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  1. Tiagong for north east, 565 hougang st 51 also not bad, left got hougang green mall for toilet use, right got buangkok green wifi...
  2. metalrover

    reservist injured by howitzer in NZ

    Saf ish fan tai sui hah, so many daiji...
  3. For me ish usually lunch alone, drink kopi alone, smoke alone... Living in my own world, occasionally join in colleagues for lunch to find out whats going on in the office, & talk some cock..
  4. metalrover

    I wish there was somebody I can talk to

    Brudder beedio, moi suspect chiu ish a alien soul trapped in a human body...
  5. metalrover

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Can x 3, will still go rah...
  6. metalrover

    2019 过年 cheongsam collection

    Moarrrr prease....
  7. metalrover

    Dark piano music box

  8. metalrover

    Dark piano music box

    Sic dark piano music for dark & horror music lovers...
  9. Corpsepaint, not to be confused with zombie makeup, dead makeup, or Goth makeup, is a makeup style favored by black metal bands. It was originated by the vocalist of Mayhem, Per "Dead" Ohlin, who wanted to look like a corpse on stage. To apply corpsepaint, follow these directions. Steps 1 Apply a thin layer of white base on your face. Make sure you use enough to make your face at least several shades lighter, but not enough so that you look like a geisha or a clown. Generally, it's a good idea to include your jaw line and neck unless you want a "mask" or "floating face" effect. ------------------------------------- 2 Apply white or translucent powder over the white base (optional). Though this step can be skipped, it will help keep the white base from smudging/melting off your face or into the rest of the color. ------------------------------------- For extra hold, repeat Steps 1 and 2until a mask-like effect is achieved. ------------------------------------- 3 Liberally apply either dark blue/purple/black eyeshadow around your eyes. There should be enough to cover the entire space between your eyebrow and eyelash. Apply a reasonable amount beneath your eye. ------------------------------------- Instead of simply applying it so that it contours to your eye socket, try going for a spider-webbed, stitched, shattered, dripping, or vine-y effect. ------------------------------------- 4 Apply a wide layer of black eyeliner around your eyes. This helps to bring out the eye shadow and your natural eyebrows. ------------------------------------- 5 Apply dark lipstick if desired. Match the colour to what’s around your eyes for a more cohesive effect. Again, consider creating a secondary effect such as stitching or dripping instead of simply drawing perfect lines. ------------------------------------- Tips Whether on stage or in the pit, it gets very hot; either use waterproof makeup or avoid complicated designs, as they will fade with sweat and look bad if you don't have time to keep fixing them up every few hours. A sponge is very useful in applying large swaths of paint. For the rest, use your fingers (don't forget to wash!) or a soft makeup pencil. Avoid pimples. Get rid of the greasepaint when you're done. Rub Pond's cold cream (cosmetic turpentine; cheaper and more efficient than any fancy makeup remover) all over the makeup, give it a minute, then wipe. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball for your eyes; it's more thorough. Wash the remaining grease out with mild soap. Do not scrub: that is what causes pimples. Be sure to use moisturizer after you rinse to maintain your skin's natural oil levels. Moisturizer works to remove the paint as well, but you might have to go over it twice. Painting your whole body isn't necessary unless you are trve kvlt, in which case you would paint the whole body, but also wear long sleeves. Most black metal fans just paint their faces, because who wants to spend three hours putting the stuff on when you could be out there having fun already? If you're wearing something that shows a lot of skin, just taper out the white edges to blend into your natural skin tone. Observe or research the styles of musicians such as King Diamond, Behemoth, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, etc. for inspiration. If you're having trouble getting your lines straight, pencil the edges in first.
  10. metalrover

    [WARNING] CPF nomination may not be what it is

    Website says to bring photocopy of nominee nric for cash nomination
  11. metalrover

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    Lost count riao, total got how many political party already...
  12. metalrover

    Shenzhen's Infamous Low Wage Workers' Trap

    Personally find nowadays jhbs very much like sgbs, becuming gcps & materialistic... Dog eye see ppl low types. Only their ji gou li slang is different from sgbs.... Maybe just my own personal encounters
  13. His left arm felt jealous...
  14. metalrover

    Shenzhen's Infamous Low Wage Workers' Trap

    Tiagong, rast time honkies men like to visit shenzhen to bao small three..
  15. metalrover

    Do you feel that SG is a very micromanaged society?

    Moi worked under such bosses before. Even when you sit in the office, also must be approved by the boss, change work station must get permission...
  16. metalrover

    Windy end to January with some warm days expected

    East side raining now, jin song...
  17. And the prata ish the lumbar one choice.... Song boh?
  18. metalrover

    Singapore otters a hit overseas

    He should drop by yishun, got one 小白, jin fierce..
  19. metalrover

    why suddenly so many ppl buy 100plus

    Waiting for Cny beer sales...
  20. metalrover

    twmm divorce sinkie hubby, so sad

    Bbfa wansui....
  21. metalrover

    kgk waited one hr for golden mile claypot still kena rude

    Heng moi only eat lice without claypot...