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  1. metalrover

    Why do people believe the rich and powerful?

    Same same but different
  2. metalrover

    girls fight at ITE, one injured

    No royal rumble no talk...
  3. metalrover

    Cashless: Some countries love it, some countries hate it

    For me, cash ish king...
  4. metalrover

    girls fight at ITE, one injured

    Cheesepies fight over kkj?
  5. metalrover

    Why do people believe the rich and powerful?

    Moi choose to be contented with what i have, cant be bothered to chase riches or jealous of what others' achievements. Moi be the lone ranger, walk my own path, live my own simple sustainable life..
  6. metalrover

    Is Retirement Even POSSIBLE?

    Sinkies deserve to work till up lorry..
  7. metalrover

    customers complain of hallucinations after eating cai png

    New way of drug abuse spotted....
  8. metalrover

    McDonald’s Chocolate Pie Will Be Back On 22 February

    For me ish cheesepie & brown sugar pie, choco pie ish 重口味 never try b4...
  9. metalrover

    Samsung S10: Fold Fold Fold

    Drop on floor can becum 2 pcs of samsung s5?
  10. metalrover

    [GPGT] Taiwan Female Doctor can help u rehab KYM

    Ky, full tank for me
  11. Must try this bcm if go west
  12. metalrover

    what happen to her?

    She can help moi shake all she wants...
  13. metalrover

    i want to play this games with atb

    虾饼 must jiak from 下面 lagi fun...
  14. metalrover

    KNN lah! Why until now HWZ still down!??

    Song bo?