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  1. Feels like a weird flavour to me. Camping for review
  2. MsPotato

    Ads removal

    Petition to ban this user!!
  3. MsPotato

    Ads removal

    +1 for moar donors to cum in i don’t really mind ads
  4. MsPotato

    Ads removal

    Maybe can have a opt in or opt out options for donor
  5. i know potato v tasty pls kontrol urself
  6. Moi got hue ah min leh...
  7. Everyday lim lanjiao lol turning gayy
  8. Moi will neber be replaced by ceca.. moi ish kantang Moi just a patient dunch bully moi even though moi ish siaorangg
  9. Harllow @beautifuldays missy got severe case of siaolang here!!
  10. Think @hiken now trying to aim peepur pgd. U ok bro?
  11. I tot ish true story wor. @onglai better cum cremly
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