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  1. MsPotato

    Indomie salted egg noodle is IN! Chiong ah!

    Feels like a weird flavour to me. Camping for review
  2. MsPotato

    Ads removal

    Petition to ban this user!!
  3. MsPotato

    Ads removal

    +1 for moar donors to cum in i don’t really mind ads
  4. MsPotato

    Ads removal

    Maybe can have a opt in or opt out options for donor
  5. MsPotato

    First ever EDMW.life Raffle / give away

    Moi also kenot participate
  6. MsPotato

    what happened to Chatroom?

    want jiak mcshit fries?
  7. MsPotato

    what happened to Chatroom?

    i know potato v tasty pls kontrol urself
  8. MsPotato

    what happened to Chatroom?

  9. MsPotato

    what happened to Chatroom?

    Moi got hue ah min leh...
  10. MsPotato

    Tiong Land New Water Version

    Everyday lim lanjiao lol turning gayy
  11. He wanna jiak bigger laisins now