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  1. kyloren

    Who is the ghost?

    dad is ghost 4 yrs ago, dad passed away. before he pass away, he talk to his son about the nanny. at that time they never hired, so the dad reply to the son was normal son was very young at that time, he block out the memory of his dad's death as it was very traumatizing experience the nanny was hired to help take care of son after dad passed away 4 yrs later, son suddenly remembered all the blocked memories and was shocked when nanny told him about his dad passed away, so he accidentally knock down the vase even before dad passed away the family was living like a recluse. became even worse after dad passed away so for 5 yrs there was not much sound or activity from them passerby heard the vase sound so he wonder how come got sound.
  2. kyloren

    Malaysia abolish NS (National Service) ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    next ge sb70 vote for increase NS to 3 yrs and ICT cycles to 20 then wil be more good years ahead!
  3. untiong: Shameless cleaner, 9-degree sexual assault and the 8-year-old daughter of the non-living Fangdong, took her vaginal secretions and perfume to make "love water", this morning (August 7) sentenced to 18 years of whip 24 times. The incident occurred between February and April 2017. The defendant was Arshad, a 45-year-old cleaner from Malaysia. The victim girl was the daughter of his landlord and was only 8 years old at the time of the incident. The defendant faced a total of nine sexual assaults and indecent assaults, and the prosecution charged him against three of them. The case shows that the girl’s parents rented two rooms in the four-bedroom flat to several tenants, and the defendant was one of them. He has lived in the girl’s home since 2012, and the girl’s parents are not wary of him. The girl’s father is a kidney patient and has to rely on a wheelchair to stay in the house, even at home. One morning in March last year, the defendant stared at the girl alone in the living room. When she looked like no one at home, she tricked her into the kitchen, extended her hand to invade her, and put her body fluid into a bottle. After the taste of the marrow, the defendant arrived in the afternoon, and then reinstated the girl's body fluid again. Indonesian system of "love" After a month, he once again married the girl, and told her not to tell anyone about it, saying, "just use it as a perfume", she did not bully her, but when he found that the body fluids were not enough, he again sexually invaded the girl. The girl shouted pain. When he was asked to stop, the defendant put his finger in her mouth to make her quiet. After the mother of the girl discovered and reported the police, the police intervened in the investigation. The defendant claimed that the girl’s body fluid was requested to make “love water”. The defendant went to Indonesia last March and brought a few books to renew it, claiming that she needed virgin body fluid to make “love water”. ". He added the perfume to the body fluid while he was reading it, just to let the people around him like himself and stop getting angry at work. He also revealed that after being driven away, he was afraid of being discovered, and they lost the bottles and destroyed the evidence. After pleading guilty in the High Court this morning, the defendant was sentenced to 18 years in prison for 24 years. For a full report, please read the "Xingming Daily" on August 7, 2018.
  4. kope from NK: terrence john JSM!
  5. 70 yr old unker shld be 1 of the sb70, more good years ahead!
  6. kyloren

    Comics struggle to find space in Singapore

    i still got read marvel... just managed to finish secret empire recently. really is got time nothing to do then will read
  7. kyloren

    FIFA eWorld Cup champion

    gaming is serious business...
  8. kyloren

    GPGT - Dis yang aunty face shape nice sia

    +1 for cute meow meow
  9. kyloren

    4 Rape Heavily Pregnant Woman; Lock Husband In Car

    guessed correctly before i click on link
  10. kyloren

    President Teo @ Taiwan Adult Expo 2018

    jsm, @President Teo En Ming, he got more action than most BBFA will have gotten ever in their entire life
  11. exercise too much? more good years ahead
  12. In order to save a bit of money, a man from Chengdu, China decided to go for a natural car wash, driving his vehicle into a shallow river. Unfortunately for him, it was just then that the floodgates opened upstream. This man pacing around an island in the middle of the river after being forced to abandon his 1 million yuan ($147,000) Land Rover. Trapped on the island, the man called for emergency assistance. Firefighters managed to rescue him and his vehicle. The man told his rescuers that he had chosen to drive his Land Rover into the river in order to avoid paying 20 yuan ($3) to get it cleaned at a regular car wash. At least it’s very clean.
  13. kyloren

    80s and 90s games

    very nostalgic... thanks, make me feel old liao
  14. kyloren

    Fm 2017

    still playing 2016 leh... feel like other than the squad updates, like not much changes on every version... more or less same