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  1. he could be the oldest singaporean guy to marry a girl half his age!
  2. lol... what i meant was delayed at lax for 10 hours... then went transiting in hk, kena delay again due to these protestors...
  3. pity those whose flight was delayed 8-10 h elsewhere, then when they transit in hk, they have to deal with these protestors n further delays... damn tiring man.
  4. I think most travellers will be damn pissed to be in this type of situation.
  5. time for some death metal.... haha
  6. Their biz model needs to be changed. Mostly buy ebooks. Sad truth.
  7. going to punngol to buy his bak chor mee now!
  8. kandidate

    Being a father..

    congrats! couldnt really rem the full name of the gynaes cos it was > 10 yrs ago. my first son was delivered at mt a. second was in gleneagles (dr chan something). for both, i took their package cos it was much cheaper. every visit, they would do 3D scan and give us the photos. during that time, each 3D scan cost 100+, maybe now its cheaper. mt a was about 5k. glen-e was slightly more. both natural birth, no c-section. i thought glen e was better and closer to our home. my wife still felt that mt a is better. congrats again!
  9. looks like he was accelerating, not braking lei...
  10. if have to make electorates happy, they will put back the jury system. but hor, they will surely include a clause where the presiding judge can over rule the jury's verdict. sb70???
  11. i only know n drink a few... hibiki, johnny, yamazaki, macallan, suntory, singleton...
  12. Installing and uninstalling and then installing tinder again now!
  13. wah how cum they allow doctors and dentists to be like those insurance agents and car salesmen? where most of them dont tell you they make x amount commision from the policy you buy or whether they roll back the miles on the odometer...
  14. i love picolo's threads... haha... very nice of him to start threads with photos... but when people start asking questions about the validity of the content he posted, he conveniently mia... lololol...
  15. i some times feel like when we grow older, we just like simple stuff. just steam or stir fry veg, soup, steam fish is good enough for a home meal 3x a day. no need fried eggs, fried chicken, roasted duck, fried fish....
  16. kandidate

    Popup ads removal.

    the owners dont seem to care about feedback and usability around here. its gonna be hard to grow any biz if this kinda attitude persist.
  17. wtf, even replying a reaction to a post will open a new pop up ad????????
  18. Yup. Mostly the capital is from parents. Minimally 50k each.
  19. kandidate

    Popup ads removal.

    There are pop up ads on lazada, hotels, porn, gambling, hookup apps, sex drugs... what happened to the rule where one cannot post nsfw stuff? my kids are using my laptop n pc as well. This is not right.
  20. oh ok... obamanotbad.jpg... i dont mind... max 650/2/2 for 3some.
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