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  1. Shit! I bought this and drank before several times liao... TMD! FUCK YOU ABC SHOP!
  2. Civil disobedience is fine. Protest all you want but don't turn to violence. The police trying to maintain order also have a family to go back to. They are just doing their job. If you injure, hurt or kill one of them what do you achieve? Nothing for your cause and in return condemnation all around.
  3. Look like transformer
  4. The sad thing is that these actors don't earn much.
  5. The maids are just gaming the system. End up the employers will cop all the crap and have to pay up. Very simple, just ban all maids from lending money from licensed money lenders. Want to sign up from mobile plan must have the support and acknowledgement from their employers.
  6. It will still hurt lah. The clit has a lot of nerve endings. So kicking females in the crouch is similar to kicking guys in the nuts.
  7. Don't drink so much bubble tea if you care about not getting diabetes
  8. Guy has no choice. The seller shipped via Australia Post. From there, it will be shipped to the official post handling body or company in the destination country. In our case here, is Singapore Post. He suay... Someone must have koped his stuff. Must be something good. Silly thing is, the thing so ex, why not tag on registered post? At least that one need proper handover and tracked carefully. Harder to kope. Or just use courier...
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