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  1. Psyres

    WTF: powerbank turn guy into Human Torch

    Jin fierce and scary!
  2. Psyres

    Satki E-scooter

    Wah, from biker gangs to e-scooter gangs. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Quite a sabo game they place on other motorists on the road...
  3. Psyres

    Pls Help Us

    Pay not in yet. Soon.
  4. He'll make a good minister. He skips all the details, spins a nice story about how everything under his care is in great shape, and blames the citizens when things don't go his way.
  5. He lacks perspective too, because he is arguing it only from his perspective, instead of our perspective. He compares via the lowest common denominator, and conveniently forgets that's not the level people are criticizing the situation for. Singapore isn't the Middle East, so its problems and her people's concerns are obviously different. Not saying that he is wrong to state his stand, but his argument is invalid when considered from the Singaporean perspective - how do we keep pushing for the prosperous society as each and everyone of us recite with the Pledge, and prevent self implosion that might very well arrive with a government so obsessed with economic growth to the detriment of just about everything else? For all the positivity he claims to spread, he seems utterly clueless about how to actually bring positive change. Conclusion? Just another hippie riding on his accidental fame to travel the world for his own entertainment.
  6. Tax monies wasted on an over glorified ambassador. We could do away with the position and it would save us a good deal of tax monies to channel towards charities. Just that it would be terribly sad that the good work OTC started would never find a successor to continue on, and the money saved would never actually reach any charity organization...
  7. King of the road? Everyone must give way or face his wrath? Ego bigger than the universe? Will all his students turn out to be arrogant jerks and bitches just like their asshole professor?
  8. Stick to part-time cleaning services If there is no one in the household in dire need of someone to look after them 24/7.
  9. Money money money! They love it! So SB70 give it!
  10. Sounds like an standard SB70 voter case with names and terms replaced.
  11. Who the heck thinks of the hawker management when they go to a hawker centre for food? Do these ding dong bells assume people go because there will be 3 star michelin environment and food available at 3 star michelin prices?
  12. Psyres

    The Sintua Thread

    Never did realise the 7th month festivities could be so elaborate and colourful. Very different from the usual activities i've seen before. Many thanks for helping to document and showcase the festivities @nachtsider !
  13. Psyres

    Marital rape, voyeurism to become offences in SG !!

    Apparently, there is wording in the proposed law that applies the same principle to men as well. Unfortunately, that is not emphasized at all here, which begs another question: How do you prove marital rape? Short of having hidden cams/CCTVs (which would end up breaking a different law), is it always the word of one party against the other? So if the courts generally assume the men always have the physical advantage and the intent to rape in the majority of situations, does that mean that women technically have a higher chance of getting away with lying about marital rape? Regardless, it means the possibility of the unenlightened people using the prospect of being pulled to the courts under the new laws to traumatize the people they should be learning to honour, love, and respect, may very well increase. Pretty sure all of us have heard of or seen a real life case of one crazy person who does something like that due to an absolute lack of morals and/or just being sick in the head. Hope no one here is a victim of those crazy people...
  14. Regardless of whether it fails or succeeds, turning Singapore's economy to cashless falls squarely on the efforts of players like this. Expecting the jiak liao bee executive management of the various government departments to come up with any innovative ideas and go all out with implementation is like waiting for the sky to fall. Best part is when one of the players do succeed, the government steps in to tax the heck out of them in the name of regulation, unless a deal benefiting the top echelon was already struck prior to any rollout. Good luck to Razor if they are aiming to be the top provider in the cashless economy.