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  1. Eh you keep posting about emo stuff then when i try to talk to you then you go offline, you only making ppl more and more worry about you

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    2. Palladium92


      Always jian fei 😕 no self control over food

    3. beautifuldays


      Waa..xmas season coming soon? How leh?

    4. beautifuldays
  2. Palladium92

    ABNN Aussie molest Scoot zz jail 3 weeks

    Abnn molest get 3 weeks sinkies gets 3 years and 3 cannings
  3. Cause is chinese supremacy mentality
  4. Palladium92

    Shame on you, Seah Kian Peng

    Nevertheless ppl still vote for this idiot
  5. Palladium92

    australia continent as big as china but only 25m population

    Eh most of their land not in used
  6. Pfff abusing fake news to arrest undesirable everywhere
  7. Palladium92

    gahmen will tax netflix spotify from 2020

    Most brainless idea to ever come out to suck more money
  8. Like dat also want announce so is amdk time liao
  9. Palladium92

    Should i go to uni?

    Unless your skill are expert in somewhere that is very good like selling, you need to go uni
  10. I see one clown in between the leaders