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  1. kandidate

    Should i go to uni?

    doesn't matter what you study if you are thinking of a career in banking. i deal with bankers from investment and pte banks - some of them majored in sociology, psychology, electrical engineering, political science, physics... one was an ex navy seal officer who majored in astronomy and math.
  2. to me he does. watch a few of his videos, from the last ge to the latest. the current administration is really due for a complete overhaul.
  3. sb70 idiots voted for laulan wong to collect million $ salary and serve the interest of his master, and not sb70. need more lim theans to be in parliament to really fight for the rights of the people.
  4. kandidate

    Bui en lost 4kg !!

    Was she jailed for the 2nd hit and run accident?
  5. kandidate

    [TOC] Shanmugam self pwn with comments about AMKTC and AHTC

    Sb70 negligently voted for these idiots to remain in power even when they are fully aware of the dangers of having all that power concentrated all to just one person. Sb70???
  6. kandidate

    yishun blk 666 jumbo 600k got change?

    Theres a reason why they r selling it... yishun, enuff said.
  7. kandidate

    loud bangs in west area

    arty arty!!! contacted!!!
  8. Cos they have always believed in treating the symptoms and not the root cause...
  9. something is very wrong with our edu system... nobel laureates aside, why cant sg produce people with high creative quotient after > 50 yrs of nation building? sb70???
  10. kandidate

    SIA flight emergency landing @ PLAB after run out of fuel

    Ya sibei jialat... pappies screw up time and again... even putin kena ask to go thru metal detector... haha... really messed up...
  11. kandidate

    SIA flight emergency landing @ PLAB after run out of fuel

    Supposed to meet a client today at 7pm cos his flight is supposed to land at 4+pm. He text me he just landed an hour+ ago.
  12. kandidate

    SIA flight emergency landing @ PLAB after run out of fuel

    TIL that PLAB allows commercial planes to land... i tot only changi and seletar...
  13. after 2 years, it becomes 1400. why? election over liao...
  14. sb70 is hoping to see results from an army senior officer who has no exp in public tranportation system... wow just wow...