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  1. Those supporter gonna get beat up soon
  2. Fake news commitee spreading fake news
  3. pointless since the useless coi was by some useless people that have no experience
  4. Palladium92

    [GPGT] Laksa from Cow boon wan kampung KYM?

    Laksa from khaw homelad but selling in a disgracefu location
  5. Palladium92

    Satki E-scooter

    Always these type of nusiance around with loud music
  6. Palladium92

    Train problem thread

    Btw new paper ceo very diam hor need mp come out settle for him
  7. JEM feng shui has spreaded to westgate
  8. Ai ya this stupid dog cfm gets paid by clown lee to make videos as well as look at the dafts 1k supporters
  9. Palladium92

    Cabinet decides to lower voting age from 21 to 18

    Chey this ts not clear in title
  10. Palladium92

    Now PAP got new Snake Oil. U buying?

    This guy was lucky to be able to win over chiam sitoh and yet joins in the tail wagging session. Anyways, the majority of the voters there are daft and deserve to be living in the same old slum while watching condo being erected instead of estate improvement for them.
  11. Either go your neighbourhood cc watch or watch online better than giving stinktel
  12. Funny thing is singapore actor go china = great market but china actor come here = no market also local actor here also no market