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  1. I hope she’s ok. Direct hit on the head and that looks damn heavy!
  2. TannyLeen

    Their GF jelly of female begger/ car washer

    Hahaha so funny! Sabo luhhhh
  3. TannyLeen

    Bolehsia flying car prototype this year!! 1:3 ending!!

    They can’t keep their planes flying as well! Much less a car haha
  4. TannyLeen

    [GVGT] ATB team building game KYM?

  5. TannyLeen

    Apple silent amid iPhone 'chargegate' complaints

    Lucky never buy haha
  6. I have no idea what she has done as president so far!
  7. True story! Hahaha Chinese tourists are so irritating, and LOUD
  8. Crazy driver. Asking for trouble, losing license is the least of his worries if he gets into an accident!
  9. TannyLeen

    FFF and JSKM buttons make a comback

    HAHA Why is there a FFF button! JSKM!
  10. Lucky not my house. PUB bills increase still like that!?
  11. TannyLeen

    Check out this KFC buffet!!!

    Wah so sinful! Haha but I like.....
  12. I think also go engineering. Maybe double degree! Haha
  13. Haha don’t understand the comparison here. They comparing GDP for the whole country? And not GDP per capita?