.Sg
  6. NOW IN YEW TEE.........................NEXT CHANGE.................AKAN DATANG................................... A wild boar was spotted roaming in a Housing Board estate opposite Yew Tee Point yesterday.
  7. panda

    woman fatally stabbed @ AMK ITE

  9. can use medisave, medi-shit, elder care=shit or whatever sai not ? otherwise can consider ..........
  10. Dead and dying birds in void deck alarm residents of Bukit Batok block SINGAPORE - Residents of Block 390, Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 have raised concerns after some 15 birds were found either dead or dying at their void deck on Thursday (July 19). Residents told The Straits Times the birds that were still alive were fighting to move and gasping for air. Policemen had arrived and cordoned off the area last night. The birds included pigeons and other species. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) was unable to respond to queries Thursday. Madam Julie Harichand, 57, a housewife, said she was on her way home at about 3.30 pm when she saw the birds scattered around the void deck. Some were still alive. She said she and a group of 10 residents then carried the birds and placed them together. She said: "I think someone must have poisoned the birds. Those that were alive kept trying to fly and failing. We gathered the birds together so we could give them water, and while doing so we found what looked like whiterice in their mouths. "The birds started dying one by one. Only a few left were moving." She added that another resident had called the Jurong-Clementi Town Council and AVA for assistance some two hours before. AVA personnel started removing the birds around 7pm, she said. Mr Manoj Kumar, 47, a businessman who was visiting his parents, said at least eight policemen were at the scene at around 6pm. "The birds seemed to be fighting for their lives; the small sparrows looked like they were gasping for breath," he added. "If the birds were poisoned, how could someone do such a thing? They are so pitiful."
  11. Manpower Minister implies nearly half of CPF members did not meet minimum sum of $161,000 in 2016 click on link for full article / comments In her written reply, Teo answered the first question and said that as of last year, 42 per cent of CPF members who turned 55 the year before did not withdraw any CPF monies within a year of their 55th birthday, even when their CPF savings are higher than the statutory minimum sum. It was when it came to answering Gan’s second question, that Teo made a startling implication. She said: “For the same cohort, about 53% of active members met their Full Retirement Sum in cash and pledge at age 55 in 2016 (i.e., able to set aside the Full Retirement Sum fully in cash, or met Basic Retirement Sum in cash and provided sufficient property pledge or charge).” Teo continued: “Of this group, about 5 in 10 left additional funds in their CPF Ordinary or Special Accounts. Based on our observations, members do so because they have no immediate need of the money, or they wish to take advantage of the higher CPF risk-free interest rates.” If 53 per cent of members were able to meet their minimum sum, this could mean that 47 per cent of members were not able to do so. CPF members who turned 55 in 2016 had to set aside $161,000 in their Retirement accounts to receive monthly payouts when they turn 65. The Minimum Sum scheme is compulsory for all CPF members. This means that nearly half of all CPF active members were unable to meet the $161,000 minimum sum.