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  1. MsPotato

    Nurse's creepy Tinder profile leaves users concerned

    Moi only want kkj not their kidney @Sinkiearsenal @onglai
  2. MsPotato

    阿公吃飯嘍! 我的熱情, 啊!

    bad birb bad birb
  3. MsPotato

    99-year-old man confesses to raping 10-year-old girl

    Can we dont import people like this in our country. Later our kids also tio
  4. MsPotato

    Starbucks is eliminating plastic straws from all stores

    Time for starfugs to sell metal straws at a marked up price
  5. MsPotato

    Alex Lewis: It all started from a cold

    Jin scary and sad... Thankfully his waifu still stick by him
  6. Wah later kena pok and stomped
  7. MsPotato

    Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2018

    Wah first few really cmi leh..
  8. @onglai lets goreng ska together!!
  9. MsPotato

    D24 Mcflurry Review

    The korean ahma that acts in mediacorpse