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  1. Psyres

    Do you crave malt foods e.g. Horlicks drink?

    Horlicks is the best! Followed by Ovaltine! Milo is only good for eating out of a bowl.
  2. Coming here just to show that they are "growing", so can scam more investors during fund raisers.
  3. Psyres

    what happen?

    I find it amusing how the excavator seems to have missed the roof of the bus stop entirely on its way in. Some serious drifting skills there.
  4. Psyres

    Heavy Rain

    Need more days like this!
  5. Psyres

    Instagram moves into e-commerce with shopping button

    Money spinning scheme start liao...
  6. Landlord greedy raise rental by 50%? Just a guess.
  7. Psyres

    grab enter ah long + vermin business

    Just a ploy to get more investors to pump more money into their pockets while creative accounting takes place. MAS is stupid as usual. Would happily wait for shit to hit the fan first then over react with excessive and vague regulation in the name of safeguarding public confidence in Singapore's economy. It's a wonder why there is so much confidence in what they do. Singapore's prosperity can hardly be attributed to any of their work.
  8. As usual, failure to implement cost cutting fundamentals at an early stage sets a company up for painful procedures like this. Not like anyone is going to learn that lesson though.
  9. Psyres

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    If he received payment for giving LYP a ride, while not holding an actual PHV licence, that's playing with fire. But i don't think they'll press a kidnapping charge, because the death sentence is overkill if the aim is to warn others not to fool around with members of the royal family.
  10. It would be helpful if the G stops stepping in with money collection schemes packaged as market cooling measures. Otherwise, it's really just delaying the inevitable.
  11. Psyres

    15th March 2019 Christchurch Mosque shooting

    That is one sicko... RIP to the people at the mosque...
  12. Psyres

    Man turns an Audi S7 into a gaming PC

    Too much time and money on his hands. But at least he gets bragging rights.
  13. I mostly use credit and cash only, with the attempt to consolidate my spending onto a single card whenever possible. Setting alerts whenever a single dollar has been spent on my card to catch instances when my credit card has been compromised (once upon a time, there was a bank that let me set alerts for even a single cent of spending. Too bad they left SG. It seems banks are stupid these days and no longer allow me to do that). Catching those fraudulent transactions early on a credit card is helpful for stopping loss and recovering the money spent. It also allows me to track my spending in a more convenient manner, at a cost of being tracked for data and targeted advertising. Not ideal, but something i can still accept for now. Will look into cutting out all these unwanted links later in life.