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  1. In before @appleyum ! Down with the vermins!
  2. I hope he gives it up. Singapore doesn't deserve to have a sporting talent like him. If he stays, they will only snuff out his bright future.
  3. He has a kiam pah face. I just wanted to say that.
  4. In before lunch stealing quotes.
  5. Does "hitting the ground" imply strangers can randomly perform german suplexes on them while they are out in the open? No? Why not? Is a clothesline preferred instead?
  6. And i thought the billionaire has his hands full with his multiple projects? To think he has time to jostle with one of the rescue members over a small matter of whether his mini sub gets used? That was moronic of him, to say the least.
  7. A million dollars a month to sell his soul, dignity, and get a lifetime of ridicule doesn't sound so good a deal to me. Even dogs have it better. He's much better getting his millions through business instead of... whatever he does to carry those balls, then cry over his broken 'E' key at the end of the day on his Porsche Design laptop.
  8. Thanks Pinky. Now France will definitely lose in the final.
  9. I can always show him a green switch mechanical keyboard with stuck keys. Pity he wouldn't know or understand how much work it takes for that to happen (barring mishaps and intentional vandalism). On the flip side, the wit in his post is understood, and not appreciated because of his role and position. I pity him instead; the mantle he wears is a burden to him as a human being.
  10. Psyres

    why chinese can't play football?

    They are too busy selling fake branded footballs and jerseys to bother with entering the World Cup.
  11. Can even rear chickens for free eggs and subsequently meat at home.
  12. Suddenly, everyone can whip up delectable feasts in 30 mins like Jamie Oliver, with the ingredients magically delivered on time every time they reach home, and the dishes magically done after every meal.
  13. Dare him to take a pay cut to bring his wages back in line with his productivity. Then watch the endless excuses come rushing through his 2nd anus..
  14. How do these people keep getting away so lightly for offences like these, when they are supposed to be made examples to deter other potential offenders? Where is the deterrence by offering a 2 week retreat for free?