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  1. Palladium92

    Should i go to uni?

    Unless your skill are expert in somewhere that is very good like selling, you need to go uni
  2. Palladium92

    jumper @ tanjong pagar plaza

    Must hire exorcist liao
  3. Palladium92

    Bui en lost 4kg !!

    Her arrogant got change or not?
  4. Palladium92

    SIA flight emergency landing @ PLAB after run out of fuel

    Someone sleeping on refueling?
  5. Everything increase for these useless apllication
  6. Palladium92

    When is the happiest part of your day?

    No happiest part
  7. Palladium92

    KFC, this is chicken not doge la.

    I guess the manager cocked up
  8. Palladium92

    Medical inflation in Singapore to hit 10% in 2019

    Cheaper to just get euthanasia and die
  9. Palladium92

    ABNN tickle Xmm buttocks jailed

    More of this ceca abnn coming
  10. Palladium92

    World Kindness Day 2018

    Everyday is sinkies pawn sinkies day
  11. Palladium92

    Tun Ma request Putin to help take care his aeroplanes.

    Najib was taking the maintenance money to maintain him and his wife