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  1. The general behaviour for these birds, since they have no teeth to bite off anything, is to fling the small stuff around till they break apart and they can just swallow the smaller pieces whole. I have seen similar gangster birds flinging French fries around in a futile attempt to break them apart.
  2. Hire clay pigeon shooters to join the team at Changi
  3. Lol I was wondering how an old thread like this suddenly resurface.
  4. An exceedingly tragic case. An innocent young life lost for no good reason. The husband and wife were a very close pair before marriage, so it is a wonder how turned out to be like that. I can't imagine what might be going through the head of either party now...
  5. Why the heck are people still bringing debit cards overseas? Lazy to get prepaid cards, or a credit card that would at least provide a chance to disputes charges?
  6. Psyres

    Game of thrones !

    I think they just want to wrap up the series in a hurry and go on to enjoy the wealth they have accumulated over the years from milking the series.
  7. The kickback from chopping wood must have hurt their hands quite a bit...
  8. Psyres

    The Sintua Thread

    Hope all is well for @nachtsider and wife.
  9. SJWs jumping on the bandwagon, going overboard with harassment... First up, sad for the good doctor that many of his comments are not evaluated for context. (I.e. he is known for shooting his mouth off, without actually being serious about it, or we would have seen shit actually happen by now. He spends a bit too much time polishing his online ego. Clearly, the internet of serious business is not a good place for him to be hanging around) Second, this goes to show how easy it is to manipulate opinion online (especially those of SJWs / keyboard warriors). It just becomes another case that lends support to laws like the Fake News Bill, allowing to be passed more easily with less scrutiny of how the law should be exercised. Basically, for all the crying about a free and open Internet complete with anarchy style free speech rights, humanity self-pwn in the end by triggering kneejerk control responses from governing bodies through their own uncontrolled acts of harassment and attacks.
  10. If you have all your financials for this taking job roughly worked out and no major commitments here to speak of, just go. A change of environment can do wonders to one's life.
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