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  1. Full Demo Stream: Inferno Requiem – “Wolf from Onon Realm” The Taiwanese/Japan-based black metal band Inferno Requiem released their debut twenty years ago. Since then the band—whose main and only consistent member is one man known as Fog—have steadily carved out their own unique style from the fundamentals of the underground black metal sound. Over the past twenty years, Inferno Requiem’s output has been far more meaningful than prolific. Rather than putting out demo after split after full length after rehearsal recording, Inferno Requiem have released only two full lengths and a few EPs, and so theirdiscography, as a result, is flawless and incisive. Today, in cooperation with Death Kvlt Productions, Inferno Requiem announces Wolf from Onon Realm, the first of several EPs “in a consecutive series” concerned with, according to Fog himself, “the legendary Mongolian Golden Horde of the 13th century.” Source : decibelmagazine.com
  2. WATCH SLIPKNOT PERFORM ‘UNSAINTED’ + ‘ALL OUT LIFE’ ON ‘JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE’ It's been a big week for Slipknot, who capped things off on Friday by taking the stage in Los Angeles for a late night appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. As teased ahead of the appearance, the band played their new single "Unsainted" and also provided the live debut of last fall's single, "All Out Life." Kimmel introduced the band's new song "Unsainted" as well as showed the new album artwork during the late night broadcast, while the high energy "All Out Life" was saved for the show's YouTube site. See both performances below. Earlier this week, the band revealed the M. Shawn Crahan-directed video for "Unsainted,"which provided fans the first look at the band's new masks. In addition, the clip confirmed that there are still nine members within the group, though Slipknot have yet to reveal the identity of their mystery percussionist. On top of the new video, Slipknot revealed the artwork and track listing for their forthcoming album, We Are Not Your Kind. The album will arrive on Aug. 9 and it's currently available for pre-order via the band's website. With the Kimmel performance under their belt, the band will turn their attention to their upcoming European tour, followed by a summer North American trek. See their upcoming dates here. Slipknot, "Unsainted" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Slipknot, "All Out Life" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Source : loudwire.com
  3. Boring 1st half, go back sleep riao...
  4. Poor cheesepie langgar metal, sure blue black wor...
  5. Ceiling fan hard to clean or not?
  6. If my idol makes char siew pau part 3, consperm golden turkey also can bring home...
  7. Creator behind Watain petition lists more upcoming heavy metal concerts in Singapore SINGAPORE — The person behind the petition created in March calling for two Swedish heavy metal bands to be banned from performing in Singapore has added more bands to it. In an update to the petition on Monday (13 May) titled “More extreme (death and black) metal bands scheduled to perform in Singapore” on the petition’s page, Rachel Chan named Dutch death metal band Pestilence, Metal United World Wide, a concert featuring eight metal bands, and Canadian death metal band Cryptopsy. The upcoming concerts are set to take place 7 June, 15 June, and 5 July, respectively. According to its Facebook page, the Metal United World Wide will feature death metal bands such as Kaliyuga, E-thereal and The Wandering Ascetic. Chan also included Wikipedia definitions of the death metal and black metal genres. She called on the public to email their concerns to the government feedback channel [email protected] and copy them to the Prime Minister’s Office at [email protected] Her original petition, which was created on 6 March, resulted in an 11th hour ban of Swedish black metal band Watain’s concert in Singapore, which was scheduled the next day. The petition, addressed to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, has garnered over 23,000 signatures as of Monday night. Explaining the reason for the ban then, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam said at a doorstop interview on 7 March that allowing Watain’s concert to be held will be “against public order interest” and “affect our religious and social harmony”. Shanmugam noted that the band’s music is “very offensive towards Christians, Jews, supportive of violence, including encouraging the burning of churches.” Following the ban, the organiser behind Soilwork, the other band mentioned in the original petition, said on Facebook the band would play “as planned” on 29 October. When asked if Soilwork’s concert will be banned, an IMDA spokesperson said “each performance is assessed on a case-by-case basis”. Soilwork’s concert is still listed in Chan’s updated petition. Source : sg.style.yahoo.com
  8. Circuit rd near geyland, good location bery convenient, moi like
  9. Pasir ris 5 rm only selling 400k nia
  10. thats nothing Tiagong got shopping mall ceiling bdbc collapsed...
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