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  1. metalrover

    This TW teacher KYM?

    My kkj says ky
  2. 8 fairies rice shop char siew bao rooks like jhj....
  3. metalrover

    Thank you Amy Khor

    In b4 dig nose gif...
  4. I try avoid use tray. Anyway the trays are usually stacked on top of one another, dirty tray bottom stack on next tray surface. Didnt really noticed this till one hawker told me not to place utensils on trays...
  5. metalrover

    'Haunted' hotels around the world

    Hotel eighty one (Sinkieland) Located at various branches over the island, many colour ghosts spotted lurking there, even in broad daylight... True story...
  6. metalrover

    [GVGT] Girl tattoo live facebook stream in Singapore

    Tattoo bu my fav...
  7. metalrover

    Classic HK movies

    Watched most of these movies... Mostly from my era ones...
  8. Bluff chewren one, nowadays where can still find a meal cost anywhere near 1.50... Close to 3 bucks already very cheapo riao...
  9. Thats how i spent most of my free time, unless something crops up. life is simple but very much very routine. If the routine is not disturbed or broken, i m practically or almost living in a world of my own. Really ish bbfa wor...
  10. Quite similar to my lifestyle, except daily cup of kopi o kosong & fishball meepok tah at coffeeshop. Sit sit play phone, then shunbian pack caipng for lunch. Go home, blast music, surf net, youtube. Zhichar for dinner. Occasional beer for the night...