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  1. MAYHEM UNVEIL DETAILS BEHIND SIXTH ALBUM ‘DAEMON’ Black metal's most infamous band, Mayhem, have announce the details behind Daemon, their first album since 2004 and sixth overall full length. The group revealed that their 10-track new record will arrive on Oct. 25 through Century Media Records and that pre-orders will become available starting on Aug. 30. "Daemon isn’t a direct follow-up to Esoteric Warfare," said Mayhem in a statement. "Like all Mayhem albums of their time, Daemon is unto itself. The wolf solitary and singular. Indeed, Daemon also isn’t a new chapter in our storied career. Rather, it’s a new tome, authoritative yet wild in character." They continued, "Composed and decomposed with the same lineup - Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila (vocals), Teloch (guitars), and Ghul (guitars) - that handled Esoteric Warfare and performed De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety over the last few years, Daemon isn’t a retrofit of classic songs like “Freezing Moon,” “Pagan Fears,” or “Buried by Time and Dust” either. That’s what the live album, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive (2016), was for. Daemon is change, an opportunity for the maw of hell to open wider." View the track listing and artwork, created by Daniele Valeriani, below. 01. "The Dying False King" 02. "Agenda Ignis" 03. "Bad Blood" 04. "Malum" 05. 'Falsified and Hated" 06. "Aeon Daemonium" 07. "Worthless Abomination Destroyed" 08. "Daemon Spawn" 09. "Of Worms and Ruins" 10. "Invoke the Oath" Source : loudwire.com
  2. Leeds united 's year? So far 1 win 1 draw after 2 games...
  3. Lampar one of the early favourites for the sack..
  4. Resale flats in pasir ris relatively cheaper, than tampines and bedok due to location near one end of the island. those built in the 90s quite spacious..
  5. Album Review: GOREGÄNG Neon Graves Chainsaw grinding death metal from India's best metal label, Transcending Obscurity? Yeah I want some of that. The magic doesn't stop there. Goregang actually feature current and former members of Wombbath, Soilwork and Venom Inc. With a pedigree like that, it's clear that this duo is tapped into something else entirely. Their debut full length, Neon Graves comes two years after their eponymous debut EP. In that time the band has grown by leaps and bounds. Unleashing so called 'new wave of old school death metal' in the vein of groups like Necrot and Outer Heaven, Neon Graves is a thrilling listen. It's the sort of death metal record that is unafraid to hint at its crust roots. Neon Graves embraces its own filth and forces you to choke on the madness that ensures. Politically aware and emotionally crushing, this is death metal from a band whose deep understanding of the aesthetic only serves to push them forward. In a crowded death metal scene, Goregang's oppressive guitars stand out. Take a track like 'Feeble-minded Rash'. It fuses the bands trademark swagger and blinding heaviness with a punk edge. Lyrics like 'Put down your devices, enjoy the live scene' on, 'This Era Of Human' only reinforces the inherent thoughtfulness behind the band. Goregang also show a wonderful tendency for surprisingly big choruses and encourage shout-alongs. While this may be atypical for the genre in my eyes it adds to the magic of the band. It gives the group a sense of 'realness' that one might not find otherwise in this music. Neon Graves consequently winds up being addictive listening. There are twisted moments and odes to inner torment throughout. In this 'Silence Is Consent' is probably the standout, once more doubling down on the big choruses. Thing is, this is very much also a 'guitar record.' The title track, 'Neon Graves' shows some hard Carcass worship. It's so goddamn fun one would be hard pressed not to want more of it. Sometimes it's the self aware moments and the willingness to embrace the madness of the genre that will set a band apart. That certainly feels like the case here. Death metal is a genre that is best at its most frenetic. It shines when you think the band is going to fall apart at the last moment. It's the insane moments that keep you on tenterhooks. It's the neverending appetite for destruction that keeps us coming back. Goregang understand this on a fundamental level. Neon Graves is an ode to death metal tropes, but that's what makes it great. The way they expand upon the tropes be it with politics or gang vocals separates them from the pack. There is seemingly no end to the circle pit inducing riffs on this record. Smashed in between worship of the death metal greats are hints at what the band can do next. Sure this is a group that features scene veterans, but it is still a promising debut. Goregang will make you snap your neck headbanging and leave you lusting for blood. If that's not enough out of a death metal record then I don't know what is. Overall: 8/10 Sauce : metalinjection.com
  6. DEVOURMENT RETURN WITH ‘OBSCENE MAJESTY’ ALBUM, DEBUT FIRST SINGLE Slam icons Devourment have returned with Obscene Majesty, their first new album since 2013. The record comes out Aug. 16 on Relapse and you can hear the first single, "Cognitive Sedation Butchery," below. A cacophony of steam hammer blasts, flattening breakdowns and gurgled vocals, "Cognitive Sedation Butchery" is a testament to Devourment's legacy of brutality and their status as enduring pioneers of the slam/brutal death metal underground. Since 2013's Conceived in Sewage, Devourment's lineup has been completely revamped with one new member, a returning classic member and two who changed positions within the group. Ruben Rosas, the vocalist on Devourment's Molesting the Decapitated full length debut, had been playing guitar from 2005 through 2014 and reclaimed his post as vocalist. Original drummer Brad Fincher has been back behind the kit since 2014, while newbie bassist Dave Spencer joined in that same year after bass player Chris Anders, who held down the low end from 2005 through 2014, switched to guitar. Sauce : loudwire.com
  7. 13-YEAR-OLD CRUSHES OPPONENTS AT GUITAR SHRED COMPETITION On Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater, we typically give you rockers playing the instrumental pieces that first inspired them, but it’s sometimes fun to see a good ol’ shred competition. Thankfully, The Music Experience’s Squiggy was on hand to host, while none other than guitar greats Nita Strauss and Jared James Nichols got to judge as the four shredders stepped up to the plate. All four of the musicians had previously bested other competition to earn their spot in this shred off, and they didn’t disappoint. In fact, Strauss was so impressed that she asked two of the guitarists to participate in a sudden death shred off before making her final decision. Check Out Nita Strauss' Gear When all was said and done, 13-year-old viral guitar sensation Landon emerged as the victor, with his bluesy, hard rocking solos. Speaking with Nita Strauss about playing her signature guitar after the competition, young Landon stated, “It just feels really good to play. It feels really fast and very smooth.” Check Out Jared James Nichols' Gear Watch Landon and his fellow competitors shred away in the video below, and if you want to pick up the guitar, make sure to get all your gear needs met at Sweetwater.com. Sauce : loudwire.com
  8. ABBATH NOW HAS A CORPSE PAINT CONTEST FOR FANS Think you have what it takes to be the face ov black metal? Abbath wants to put you to the test! The Norwegian group, led by its frontman, now has a Corpse Paint contest for fans to show off their skills. The competition will run from today (June 21) until July 5. To participate, show off your best Corpse Paint in a photo on your social media profiles with the hashtag #Abbathfacepaint. The artistic winner will receive a bundle of merchandise, including the group's upcoming album Oustrider, a T-shirt and a jar of Abbath's brand of black and white Corpse Paint. See a promotional video for the contest from Season of Mist below. The internet is oversaturated with bland makeup tutorials anyway. It's about time black metal gets the makeup guru spotlight. It's already made its way into country music, so who says Sephora can't sell Corpse Paint as well? Ostrider will be out July 5. Read our interview with Abbath about the new album here. Source : loudwire.com
  9. Time to make some friends in the same estate, to lower the possibility of dying until turn smelly.
  10. Fresh oyster with lemon squeeze and tabasco sauce ish no horse run...
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