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  1. satki trump will build wall over entire USA airspace to prevent them from coming in
  2. high SES and elites only low SES peasants pls stick to your 2 veg 1 meat cai png
  3. part 1 & 2 were great. gone downhill after 3 & 4. part 5 was ridiculous. think they will milk this gao gao machiam like fast and furious dunno part 25 or 35 alr
  4. kyloren

    Game of thrones !

    some pple say starks win game of thrones in the end jon snow - kgk outcast, go north becum refugee sansa - siao zhao bor declare independant, we all know female leaders all CMI arya - becum dora the explorer, journey to the west, song song gao jurong songboh?
  5. chey i tot got live cam to show a&w, pokemon center, shake shacke and DTF queues
  6. 70% voted for this. more good years ahead
  7. Mohammed Ali, 17, said that he left his towel on a wall rail to use the toilet in the changing rooms at Pump Gyms, Northampton. He said he heard the door outside swing open followed by heavy footsteps then discovered a white substance on his towel. As it was after midnight there was nobody else in the changing room and he complained the following day. Mohammed said gym staff told him the stain ‘wasn’t shampoo’ and has contacted police. Northamptonshire Police confirmed, ‘This happened between midnight and 1.30am on 2nd May at a gym in Gladstone Road, Northampton'. He said: I was only one of four people in the gym at that time, I reckon. I went to the toilet for five minutes, and left my towel on a wall rail by the cubicle. I didn’t hear anybody come in or out – I was too busy on my phone to notice. I came out and they’d already left, and as I was washing my hands I noticed my towel had been touched, so I opened it up and had a closer look. I could see something white, and at first I thought it was shampoo that had leaked from my bag or something – so I went to touch it and give it a smell. It turns out it was what I was hoping it not to be – the person who had come in the changing room while I was in the toilet masturbated on my towel. I was so angry, so so so so angry I didn’t know what to do. I was raging at this guy who came in the changing room and they were struggling to believe me until I showed them, and they said for me to report it to staff. I went back to the gym the next day and I find the assistant manager and tell him what happened – and he was as disgusted as I was. ‘Thankfully the gym staff have all been extremely supportive throughout this whole incident and have given me good advice.
  8. no blame culture pls, sinkies commit more crimes! SINGAPORE — A 42-year-old man who initially intended to plead guilty to the sexual assault of his young stepdaughter now faces more serious charges after his guilty plea was turned down. This was after he told the High Court that the victim, who was aged eight and nine at the time of the alleged assaults, had made advances on him. He cannot be named to protect the identity of the victim, who is now 12. When asked if he agreed with the statement of facts presented in court on Tuesday (May 14), the accused did not deny what he had done. However, he said there were certain portions which he felt had been omitted. For instance, he claimed that the victim had made advances on him, which he had rejected, and that she had taken his hands to place them on her private parts. Yet, despite this, he said he wanted to plead guilty as he felt the case had dragged on for too long and had caused him and his family undue stress. “Only God can help me now,” he said. In response, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Kavita Uthrapathy said that the accused made it seem like he was “being forced to plead guilty, when it is not the case”. Justice Valerie Thean rejected the accused’s plea on the basis that he did not accept the statement of facts. She also raised his bail from S$50,000 to S$80,000. The accused’s lawyer, Mr Tan Jeh Yaw, has discharged himself from the case. The prosecution also withdrew their guilty plea offer. The accused now faces a new set of charges, which includes a more serious charge of attempted rape of a minor, for which the prosecution had previously sought a discharge not amounting to acquittal, as part of the guilty plea offer. If found guilty of this charge, he could be sentenced to a jail term of between eight and 20 years. He could also receive at least 12 strokes of the cane. The next hearing date has yet to be set by the court. The man was originally intending to plead guilty to one charge of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter in 2015, and two charges of outraging her modesty in 2016. He had faced another seven charges of aggravated outrage of modesty of his stepdaughter. WHAT ALLEGEDLY HAPPENED The court heard that the accused began living with the victim after marrying her mother in April 2013. The victim’s mother had gained custody of all her four children following her divorce from the victim’s biological father in 2009. Around January 2015, at the time the alleged crimes started, the victim was living in her maternal grandparents’ home along with mother, stepfather, their two children, her biological siblings, a grand-aunt and a maid. DPP Kavita told the court that the victim, who had been addressing the accused as “abah”, or "father" in the Malay language, slept in the same bedroom as her mother, the accused and her stepsiblings. At first, the stepdad limited himself to just touching the victim’s private parts over her clothes, she said. However, as his “lust for his stepdaughter grew”, so did the audacity of the various sex acts he committed on her up until Oct 14, 2016. The proescutor added that the man would sometimes commit the acts on his stepdaughter while he lay in bed with her mother. All this while, the victim pretended to be asleep as she was afraid that the accused would get angry with her. During this period, the victim’s biological father had regular contact his daughter. The victim was often reluctant to return to the home of her maternal grandparents, but he typically rationalised it as her wanting to spend more time with him. However, on Oct 17, 2016, he suspected something was amiss when the victim became hysterical when it was time for her to return home. The girl eventually told him that she had been sexually assaulted by her stepfather and he filed a police report the next day. The court heard that the victim has since moved in with her biological father and his wife.