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  1. Polytechnic student who uploaded friend's sex clip to Tumblr gets jail SINGAPORE — A polytechnic student who uploaded a video of his friend engaging in sexual activity with a woman was jailed for 14 months and fined S$8,500 on Wednesday (Dec 12). Ng Swee Koon, 24, had received the video from his friend Yew Zhi Ying, 25, via chat application WeChat. Yew had met the victim, aged 20, in mid-2016. They had consensual sex in Yew's home, and he made her wear a blindfold before she performed a sex act on him. He then filmed the act without her knowledge and sent the clip to Ng. Ng later uploaded the video to micro-blogging site Tumblr under his username Happyguy1994 in the first quarter of 2017. Before this, he sent harassing sexual messages in November and December 2016 to Yew's sex partner, whom he had met on one occasion through Yew. The victim filed a police report in April 2017, saying that both Ng and Yew had been harassing her by sending her text messages. She added that she had also received messages from other strangers, one of whom said her phone number was posted on Tumblr. A friend of the victim also informed her that there was a video of her having sex with Yew circulating on Tumblr. Police seized Ng's phone and laptop in June 2017 and recovered 17 video clips that the Info-communications Media Development Authority classified as obscene. Ng pleaded guilty to five charges, including an offence under the Films Act and sexual penetration of a minor, with four other charges taken into consideration. He had met the minor, then aged 15, on social networking site OKcupid in June 2017, and they began chatting about sexual encounters. They met up that same month in Tampines and had sex in a park toilet. They had sex again at Ng's home a few days later. On June 29 last year, the girl went to a police station with her father to report that she had had consensual sex with a man. Tumblr announced earlier this month that it would be banning all adult content from its platform from Dec 17, sparking protest from users. CHANNEL NEWSASIA
  2. $55? i stay at home and zua aircon 17 deg sua
  3. still prefer physical paper... can be used to wrap trash or tablecloth
  4. kyloren

    Where you guys go when no life to access.

    damn jialat, everyday keep coming but get directed to fapfapfap wife saw, tot i go visit prawn forums
  5. kyloren

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    really kg... already said is jurong slum.. slum place pay slum price
  6. kyloren

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    Come here to jurong Slum jiak tis sio ahk mee kym?
  7. not women charter meh
  8. just sinkies looking for gd nights sleeps sinkie pwn sinkies
  9. kgk sinkies will just camp there whole day spam the free kopi.. will be gone very soon anyway pls sic location?
  10. kyloren

    Harris tok cock sing song thread for kgk kks n kgb zzs

    grape oso takeaway? smlj
  11. kyloren

    Captain Marvel Movie Trailer 2 ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she was air force pilot, met up with original captain marvel (mar-vell) who is a kree warrior on mission to earth. end up got into accident with a kree weapon, her human dna got mixed with kree DNA, end up she become half human/kree powers include flight, super strength, indestructibility and energy blasts.. took up the name of 'ms marvel' at first went thru a few name/story changes.. until she took on the name of 'captain marvel' when mar-vell died went on to become 1 of the main leaders in the avengers and also alpha flight and the ultimates she was the main opposition to iron man in the 2nd civil war storyline (2016)
  12. wa knn, in office now, freezing cold. outside raining is it?
  13. kyloren

    Captain Marvel Movie Trailer 2 ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she look OP..... thanos mus be laosai in his tehkor liao
  14. kyloren

    [Review] The Tag Along: Devil Fish

    read that as tagalog pinoy fish