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  1. Chossing major at 18? Most very be wasting 2 yrs of their lives doing crap work or risking their lives to protect FTs isnt it? Sb70.
  2. And sph is still wondering why readership has dropped, ie people stopped buying ST.
  3. kandidate

    police arrest 18 for repeated rape of 12-year-old girl

    Wah so many of them at chennai biz park lei... shameful-mugan got setup a police division there to watch over these banglas?
  4. Good. Let them unveil what are the hidden costs and we'll see how sg gov deals with it. Popcorn time.
  5. kandidate

    A 'ghost' reportedly seen in KL Parliament opening

    i read from whatsapp it's not a ghost... its actually the brother of one of the msian indian senator...
  6. kandidate

    massage training

    can the sg ladies use myskills future credits for these courses? lol
  7. kandidate

    Lau Goh hints he may “do a Mahathir” !!

    If gck were to form a coalition against lhl, its really game over for summit lee and all his pap cronies. But i am pretty sure he isnt gonna take the risk.
  8. kandidate

    @the_king i got bad news for u

    ok thanks. i think i will just go to the ah beng shop, cos less traveling and nearby my place.
  9. kandidate

    @the_king i got bad news for u

    ya u should do that.
  10. kandidate

    @the_king i got bad news for u

    Ya, may be next time will do that. My friend did asked me to go jb. He changed his iphone batt for rm100 iirc. Still working fine after a yr. But i sian half from the thought of driving in to just change batt. Lol.
  11. kandidate

    @the_king i got bad news for u

    Ok thanks. So i buy the battery and u will help me fix it for 25?
  12. nice... looks delicious...
  13. kandidate

    @the_king i got bad news for u

    o ok. am overseas right now. so if you wanna do it, where should we meet?
  14. kandidate

    @the_king i got bad news for u

    o ok. thanks for sharing.