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  1. kandidate

    reservist injured by howitzer in NZ

    anyone here is gpo from arty?
  2. kandidate

    reservist injured by howitzer in NZ

    wishing him a speedy recovery. really ns for sillyporeans, high paying jobs for pappies and FTs...
  3. O ok... thanks for sharing... i think somebody has been trying to access my email cc. Mostly from india as per googles advice. Yes i have since changed passwords.
  4. Pity the investors. Really. All taken for a ride.
  5. how do you its been hacked? is it becos you receive notices from google saying someone from another country is trying to login to your ac? have been receiving it.
  6. kandidate

    British Lotus cars to be 'Made in China' at new Geely plant

    totally make sense if geely is trying to penetrate into msia, selling their 15k (china rsp) cars for rm100k. if their strategy was to target the locals, perhaps indo, philly, thai, viet or myanmar would have been a better choice, ie bigger population. i guess misa must have given them an offer that was hard to say no to.
  7. kandidate

    [WARNING] CPF nomination may not be what it is

    why make it so difficult for sg shitizens? cpf funds got problems isit??? i guess sb70 dont really care about this.
  8. kandidate

    British Lotus cars to be 'Made in China' at new Geely plant

    till today, i cannot understand the rationale behind this acquisition. proton isn't really a profitable biz, and has extremely small market share globally. may be i am missing some info on proton, but was told that it was sold below valuation. could it be a move by the najib's admin to unload unprofitable assets? may be a political move to ask madhatter to backoff?
  9. o ok... pap should have implemented this > 20 years ago
  10. Meanwhile in sg, so many merchants dont give a damn to the gov and continue to ask for nric unnecessarily. Last yr i bought a washing machine for my parents at a big electronics shop. They requested for my nric when i was at the cashier. If i am at the bank, i can understand. But limpeh was buying a fugging washine machine and not a gpmg or wmd! Why need nric? I wanted to walk off but i had time on my hands. So i asked why. The reply was coy policy. I asked to be shown the policy n was given a blank stare. She said no nric cannot buy. Lol. So i asked for the manager. Long story short, i bought without showing them my nric.
  11. This is an excellent opportunity to make money. Some chinese companies will develop apps to allow streaming of such content via proxies and charge a small monthly token sum. I person 1 usd pm. 1 million users = usd1m. 30m users globally and they make usd30m monthly.
  12. kandidate

    Progress Singapore Party formed!

    Good time for pap to step down. Dang i forgot theres sb70...
  13. kandidate

    Shenzhen's Infamous Low Wage Workers' Trap

    Bo pian... smes are mostly lke that. Only those smes making millions in profits pa are willing to pay above mkt rates. most mncs are most willing to pay good $ for quality candidates.
  14. kandidate

    Shenzhen's Infamous Low Wage Workers' Trap

    Ya quite common in big cities... its all about the $ $ $...