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  1. Need to drain your medishield dry first? If not hospital no earn.
  2. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

  3. gfedcba

    Why do OLs worship Apple so much?

    I think this is the woman marry up idea. Woman see only the alpha top dog, no. 1 and everything else by the side is just trash. Quite ironic given their eye field of view is wider.
  4. Not this first time this joker try to sue. Over ten years ago in a cycling website, one guy love to eat jio other people to cycle and eat. His thread got kanasutrs in it also Kenna "advised".
  5. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

  6. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

    New GR iii is very competent, new sensor, new lens elements and image stabilisation. Also got options to convert wide angle. I'm going to try the older model wide converter to see if it works ok on my sony.
  7. gfedcba

    wave of youth suicides in honkieland

  8. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

  9. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

    The bee one using longer lens, 85mm. And I crop the picture also.
  10. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

    No idea leh, one of my sony made in thailand. Nearly 3 years still working like normal. Those 2 models above haven't read about scandal or horror story. But the GR 2 just got replace by generation 3 model, maybe can see if price drops. Both models very different. The GR only one focal length at 28mm, cannot zoom one. The rx100 can zoom quite a wide range from 24-240 but the lens is "darker" as a result. The GR will possibly have the better image quality. So far I am ok with panasonic and sony, very stable. Touch wood. My friend have problems with olympus - em1 mk1 dials not responsive, and 12-40 lens zoom ring fail, but the serivce is swee swee. Older fuji model like x-t1 seen the exterior leatherette come loose, sent back fuji fix, service not that good. But both bought used. I bought a used fuji x-e1 to try, so far so good.
  11. gfedcba

    If life is a game, then what genre would it be?

    A game of biased dice with some bad rolls from myself.
  12. Why create one parking app so big fk. So many programmers doing their job everyday also nobody know.
  13. gfedcba

    死鬼仔! 败家子!