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  1. I respect their rights to protest and all but don't go destroying other people's properties or harm other people, including the police. Those in the police are also someone's husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, father, mother etc. At the end of the day, it's a job for them. Let them go home in peace.
  2. Video link dead liao... Got new source? @The_King
  3. The Chinese saying is true. Wealth doesn't last beyond three generations.
  4. Some say you can find him at lowyat forums. His nick there is his usual nick spell reversed.
  5. It's like trying to out run a zerg swarm... Pointless and futile...
  6. Just put a few stones or rocks along the way... Gg
  7. If the safe is not bolted down, then it is possible and easier to steal. Just need something that can take it's weight when transporting it. Best if that transport has wheels.
  8. Allowed lah. Read my post. Don't tio caught. Can kenna fine one.
  9. The Americans are just screwing themselves over. They are going to lose all the headstart they had from WW2.
  10. Can install at the common corridor but need to apply for permission from town council. The video in this case seems to be from within the flat. So no need to apply for permission.
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