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Everything posted by gfedcba

  1. gfedcba

    Lost interest in going to Bolehland

    Not since 2012, then again never went any country since 2012 and before that since early 2000s.
  2. gfedcba

    did you know of SID existence?

    Wrong building lol.
  3. gfedcba

    2019 过年 cheongsam collection

  4. gfedcba

    Do you feel that SG is a very micromanaged society?

    Sounds like SAF people manage to infiltrate plenty of companies here. ST is one of the famous ones, but mine not ST. Nowhere to run I suppose with so many of ah loong's generals coming out.
  5. gfedcba

    Do you feel that SG is a very micromanaged society?

    In one case, when ex saf people manage to get into a high enough position in a company after discharge, they will get their kar kia in the force to join them as kar kia in the new company.
  6. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

  7. gfedcba

    WILL Eric Cheung Hoyu return to SG?

    If he don't come back, he can never come back. Also good.
  8. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

  9. Can move indoors? Since ground floor?
  10. Still have fish maw from last year reunion dinner, dunno can eat or not.
  11. https://myanimelist.net/anime/37516/City_Hunter_Movie__Shinjuku_Private_Eyes I'm going to watch this when it come.
  12. He always use revolver instead of pistol?
  13. gfedcba

    Where is the slummiest slum in SG?

    Macpherson area looks gloomy? Or bedok. Pioneer all new flats also give off gloomy feeling.
  14. gfedcba

    Yes i found my favourite Food in SG, Yummy Pulut Bun

    Rice bun? Read from far read as balut bun.
  15. Children don't do well not satki not full set? Car and house not big enough? Took big loan to service 5cs but can't finish? Greed is endless and frustration is ownself created.
  16. gfedcba

    random daily boliao pics

  17. gfedcba


    Staying at home.
  18. gfedcba

    Go marina bay walk

    Yes, me another bbfa stay home until sian.