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  1. The JD guy is super duper rich. This case is nothing to him, not even a pat on the hand, these incidents are nothing to him. As long money can solve the issue, its not an issue, and we are not talking about murder here.
  2. I will tell Davis, dun come back to serve. For what? Sinkies can say all they want, but theirs views are pointless, ministers included (Btw, he tcss for show only, need to justify his million dollar salary). Im a true blue sporean who has served my ns, but doesn't mean I agreed to it.
  3. TS, u sell gold screws? Sibei ho life, all your satki pictures
  4. well done, charge by distance. Buy car liao still need to watch out for driving distance? kns
  5. Ts, you are jin satki :emoji_v::emoji_v:
  6. wah this thread reborn again
  7. New opportunities for China manufacturers to flood mkt with cheap alternatives
  8. Car expert, estimated time per title?
  9. So many counters why choose Noble? Unless punting for a short term bounce.
  10. Chiron

    S7 win ip6

  11. Same here. Diversification is for the birds.
  12. Alot of pple nowadays always on the phone when crossing the road, esp the younger generations. Really playing with their life.
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