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  1. im very angwee reading this post no matter who or what happen, it does not justify taking a young child's life. no one plays a part in this, except for his own incompetence and useless charsiew life.
  2. fucking useless piece of shit! puah cb! useless man go die better! why drag an innocent child????
  3. few days ago their rival motor sai gang also battle, one innocent guy kena head shot
  4. honestly, i dont understand why u ppl keep harping abt 99year lease. you all went in to buy a flat without knowing abt the 99 year lease?? why, u all think hdb flats are magic unicorn forever price keeps increasing even though lease is decreasing every year? wtf...sinkies damn retarded.
  5. wat police brutality? they expect police to juz let them roll into legislative council on red carpet?
  6. news about hk from taiwan??...pfft dont believe, most likely its fake news.
  7. stupid fuck...pte property can only stand outside like an idiot. hope more ppl borrow from loansharks and dont pay, see wtf can they do beside bahaving like clowns lol
  8. i find workout/gym helps alot. need not be intensive workout, can be as simple as a run around ur neigbourhood, or a 45mins walk.
  9. i missed Harry Ramsden Fish and Chips
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