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  1. pity the small retailers... pay 10k-30k monthly rental but the monthly sales is probably less than 1/2 the rent...
  2. kandidate

    Dis MOE aunty principal kym by Liu Dehuas' high standards?

    wah this one ok lei... max rm100/1/1
  3. ya, those ministers and perm secs and stat board ceos.... wah still got pension? i tot they stopped it like > 30 yrs ago?
  4. kandidate

    Train problem thread

    would be better if can include "khaw, your turn to harakiri!!!" haha
  5. kandidate

    [GPGT] kyloren daily lunch kym thread

    ya... they bought me lunch... not bad... haha
  6. kandidate

    [GPGT] kyloren daily lunch kym thread

    Yesterday my muar friend drove me to makan lunch.. she ordered about 6 dishes for 3 pax... Got sotong, prawns, fried fish, steam fish, veg, oyster egg...
  7. kandidate

    yandao molester shushu paraded in 10kkj

    it sure made him look like a serial murderer.
  8. kandidate

    Chio Bu comprained Hitch driver wear improper dress code

    amdk wear singlet and shorts, hair never comb, never shower n brush teeth for a week - so macho, smells manly, very adaptive in new environments, god sent, cares for the environment greatly cos he uses very little water... sillyporean wear singlet and shorts to drive uber - poor upbringing, looks smelly, disgraceful, unkempt, loser, enjoys giving lame excuses, inept good for nothing, knn at least trim or shave the armpit hair can anot...
  9. y haha... ya, some like to use spittle too... i mean water...
  10. kandidate

    Train problem thread

  11. wah u got fetish for gals rubbing their eye ah? haha
  12. kandidate

    Satki E-scooter

    sb70 voted for this to happen. else after 5 years of accidents, pap would have already put a stop on all these pmds...
  13. kandidate

    This acting so fake

  14. kandidate

    i want this bed

    the bed keep rocking up down left and right... how to sleep well every night? haha