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  1. DynamiteZerg

    jod market is very bad!

    Cockroach posting means will select cockroach
  2. DynamiteZerg

    BTABNN caught

  3. DynamiteZerg

    E-scooterist, 18, in Pasir Ris 'hit-and-run' incident arrested

    SOP is when no name is FT
  4. new funan wants to be atas place and lost its computer roots liao...
  5. No more computer related place to go look look see see liao! Looks like a final nail to the brick and mortar computer shops... Amazon and Taobao wan sui!
  6. DynamiteZerg

    Taiwanese work in SG complain long Working Hours

    Tw more or less no hope. With the way DPP is fucking up the place.
  7. DynamiteZerg

    SIA to issue $2b of medium-term bonds

    Looks like they boh lui liao...
  8. I think you are describing the way they steal card info from users.
  9. I re-read the article. It didn't mentioned what you said. tl;dr version, need to compromise POS first. How is the POS compromised was not mentioned in the article. It only mentioned that it can be done and once done the data from the POS will be sent to the crooks whenever the POS is used. It also mentioned that the crooks came up with a way to use the captured data to clone onto new emv cards.Then it goes on to how the security of the POS can be bypassed with a cloned card and that it can be made to accept any pin. So at the end of the day, you still need a compromised POS. How is that done... I dunno. Maybe it could the method you mentioned or some other method.
  10. DynamiteZerg

    Mobike calls it quits, seeks LTA approval to surrender licence

    Finally coming full circle.
  11. I don't think you get the information in the article. It's sort of a man in the middle attack. Without the compromised POS, the attack will fail.
  12. It needs to have a compromised point of sale (POS) device to start off with. So they must first compromise the POS machines at NTUC. Not sure how they can infect the machines with malware without insider help though.
  13. DynamiteZerg

    Just watched Captain Marvel ~!!!!!!!!!!

    Dead pool 1 so lousy meh?
  14. DynamiteZerg

    Pinoys dio FT influx in their own backyard

    Bananaland / Cockroach land getting invaded? LOL....