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  1. Sneaky sneaky add extra ingredients...
  2. The exercise machines help them maintain bone mass - they lose calcium from their bones rapidly while in space, something to do with the lack of sufficient impact to trigger the processes that help maintain bone mass. Muscle mass is another consideration, but not as serious a problem as bone mass loss if I recall correctly. This is probably more of a brain thing, where the processes that help us coordinate and balance to walk upright go unused for too long, and the neural pathways that link to them simply shut off or die off. That's what I presume is the case here. The rule of the thumb is: if you don't use it you lose it.
  3. Psyres

    scary auntie hack door not scare police!

    Jin fierce... Singapore so stressed until anything also can trigger a siaolang episode.
  4. Psyres

    Kumgong cyclist roadrage with lorry. 鸡蛋碰石头 lol

    Double kill as expected.
  5. He was probably the one who released them in...
  6. Psyres


    Basically an underground tram... He didn't do anything special other than adding pretty lights to the whole thing, and helping to advertise his model X It looks from their description that he's changing the plan to make it basically a smoother riding pathway than the traffic above, because he was never going to succeed with the initial idea where he sold it like it was a giant vacuum tube.
  7. Audition to be JAV actor. Request to be part of storylines with nice nice aunties only. Solid prospects for you.
  8. Psyres

    Kumgong cyclist roadrage with lorry. 鸡蛋碰石头 lol

    Roads for FT! Jail time for Sinkies!
  9. Psyres

    Kumgong cyclist roadrage with lorry. 鸡蛋碰石头 lol

    Is cock eye reporter. Not sure if lorry driver is sinkie or not. If it is, then can sleep doubly well tonight: Lorry ram cyclist will get charged in court, livelihood in danger. Idiot cyclist now viral for his inconsiderate riding and reckless actions, livelihood in question. Sinkie duplex pwn each other. If consider nationality of driver who posted video, could well be a sinkie double kill.
  10. Psyres

    How to find your soulmate?

    Fair enough on the neural logical differences, a well-known observation given historical trends, though there is a separate nature vs nurture debate that isn't fully settled as far as I am aware. On the topic about space, you can just about say the same for many other hobbies to varying degrees. Ladies are grossly under represented in many hobbies out there.
  11. Psyres

    How to find your soulmate?

    Nope, they are wired like any other human - they look after their own self-interest and desires first, based on existing information available to them. It's a high risk venture for them (specifically those looking to settle down) to commit to another person; sharing their time and resource with them. Hence they would carefully consider whether the person is worth their time. If they can't tell that you are worth their time, then they would treat you as an acquaintance at best; but would generally not waste too much time learning more about the topics you are interest in. Girls who are out to have fun are only interested in fulfilling their own desires. The onus is up to you to engage them at their level if you want their attention. Nanometre already pointed out one of the avenues where you have a good shot at finding your idea of soulmates. Just don't go there with unnecessary expectations about the opposite sex, and letting those expectations colour your words and actions right from the get go. Another thing - the term soulmate is gender neutral. It got romanticised into something quite different entirely.
  12. Psyres

    How to find your soulmate?

    Any guy looking for a life partner (not necessarily a soulmate) should understand that security and stability are fundamental requirements for ladies. The difference lies in what conditions they see as fulfilling the security and stability requirements, in relation to themselves and what they had learnt their whole lives. Therefore it should be no surprise that their upbringing and the company they hang out with features into whether one will be assessed as potentially suitable, unless one's capabilities and resources heavily skew towards things like money that allow them to somewhat compensate for everything else.
  13. I guess he is about to receive an invitation to enjoy an extra gao cup of green tea...
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